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Published On Wednesday,Dec 21, 2022 01:58 AM GMT-07:00

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Glitter_Goldie 3 months ago Hey Telly dear
Beautiful FF and a great thought … Thou I had read few parts ago but finally I had completed the missing parts … First of sorry that I am not replying on Part wise but as a whole and from now onwards I will be replying part wise catching the flow.
Maan & Geet both are really poles apart from different culture aspects and position and to be true for both of them this relationship wasn’t easy at all but for the sake of their family and happiness they agreed to it and Geet logically wanted to complete her studies as well as settle down to get her own experiences of life but unfortunately she was bonded in a marriage before it … thou she had cleared her stance to Maan & his family but still she wasn’t at ease initially
Maan on the other hand was bit unsure too as Geet is coming into completely new life filled of dangers around and he being a matured and sensible person took every step that Geet should be safe and sound and could continue her studies and other related stuff easily and he can also be a support
Now circumstances test them and I would say Geet & Maan both were at fault for the misconception and also reactions from Geet and her innocent flirting along with her attitude pissed off Maan big time to an extent that he stopped trusting Geet as a partner which was her own mistake
Maan had been a principled man and seeing his wife like this hurt him but he too was at fault for communicating to his wife properly … after a while Geet too realized the reality and started to ask for forgiveness and a chance to prove herself … She tried her best by being a strong partner but his indifference was killing her deep inside and she knew she had to make-up and pay for her mistakes now and win his trust back as wife.
Finally Maan could understand Geet’s heart and gave her a chance accordingly as in these days she had started to accustomed herself in his life and cherry on the top was a soft attraction you penned between them … well how Maan is going to hand
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