Ishk Par Zor Nahi

Ishk Par Zor Nahi

Sony Entertainment Television presents Ishk Par Zor Nahi, a new-age, young love story of Ahaan and Ishqi – two people who are not just different in personality, but also share polarising viewpoints...

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Ishk Par Zor Nahin WU Thread

pencil CrazyLtlBitch   stackexchange 21   eye 1749

Param Singh Shagun Sharma

CrazyLtlBitch 21 1749 18 hours ago CrazyLtlBitch
Is the show missing the spark?

pencil sasha14   stackexchange 10   eye 638

sasha14 10 638 20 hours ago honey21305
Is it worth watching?

pencil A_ChaoticSoul   stackexchange 2   eye 372

A_ChaoticSoul 2 372 a day ago Blink_Cat
Ishk Par Zor Nahi TRP Thread

pencil CrazyLtlBitch   stackexchange 6   eye 513

Param Singh

CrazyLtlBitch 6 513 a day ago CrazyLtlBitch
Characters of the show

pencil EmeraldPrincess   stackexchange 8   eye 449

EmeraldPrincess 8 449 4 days ago EmeraldPrincess
What will happen🤔

pencil bubblesort   stackexchange 14   eye 1163

bubblesort 14 1163 4 days ago EmeraldPrincess
Funny and illogical things😂

pencil bubblesort   stackexchange 9   eye 1013

bubblesort 9 1013 5 days ago bubblesort
Param-Akshita || Ahaan-Ishqi || IshqAan AT

pencil CrazyLtlBitch   stackexchange 1   eye 305

Param Singh

CrazyLtlBitch 1 305 6 days ago CrazyLtlBitch
If they had eliminated the discussion on the roles of a woman....

pencil Irshita   stackexchange 4   eye 464

Irshita 4 464 6 days ago SStephy
Ahaan-Ishqi (Ishqaan) scenes updated pg 3 (10/4/21)

pencil EmeraldPrincess   stackexchange 19   eye 1063

EmeraldPrincess 19 1063 7 days ago EmeraldPrincess


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