Setting it Right
Setting it Right By Ashley_m (@Ashley_m) eye 707 star 3 book 1

The story starts 1 week after the events of the last episode of Barrister ...

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Chot (#IFFA2020)
Chot (#IFFA2020) By Prit_007 (@Prit_007) eye 4372 star 25 book 1

A small descriptive drabble on Anirudh and Bondita's commitment towards ...

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Sabak (#IFFA2020)
Sabak (#IFFA2020) By Prit_007 (@Prit_007) eye 3264 star 22 book 1

An affectionate husband, Anirudh's sorrow for his kid wife Bondita's ...

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The Truth (#IFFA2020)
The Truth (#IFFA2020) By caller123 (@caller123) eye 1796 star 38 book 1

Darkness can cover the light but cannot win over it. Similar way evil can ...

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Ruditha in Fairypur (#IFFA2020)
Ruditha in Fairypur (#IFFA2020) By caller123 (@caller123) eye 1301 star 20 book 1

Anirudh, Bonditha and all the other characters are in Fairyland instead of ...

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A Story Of The Truth (#IFFA2020)
A Story Of The Truth (#IFFA2020) By Alefiyah (@Patibabu) eye 1896 star 41 book 2

What happens when Bondita, a little eight year old is been told her life's ...

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Brijvasi proposes Mini (#IFFA2020)
Brijvasi proposes Mini (#IFFA2020) By caller123 (@caller123) eye 1231 star 18 book 1

We have heard stories about Match made in heaven. This is a quite ...

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Trial Of Enlightenment (#IFFA2020)
Trial Of Enlightenment (#IFFA2020) By AJ (@Amphitrite) eye 1561 star 2 book 1

A six for you might be a nine for me. Neither of us might be wrong but to ...

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Un Enredo De Relaciones (#IFFA2020)
Un Enredo De Relaciones (#IFFA2020) By AJ (@Amphitrite) eye 2956 star 10 book 1

When a relation is entangled and untangling it might lead to other ...

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Confrontation and aftermath (#IFFA2020)
Confrontation and aftermath (#IFFA2020) By caller123 (@caller123) eye 2031 star 45 book 2

During confrontation of Anirudh and Saudamini, Bonditha hears half of the ...

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Una Respuesta De Reciprocidad
Una Respuesta De Reciprocidad By AJ (@Amphitrite) eye 4324 star 13 book 2

What is the true meaning of love? What does Anirudh eventually say to make ...

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