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Posted: 6 years ago
I want amma to voice out her feelings now and stand for wat she wants...nothing cinema/soap like...but in a classy determined Iyer way...
Posted: 6 years ago
Maturity with age we see when tatha responds to ii about the dude we see in the patriarch,s handling of matters in amma,s response to the bhallas after the initial reluctance. In the case of appa he picks up even non issues to lash out at the dude...the tone he uses to blame to bala how the dude had got his wife pregnant in a year...despite vandhu being born 8 months after his wedding...come on these are personal issues and discussing with another sin in law...not done Mr iyer your behavior disgusts Edited by moonwearer - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago

Dats definitely our leads
Posted: 6 years ago


Edhukka Annavai avall parthukanum?

Avalai ippo parthukka aval veetil avan illai

Avanukko amma illai. Ishithavai pathukka yarum illai.

Pala siru thevai marandhu pala periya izhapai etru

Uruthunaiyai nan nindru magalgalai avarre valarthu

Avar kaalam innum silla kalame ena arindhadhum erka en manadhu marukkudhe

Pudhu varavai nan rasithu udal their manam niraindhu veedu sella vazhi illai

Munirka azhaipugal, thevaigal manadhil baramai bayamai azgutha

Eppadi nangal avar izhapai thanguvom enbadhu en kavalai

Avaril ennai kandu, avarai enadhena enni avaril amaidhi adaiyum naan

En kuzhandhaigalai avar parka irupara endra aiyathil

En veetil avar ninaiyai serka vizhaigiren

Avar izhapai ennaval thanguvaala? Nan indri thavikum aval yaaridam manakumural pagirvaal

Nan enna seiyalam aval kurai kuraikka? Varundhum avalai evvaru thetralaam?

En veedilai avaludayadhahu enna evaru puriyavaipadhu? Panathevai irukkumo?

Pavam en gudiya vum aval kudumbamum oyivindri pirar udahvi indri avargal thavikayil

Thol kodukka vendiyadhu en maganin poruppu. Avan velai pala irukka nanum Samum iyandra udhavi seiya

Engalin uravu engalai erkumma? Nilayillamal thavikkum Gudiya...aval nillai potra en veetil avalukor thayillai thayagi thandhaiyagi thozhanai naan uruveduppen

Ennaottam veru veru kavalaiyo Avarai patriyum avar izhapai Aval evvaru thanguvaal enbadhu velipadum muraiyo varundhum vidham

Edited by moonwearer - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago


Why should she offer to care for Anna?

He is not there to care for her now

He is motherless and Ishitha has none to care for her in his house.

I have made innumerable sacrifices and adapted to several compromises

I have stood by him and brought up my girls with compassion in their hearts

The realization that his end is fast approaching my heart refuses to accept

My newborn I can hardly savor, I have hardly recovered physically and emotionally

Munirka calls, needs overwhelm me cause worry and panic at times

How will we bear his loss my worry at present

I see my reflection in him I have seen him as mine and found refuge in him

I worry now if he'd live to see my babies

I atleast hope to add his memory to my new home

Will she be able to bear his loss? She misses and pines for me and her hearts complaints to him unburdens

What can I do to mitigate her angst? How do I comfort her hurting heart?

I affirmed to her it was not my home but hers, did she get it that way? Would she need money that I can offer?

My poor gudiya and her family relentlessly persist with nobody's support  

It is the duty of my son to shoulder the responsibility. Professional constraints keep him away Sam amd I can offer support

Will our family accept the support? Will the restless Gudiya be comforted?

There is no mother in my home to celebrate her state I will transform into the caring mother, the doting father and the comforting friend

Varying perspectives anxieties about Periyappa and how his loss will impact her how she'd cope...expressed though in differing ways

Posted: 6 years ago
Duel & Dress fetish

"She is pregnant, her husband is not in the country, now I send my brother, who will watch him?" Appa challenged

"she is not disabled, in fact she doesnt even cook clean or do grocery shopping" Amma said firmly

"If u want to go to the wedding u need to come up with a better plan" Appa said bluntly


"Ennala mudiyadu," Appa said firmly

"Enge aval?" (where is II?)

