Enchanted Ongoing G

Chapter 27 - His Version Members Only

Published On Saturday,Jan 21, 2023 13:43 PM GMT-07:00

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Gudiyeet @Gudiyeet 1 years ago Geet was thinking her raja sahib and his words make want know detailed her raja sahib out of tour different place she call him maan teasing geet make her blush incollege raji came took geet want go to ho.e but geet want near her husband after days he come back from trip even her raja sahib too accept she go to her ho.e after reaching home briji and raji teasingly geet blush ra ousting her question about baby geet was shocked her raja sahib I front herhome door all are invite him having dinner geet fake anger to her raja sahib finally his different plan excited to her kissing each other lovely update
Sana @Sana98 1 years ago Wonderful yet a passionate update.The way he showed the version of his love is exciting.Geet is falling more and more for her Raja Sahib day by day.
simranDi @simranDi 1 years ago Wonderful update! Thank you. They have finally coming close, very intimately. It seems like there will now be a lot of romance. Maan’s anger has finally gone and Geet is in awe of her husband and will not hear and word against him.
MA1970 @MA1970 1 years ago Lovely update. Every day Geet learns new things about him which really floors her. She is really Happy that he had immense respect for her parents brother and sister.
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