Shalini Kapoor Sagar Shalini Kapoor Sagar

as: Rano

She is a soft spoken woman who was married off at tender age. Her world begins and ends with her family, she has no aspirations or dreams for herself and is happy with the way her life is, she expects her daughter to adjust to a similar lifestyle as well. She showers Geet with all the love and care in the world.

Drashti Dhami Drashti Dhami

as: Geet

Geet belongs to a traditional family living in a small town. She is a 18 year old girl who is in college. She is educated, pretty and warm. Brought up in the midst of values and traditions, she lives a happy life, but knows when to tow the line with respect to the norms and rules set by the elders of her family. Belonging to a Punjabi joint family, Geet is very close to her parents and shares all her joys and sorrows with them. She knows that honor and dignity are two words that her family holds dear to their hearts and will never cross her boundaries.

Piyush Sahdev Piyush Sahdev

as: Arjun Rathore

He is the younger brother of Naintara, who comes to Delhi for his sister. He is a reckless and edgy man, who believes in taking risk and going for what he wants by hook or crook. He is extremely attached to his sister and when his sister lies about her plight, he decides to stand up to the Khurana family and take revenge in his own way.

Vishal Thakkar Vishal Thakkar

as: Manav

Friend of Arjun, comes for his sisters wedding, falls for Anvesha.

Gurmeet Choudhary Gurmeet Choudhary

as: Maan Singh Khurana

He is a reserved person with a tough exterior and displays strength of character. He appears to be arrogant and intimidating but has a soft heart. He saves Geet while she is in distress.

Anju Mahendroo Anju Mahendroo

as: Savitri devi (Dadi maa)

Dadi of Maan and Dev and Anvesha

Amit Jain Amit Jain

as: Ranveer

Nandini''s close friend

Samir Sharma Samir Sharma

as: Dev

He is a suave, young NRI, based in Canada. He works his charm around everyone, and impresses Geet’s family and Geet. On the outset, he is the dream groom for any young girl and he gets married to Geet.

Prashant Chawla Prashant Chawla

as: Teji

Cousin of Geet

Vikas Sethi Vikas Sethi

as: Vikram

Vikram is obsessed with Geet

Abhinav Shukla Abhinav Shukla

as: Dev

He is a suave, young NRI, based in Canada. He works his charm around everyone, and impresses Geet’s family and Geet. On the outset, he is the dream groom for any young girl and he gets married to Geet.

Karishma Randeva Karishma Randeva

as: Ex Naintara

Married to Dev

Kanica Maheshwari Kanica Maheshwari

as: Shasha

Works at Maan's office

Jay Bhanushali Jay Bhanushali

as: Aditya

Aakanksha Nimonkar Aakanksha Nimonkar

as: Tasha

Works with Sasha

Melanie Pais Melanie Pais

as: Nandini

Cousin of Geet.

Aditti Chopra Aditti Chopra

as: Pinky

Plays Geets Best friend

Praneet Bhatt Praneet Bhatt

as: Adi

Works with Maan at his office

Arjun Pundir Arjun Pundir

as: Sangram Gujjar

He is Don Bhai Gujjar's son.

Ahwaan Kumar Ahwaan Kumar

as: Lucky

Lucky a very bubbly, cute and positive character.

Nikunj Malik Nikunj Malik

as: Anvesha Khurana

She is the youngest daughter of Khurana family and dearest to Maan. She is positive and full of life. Studying abroad, she comes back to Delhi hearing the news of her dearest brother’s wedding with Geet. Being possessive about her brother Maan , she is jealous of Geet.

Neha Jhulka Neha Jhulka

as: Pari

Want to marry Maan, but will help Maan and geet to be together

Sonali Nikam Sonali Nikam

as: Naintara

Talat Rekhi Talat Rekhi

as: Daarji(Sukhdev Lal Handa)

He is Geet Grandfather.He is an authoritative figure in the family who has the final say in most of the matters. A traditionalist to the core, he believes in upholding his cherished morals, values and beliefs. He believes in exercising certain amount of discipline to maintain the decorum of the family.

Vicky Ahuja Vicky Ahuja

as: Mohinderlaal

He is Geet Father.He is the responsible, diligent younger son of Daarji who has little say in front of him. He shares a special bond with his daughter Geet and wants her to have a good life.

Behzaad Khan Behzaad Khan

as: Brij

He is a cultural fanatic who believes in the gun culture. He is a striking image of his grandfather, who adores him for his brash ways. Honour, pride and power hold utmost importance for him, and he can go to any length to maintain or achieve the same. He believes that women should not be given freedom of speech or liberty of expressing their opinions, and should simply just follow what they are asked to do.

Iira Soni Iira Soni

as: Nitya

She is a very rich girl who joins Arjun in order to get a hands-on experience in managing events. She is a very sincere worker and will fare well in her job.

Perneet Chauhan Perneet Chauhan

as: Meera

Old college friend of Maan and Dev. Secretly in love with Dev

Neelu Kohli Neelu Kohli

as: Rupinder

She is a middle aged bitter woman who is melancholic and keeps scolding everyone around. She has strong opinions and likes maintaing her authority over women folk of the house and is never overtly happy about anything.