SS 57 Common Love

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Posted: 6 years ago
Common loveEmbarrassed

Appa looked distraught and burnt out when he returned, Amma snoozed on the sofa, II packed away her laptop and cleaned out
the kitchen, the nurse had agreed to show up at the hospital in the morning. The house was strangely quiet without Periappa's disquieting moans and grunts in the background
The nurse depending on what part of India they were from, would watch stuff on their phones, that sound was gone too

Appa didnt watch the 10 PM Sun News or the 11 PM

A faint moan from baldie now and then was the only indication of life and hope

Akka was knocked out after her trip to DPS, she was not 100% yet II worried why she had to be gone so soon

Sam brought dinner at 9 ish, a huge spread, just like Sam

"Look at you, u look SO LOVELY" she squealed
As II squirmed and blushed

"Aunty, iski nazar utaaaren aap" she gushed
Amma chuckled
"I cant wait to hold my brother's daughter" Sam said seriously

Amma looked up from chopping veggies for morning upma breakfast

"I bet she will look like Ma" Sam nodded

"I hope she does" Amma nodded

"Dad is delirious, mujhe roz chaar baar phone karte hain, he teases me "agar gudiya aa gayi to tainnu yaad kewen karanga" Sam
said proudly, she was going to be happy to be forgotten

"Naam socha" Sam asked II

"Nooo... Its a boy... I know" she said

"ISHITAAA" amma scolded her at such blatant insubordination

"Amma I want a boy" II moaned

"The second third fourth can be boys" Sam clapped

"REALLY Sam?" II flushed

"R&B wants atleast 4 I KNOW" she said

Amma laughed heartily

Appa walked out and gingerly opened the three "hot pack" dinner cases

Sam stood up heading to the kitchen to get him a plate

II held fatso, Lasya as she tried to touch baldie

Akka was in the shower, it was hot and muggy, she was stuck in traffic for a while too, the AC in the old car was iffy

Lasya wore blue jeans and a orange halter neck blouse and a denim jacket

"CHITHEEE" II taught her

"U are Mami di" Amma scolded

"Sam said I could be chithi too"

Lasya smacked baldie on his head, he began to wail

Appa walked over and grabbed her, she looked at his glasses and vibhuti curiously and went to touch it

Appa smiled gently  "Thatha enna ettindrika?" (What is he wearing on his forehead?)

She cooed, and looked at II

"Podi, paavam baldie enn di adichey?" (why did u hit baldie?) II smiled

Lasya grunted

Sam served for Appa

"Thatha oda sapadreya?" (Will u eat with him?)

"Uncle woh aapko khaane nahi degi" Sam smiled

"I have raised two children, yes yes... I know, I am fine" Appa smiled

"Uncle ko grand daughters pasand hain" Amma said

"Phir to R&B has tough competition" Sam said smugly

Appa looked at Sam like "I could take ur brother down so easily. the fact that he did the things he did to my darling kozhandai is unforgivable"

"Uncle?" Sam asked

"She will be here after delivery, God willing if its a daughter then yes" he smiled

"Aapko bhi beti chahiye?" Sam asked

"Yes yes... Who else wants a girl?" Appa asked

"R&B wants a girl only" Sam said

Appa grunted... "how dare he? Not only does he do unspeakable things to my daughter and he also wants a girl?" look

" Daughters fill my heart and sould with joy" "Ur father is so lucky he has two daughters" Appa's eyes glistened

"Vandita and Ishita are so lucky" Sam sighed... and sat down

ranjan was not expressive, he was like R&B, and Savvy was gone, Sam couldnt recall when was the last time she heard such praise for herself

Appa thought  "And he has ONE SON... and that ONE SON HAD to cross paths with my kozhandai and destroy my life.
 He annoys me like no other. He infuriates me like no other"

Appa began to eat, feeding Lasya a piece of torn roti...

"very delicious" he smiled "thanks very much Samyukta" Appa gushed "I was very tired u see" he proceeded to explain all the tests the procedures and the conversations

Sam listened patiently... nodding

II cuddled baldie and gave him noisy kisses... Lasya growled with jealousy, and waved her arm from the dining table "Pick me" "Pick me" "Cuddle me"

"Where is my hottie? He wud never do what u are doing u know. He would always hold ME" "That kid doesnt have any hair, I have so much hair how come u are not holding me?"

She made a pretend sad face and moaned dropping the roti


She shut her eyes and imagined cuddling with him on the tiny bed in the Paris apartment's office

Posted: 6 years ago
A Jealous and Drama Queen Lasya is not like Her MAMA more like her MAMi LOL

SS57 Congrats Nisha Thumbs Up Heart
Posted: 6 years ago

Apart from these.. Each Page Each Post of this Thread is worth reading.. a blend of emotions and love
(The above beautiful line is written by VIBHU)
Edited by putti77 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Congrats Nisha on Thread 57
Posted: 6 years ago
Yippie new thread..congrats
Posted: 6 years ago

- Aiyo; How her mama was so jealous of "peaches", even Appa !!! Her mami is also a "Drama Queen" LOL

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