Roli Fan Fictions

I Love my Enemy
I Love my Enemy By Shivi 440 10 2

A new story on Rosid . Both Roli and Siddhant are relatives , Siddhant ...

Ongoing + 7 more
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦ By ShiriFictionPen 629 11 3

Arnav has loved Khushi since forever, but she cannot accept him in her ...

Ongoing + 8 more
A Strong Alpha For A Broken Luna
A Strong Alpha For A Broken Luna By PriyaPiuRoSid 684 10 2

It's about a Story of Roli a girl who is abused by her father as her mom ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Silence - An Unspoken Love
Silence - An Unspoken Love By Manasa.G 701 11 2

It's about an unspoken love of a girl, who suppresses her feelings in the ...

Ongoing + 2 more
Revenge of an ARMY MAN
Revenge of an ARMY MAN By Shivi 2134 13 9

It's a revenge story of Siddhant bharadwaj who was an IPS officer was ...

Ongoing + 2 more
!! Hamsaffar!!
!! Hamsaffar!! By Aishwarya 9088 1 17

A journey of two different lives -- Roli and Siddhant.

Completed + 3 more
A Date
A Date By Manasa.G 564 3 1

RoSid One Shot based on a track in Sasural Simar Ka.

Completed + 2 more
Tied to You
Tied to You By ShiriFictionPen 720 12 2

Roli falls in love with her sister's brother in law Siddhant. It was all a ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak By kavita 518 0 3

Extract from the movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Rak

Ongoing + 3 more
Ishq : ek junoon
Ishq : ek junoon By Ayesha 1537 18 2

Siddhant bhardwaj a man who want to rule the world a man who swore to never ...

Ongoing + 5 more
Bepannah By Manasa.G 42261 22 51

A boy, who never cares for anyone, lives the life as his wish, can be ...

Ongoing + 2 more
Obsessive Love
Obsessive Love By Manasa.G 9298 18 11

He was a cold hearted and matured-more-than-his-age kind of guy. Like an ...

Ongoing + 3 more
My secret love
My secret love By sarah24998 8705 7 23

This is a story of a simple village girl's secret love on her cousin who s ...

Completed + 3 more
Who is she to me? My friend or my love?
Who is she to me? My friend or my love? By sarah24998 88048 12 87

She loves him alot, but she couldn't express her love to him because she ...

Completed + 4 more
My Roli's Wish
My Roli's Wish By Manasa.G 1344 1 1

My very first OS on RoSid. This os is based on one rosid scene in ssk.

Completed + 2 more
I  LOVE YOU  to the square of infinity
I LOVE YOU to the square of infinity By sarah24998 56771 14 36

This story is about a mother of 5 years old daughter and a fun loving guy!! ...

Ongoing + 4 more

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Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali
Mere Rang Me Rangne Wali By Taareymylove 232 1 1

Just a two short story on taarey

Her Rosey Blush Took Away His Sinking Heart!
Her Rosey Blush Took Away His Sinking Heart! By Piyali 461 1 7

A sweet, simple, silly Maaneet story.

Tabhai,Tanhai ya Ishq
Tabhai,Tanhai ya Ishq By Taareymylove 2491 7 8

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