My Perfect Wife
My Perfect Wife By Neer Kataria 6189 25 36

Marriage comes with its own share of responsibilities, duties, sacrifices, ...

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My Mystery Girl
My Mystery Girl By Kalpana 437 3 3

Today my marriage fixed ,ofcourse my family selected girl for me..i did not ...

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Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna By Kalpana 438 2 5

Whenever we was hearing hospital name , we have some fear in corner of ...

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Satarangi Indradanush
Satarangi Indradanush By LM1991 3396 12 39


Kahan Dhoodhan Meri Beti Ki Maa (OS)
Kahan Dhoodhan Meri Beti Ki Maa (OS) By Kalpana 830 3 5

Love is thicker than a Blood.Family is family It's doesn't matter they r ...

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Till Eternity
Till Eternity By sobia4maaneet 372 2 2

a sweet love story of a couple ...insanely ..madly ..passionately in love ...

Completed + 6 more
Iss Dard Mien Bhi Rahat Hai
Iss Dard Mien Bhi Rahat Hai By sobia4maaneet 263 1 1

Its MG One Shot of love that is beyond the parameters that the world has ...

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Batien Ankahi Si
Batien Ankahi Si By sobia4maaneet 337 1 4

How mesmerizing The first feeling of love is …that tickle with just the ...

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Being Again
Being Again By -Ronnie- 1614 18 3

What happens when you have your whole life ahead but you are a prisoner to ...

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Bandhan Saath Janamon Ka
Bandhan Saath Janamon Ka By T.Peru 5801 10 37

This is story of a girl who is pampered by her parents, she get what she ...

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Hamara Rishta
Hamara Rishta By T.Peru 5073 13 43

Story of a girl who is 16 years old and she want to so that she can help ...

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Kyon Ki.. thorny love
Kyon Ki.. thorny love By Mg13 1661 3 30

Geet loves Maan crazily, who in return was having only immense hatred for ...

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Be Mine
Be Mine By Kuttisri 2164 10 17

All she wanted since from her childhood was him, but before she could ...

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GEETIKA By Lakshmi 1874 6 19

Please check my prologue and characterization page.

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Priyasi (Sweetheart)
Priyasi (Sweetheart) By LM1991 4228 9 43

Does love get camouflaged in disguises?

My Love For You
My Love For You By Neer Kataria 2180 5 16

l love her but I know she doesn’t love me …for her it is just a time ...

Ongoing + 3 more
Prince By Neer Kataria 516 2 2

I like reading books, but mostly I like love stories... I love every ...

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