2 dances + sabak of the day + imlie rekha

Posted: 2 years ago

On popular demand...

Pls post your episode review here today for easier accessibility by all

Guys pls tag other people whom I missed

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Posted: 2 years ago

Still watching the episode but the dance very nicely done a bit over the top for the episode but boy oh boy the chemistry between these two is really good. 

Posted: 2 years ago

What can I even say. I am going to have to rewatch this episode again today and once tomorrow.

You know-for research purposes🤣

Posted: 2 years ago
Originally posted by radicalleftist

What can I even say. I am going to have to rewatch this episode again today and once tomorrow.

You know-for research purposes🤣

Copy your post from DT 

Posted: 2 years ago

Thank your for the tag... but I will be a while. I still have yesterdays epi to watch 😭

Give me about two hours... i'll be back. 

Posted: 2 years ago

0.2 seconds into my second round of watching this and the brief moments in the beginning of the episode where he is searching for her is adorable. He doesn't even realize it but his heart is always looking for her. 

Posted: 2 years ago

Shiddat is literally one of my favorite songs. It’s sung so beautifully. These two were phenom. I couldn’t get over how well fahmaan did! 

thanks for the tag!! ☺️ 

Posted: 2 years ago

@ dance and first 8ish minutes --> 


Sure the dream sequence was a bit unusual? Like we already love Arylie, this felt OTT.

And rest assured, they did dance! But in the mix was also a dream sequence dance too...it was a bit odd but I didn't hate it and might actually grow to love it. Still figuring out my feelings for the dream dance sequence.

Also what coordination these two have. No wonder BT's profits are down. The main manager spends all of his time dancing to DDLJ or Shiddat....smiley36smiley29

The way they picturize Imlies tears always falling on Aryans hand is so beautiful. I just want a future scene where Aryans tears falls on Imlies hand.

Also not sure why Imlie's eyes had tears in it after the dance. I think she felt something something for Aryan when she walked away. But not sure about the tears that welled up right after that dance.

Aryans tears felt more natural. It seemed to be connecting to Imlies pain and  I loved that they showcased that. 

Anyways people that are more articulate then I am, please speak. Will love your takes.

@ the fight sequence --> I loved it...kind of. Still very violent. But I at least am not at the place where I was on Monday. 

It seemed verry even steven....according to the pre-cap Imlie even made Aryan bleed....again not my favorite trope and this couple is verrry violentsmiley18 but at least it's mutual and not one sided lmao.

But no one was smacked around with the purpose of abuse. 

I can't believe I called the dance OTT when this entire fighting sequence was supper intense and...don't murder me Tellyaddict but....aaah dare I say-passionate??

Posted: 2 years ago

oooh the dance was super passionate The choreo the performance and expression of sumbul n fahmaan the posture seriously they danced like pro Fagmaan was so amazing in his posture I absoutely loved both the dances it was beautiful n then the flood of emotions in tears and then 

Imlie ka gardan ka moch lol Aryann was so sweetly scared kya bahut zyada dard ho raha hai !! Aryaan told  he cant give dard to imlie and next moment they are seen fightinh like crazy lol and they will continue the fight tommorw and no one stoppping them its so silly 🤣

blown away by performance


Posted: 2 years ago

Okay, here are my 2 cents. 

The regular masque dance: Beautifully done but rehearsed, mechanical. They looked beautiful together. 

The dream dance: Exquisite. I felt like the dream dance was the dance of their souls. That is why they were so in sync, so .....drawn to each other in it, so graceful. Look at Aryan's movements in the dream dance and compare it to the regular dance. There is a difference and I was struck by the beauty and grace of the dream dance.

The fight sequence: *facepalm* I know I am in the minority but I was not impressed by the devi ma roop of Imlie with her Imlie rekha......It was over the top, unnecessary and over done. WTF She speared Aru's clavicle, men?? So only way maafi milegi is if I get a romantic uninterrupted cliched haldi lep scene, with all the touchie feelies and eyelocks necessary for it. Period.

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