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'2.0': Visual excellence with apt message yet keeps logic at backseat

A visual excellence and satisfactory entertainer which offers a perfect blend of social message and apt story but lacks logic... Read on to know more.

29 November 2018

The film '2.0' can be considered as expeditionsly-hyped but phenomenally poised peice which will keep your eyes stuck to the big-screen. The film casts Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. The insane huge budget and mammoth promotions has been well composed for the rehearsed success. 

Written and directed by Shankar, the story starts off with neat and clean visuals which do not fail to appeal you. Kick-starting right to the point and without delaying the legitimate reason for the film, 2.0 has a uniquely gripping start. The good amount of comic scenes and the average sound effects, the film has few hints of flaws and loopholes. 

The film serves its purpose as it turns out to be a good entertainer along with astonishing visuals and a social message. The avarage character development is what you can expect as it hardly any great nuances which need to be filled. The actors have done justice to their characters but Amy tends to slip her hold in a few scenes. 

Spending approximately 550 crores might seem to be shocking number but the dynamics and elements of the film are genuinely to look out for. Overall the film is worth spending for but make sure you do not get into the wrong idea such as 'the logic'. But, you can enjoy the Rajni-Akki Blockbuster to it's fullest!

Ratings- 3/5
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