"She went to her house" Amma mumbled

"There is nobody there, why should she go there?" Appa was upset

"Because its her house" Amma said

"She has been wanting to have him over for a while" Amma pleaded

"It is not a good idea" Appa said

"Why are u doing this Pa?" Akka pleaded

"He is still in the hospital, and she is making South trip plans?" Appa asked offended

"Eppo edaanu plan panninalum adu nalla neramave irukadu" (Whenever I plan something its always a bad time) Amma said bluntly

Appa looked furious

"FORTY years la ENDA vishayam, enda event impulsively pannirkom?" (in 40 years how many events or things have we done impulsively?) Amma challenged

"You have decided you dont want to care for him now?" Appa provoked Amma

"She has been begging mne since she got married, Cheenu Anna called last week about the chat mangni pat byah of Usha, Varadan's son is here for a week and he has helped us so much along the years" Amma explained calmly

"U can proceed for the wedding for a week, I am not going"

"That is too bad pa" Akka shouted

"Vandita this is between Amma and I"

"amma has never spoken for herself" Akka yelled

"Vandu, kathade kanna" Amma begged

"I have to shout ma... u have never asked for anything" Akka teared up

"I have provided her with everything. She buys whatever jewelry she wants, she goes to which ever even she wants with her teachers, and goes to south" Appa waved a finger

"She wants to go with you pa" Akka shouted

"I cannot leave my brother and go. Tiruppi tiruppi adey vishayam pesadengo" (dont keep talking the same thing) Appa yelled frustrated

"We have done so much for Anna... yet u punish yourself, do u hold the Tanjore brothers to the same standard?" Amma challenged

Appa glared

"Avan solirpan, I wont allow u to go, just bring him to our house" Appa bashed his fave enemy

Akka almost burst out laughing, but asked with a straight face "Yaar pa?"

"Umm... avan... whats that boy's name... R&B" Appa said blowing steam

"WHY will he tell her?" Amma was partially amused

"He wont send my daughter, but he wants to snatch my brother" Appa decreed

"She is his wife" Akka said

"Teriyume... pidivadama avana taan pannipeen nu pannindaale" (I know right, she married him with so much zid)

They all glared at each other, Amma eye signaled Akka to shut up

and so he walked out in a huff


"U proceed for the weddings, I will ask Janaki and Athimber to come stay with me for a week" Appa said dismissively

"HOW can she come? Lakshmi has a new job at the medical processing company, Gyan Vihar Public school is so far from where they are in
Janakpuri, Janaki Akka needs to be with her kids" Amma pleaded

"I will work all that out" Appa said

"Ayyo pa, please dont call and ask her she will be so obliged, she cant say no, and then if she takes it on how will Lakshmi
manage, Delhi is new for them" Vandu ordered

Appa went into his room after staring at his Anna's empty room for a while

He dialed

R&B picked up...

"Good evening Mr Iyer" he said startled

"Uhh...mmm" Appa grunted

"I am sorry about your brother, how is he?" he asked

"He is unwell" Appa said bluntly

"What are the doctors saying?"

"He is an old man, what to do? Old people, nobody cares for them" Appa taunted R&B

"He is very well cared for" R&B spoke poiltely about Periappa

Appa grunted again

"Did u ask Ishita to bring Anna to Malcha Marg?" Appa asked

R&B was stunned

"Umm.. no I did not Mr Iyer" he said calmly

"She wants him there for three weeks or 4 weeks or I dont know how long" Appa fumed

"She is very close to him" R&B agreed

"How did she get the idea she should be doing this?" Appa wondered

"Umm.. u must ask her" he bristled

"You are not with her, she is pregnant and weak... and now she wants to care for my brother?" Appa challenged

"We have people that can do that job well" "Help her out" R&B promised

"You dont allow her to stay ONE NIGHT at D II, but you want her to take care of my brother in this pregnant state?" Appa childishly expressed jealousy

"I did not suggest that Mr Iyer" R&B said bluntly

"Oh so... u are defending ur decision not to let her stay here even one night" Appa twisted the words

