maneet Fan Fictions

Dangerous Ishq
Dangerous Ishq By ghsp2fan eye 599 star 3 book 70

A suspense love story of Maan and Geet....

Ek Anokhi Grahapravesh
Ek Anokhi Grahapravesh By ghsp2fan eye 303 star 3 book 33

Maneet story of a different kind as the title suggests....

Howzzat!! By ghsp2fan eye 467 star 2 book 57

A different Maneet story on a sports background...

Mere Brother ki Dulhan Two
Mere Brother ki Dulhan Two By ghsp2fan eye 950 star 4 book 26

Maneet come together in a weird situation... Maan is compelled to marry ...

Mere Brother ki Dulhan
Mere Brother ki Dulhan By ghsp2fan eye 1056 star 4 book 43

Maan and Geet's yet another love story where Geet happens to be Dev's ...

Geet Hui Maan Ki Pyaari
Geet Hui Maan Ki Pyaari By ghsp2fan eye 64709 star 3 book 81

Maan and Geet ki ek alag story...

Pyaar kiya toh darna kya
Pyaar kiya toh darna kya By ghsp2fan eye 2072 star 3 book 90

A simple close to reality story of Maan and Geet....

Maan Ki Geet
Maan Ki Geet By ghsp2fan eye 76175 star 4 book 150

GHSP continued...

Kismat Conection
Kismat Conection By ghsp2fan eye 91187 star 2 book 80

Mohinder bhi chahate ki Geet atleast UG complete karein'. Ranno ko bhi ...

Mujhe Shadi Nahi Karni
Mujhe Shadi Nahi Karni By ghsp2fan eye 473 star 5 book 22

A simple yet interesting Maneet story....


Latest Stories

An Arranged Love Marriage
An Arranged Love Marriage By Aishwarya eye 61 star 2 book 1

Roli and Siddhant have an arranged Love marriage.

The Billionaire's Hired Boyfriend
The Billionaire's Hired Boyfriend By Shirisha eye 67 star 5 book 1

Arnav leads a simple life working as a supervisor in a multinational company. ...

Choona hai asmaan
Choona hai asmaan By Shaitan-Ki-Khala eye 264 star 2 book 12

Rewriting (like 10%) of an old show I used to watch only for Iqbal Khan.

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