"That has nothing to do with Periappa" R&B muttered

"She can stay here for a month with her Periappa" Appa offered a "deal"

"I am sorry, but I dont think she wants that" R&B said bluntly, "I am not sending her to DII for a night, leave alone a month", he thought gleefully
The war between the two intensified instantaneously

He was bold and unafraid, unlike Bala.. who feared him, somewhat... and didnt dare to cross him.
This twit of a Punjabi boy was brazen and reckless


Amma checked on her kozhandai

She was eating dinner in the balcony, Ranjan wasnt home, she had texted him pictures of masala baingan and dal

"Dad khana tayar hai"

"Tu aidar haigi gudya?" he asked

"How did u know?" she chuckled "Sirf do bowls ke text bheje maine" she texted

"Hmm... lets see, bowl woh kaach waale (he down played the waterford crystal bowls used at MM to serve food) hain aur counter safed hai" he texted

"Ooops!" II texted back

The counter top was gleaming white Italian marble, custom cut and installed over weeks

"Beta mujhe ghanta de aur" he texted

"Bus ek ghanta" she ordered
She showered changed into a kaftan, took her dinner up, and ate on the swing

"Saapteya kanna?"(did u eat?) Amma asked

"I am ma" she mumbled chewing with a mouthful

"What did they make?"

"Baingan and dal" "Na panninen, onn madiri illai" (unlike urs) II admitted innocently

"Why kanna, they didnt make?"

"No ma they had made chicken for Dad... the two new guys dont talk... I dont know if they know Hindi so I just made" Ii laughed

"Kudu ma" Akka snatched the phone

"So did Amma tell Appa?" II asked eagerly

"Kekkade"(dont ask) Akka whispered... baldie cooed and sucked, as Akka nursed him

"Ayyo" "Did u fight?" II asked

"More importantly did ur rakshasan call u?" Akka asked

"Nooo... why?" II blushed

"Phew!!!" Akka said, having no clue Appa and dude had had a show down moments ago in Appa's bedroom
II teased baldie on the phone, he grumbled and whined as Akka forced him to listen to II and not let him suckle

And then II hung up

Dude called II...
"Have u eaten ur turkey sandwich?" II teased, trying to check on him but not making it apparent at the same time

"It was beer battered fish" he half smiled

"Oh" "um" she blushed

"I ate II" he said huskily, getting her.

"Where are u?" he asked

"In ur spot... staring at the diplomat's house, waiting for the handsome press attache to leave" she whispered

"I hear he has a dress fetish" her husband mocked ( a Zambian press attache dresses up like a woman and dude some how knows that?)

She quivered... an audible groan escaping her throatEmbarrassed

"U wish" she whispered, biting down on her lower lip, stifling the chuckle, imagining the press attache in a dress

"Did Appa call you?" she asked terrified

"No" he lied completely hiding the duel... he was indeed a bigger liar

Posted: 6 years ago
Thank you Vidya and Asma, Pritee Putti and all others  for wishing my 16 year old for his internship.


Yep this just keeps goin, putting an Energizer bunny to shameLOL

I had a crazy busy day, between going to Halloween City, paying $40 for a piece of crap costume, Cost Plus, bank, grocery... raked leaves in the yard, piano lesson for lil one and the gym. Deepavali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas... all converge and rain upon us
Next weekend is another mad dash

BTW those that live in this continent on the West and care for pies, go get some, Marie Callendars has a $7.99 pie sale... I listened on the radio this morning on my mad dash and got TWO, pumpkin and choc creme... YUMMMEmbarrassed

Nothing like moong dal halwa or steaming gulab jamuns on a cold evening... but then beggars cant be choosersAngryCry

In place of samosas we eat horrid French fries atleast pie option aint that badClap

Posted: 6 years ago
"You dont allow her to stay ONE NIGHT at D II, but you want her to take care of my brother in this pregnant state?" Appa childishly expressed jealousy


I was reading it in a half asleep state and appa's lines woke me up, truly aap great ho mr.iyer and maybe dude knows that so he lied

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