Imlie 11- 12th May 2024 Written Updates of Final Episode & Discussions

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Imlie hands the signed divorce papers to Indira and leaves for Varanasi . She asks Indira to bid good bye to each n every member as she was unable to face them. She asks Indira to hand over to  Surya the document herself as she not be able to face his interrogation . She leaves by bus .

Imlie writes a long farewell letter for Surya but fails to leave it in the room. She drops it accidentally at bus terminus.

Arjun informs Surya that Imlie bhaabhi has left the house after handing divorce papers to Chachi . Surya is seen frantically looking for Imlie everywhere . Indira fails to stop him. Anjali is furious with Surya’s behaviour . He reaches bus terminus and accidentally finds Imlie’s farewell letter he gets emotional 

Imlie gets visions of Agasthaya in the bus , he sits next to her n advises her to move on in life , her love for Agasthaya will always remain but her feelings for asurya were not wrong ….he explains to her n persuades her to accept her feelings n give a second chance to love in her life . Imlie gets impressed .

Imlie meets Surya and she asks him if he still wants to spend the rest of the life with her. Both want to spend the rest of their lives with eachother n  they decide to make new beginnings . 
Soon she gets distress message and n decides to rush back to Reddy mansion. 

At Reddy mansion, Murali and Anjali have connived n hatched a plan to  take revenge by harming the reedy family .

They have drugged the entire family n taken them hostage . Surya too learns about this and rushes to Reddy house for rescuing his family members ..

Imlie witnesses Murali and Anjali attempting to poison Indira who is gagged n tied to a chair . Imlie enters the room by shattering the window panes n injures herself in the process . She pushes aside Anjali n the poison injections . Murali then points the gun at Indira and Imlie shields Indira . Surya arrives in the nick of time n nabs Murali and Anjali both  they are arrested for attempt to murder, kidnapping , drugging , forceful intrusion  and many other sections .

Both are went behind the bars .

The entire Reddy family accepts their mistakes in. Recognising Anjali’s true intentions .They are very grateful to Imlie for saving them . Indira accepts Imlie as Bahu Rani , Imlie accepts Indira and calls her maa n seeks blessings . 
They all take group foto of this happy occasion.

Imlie reaches the education board office n collects her mark sheet for the board exams , she has passed with good marks . SurLie are very happy , for Imlie it’s a dream come true , they embrace in a tight hug . The episode closes on SurLie hug n the original title song playing in BG . 

Friends please find writen updates of all episodes here in the link given below .

Imlie Written Update Archives [NO COMMENTS]

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The last daily update 💔

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With this I take leave from updating daily episodes for Imlie .

The first update is Dt 15 Mar 2021 n today is the last update …. three years I have enjoyed updating all the ups n downs with three leaps n three leading pairs … 
My enjoyable journey ends here . Thank you my dear friends n forum mates for all your love n support . Thank you for ignoring all my typos and spellings . Thank you for not minding my delayed updates when I got tied up in real life .

Friends please find writen updates of all episodes here in the link given below .

Imlie Written Update Archives [NO COMMENTS]

I am sure we shall all meet in new forum  discussing a new show .


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Thank You Suta for your regular updates 🙏👏

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Originally posted by: Armu4eva

Thank You Suta for your regular updates 🙏👏

Thank you for your love and support dear Tanu smiley31smiley27

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Thank you so much for the daily updates. You have been wonderful 

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Originally posted by: sai2311

Thank you so much for the daily updates. You have been wonderful 

I am going to miss updating Imlie smiley19smiley28

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You have been consistently doing this difficult task for such a long time. Really appreciate your time in doing this. smiley27

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Originally posted by: joliefemme

You have been consistently doing this difficult task for such a long time. Really appreciate your time in doing this. smiley27


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I thought that after the first 6 months of Imlie 2.0 which I quit watching they would have learnt from every lesson from when it went bad for them on their first fall from grace. 

Imlie 3.0 had the promise to be the best one yet but it failed to be because they nobbled it from it's 16-23 minutes and they didn't extend the actors contracts for 6 months more to finish it off properly with the real storyline I can see they were planning to end it with.

The first Dastaan movie ending in three years would be nice to actually give them 90 minutes to finish the ending as it was honestly the worst most rushed ending ever in Star Plus history.

I think we even see a bad scene jump transition in the ending which means it was shortened anyway from the full episode filming and probably was 23 minutes in real time which they could have aired and should have.

There was a bit filmed after the ending as it went really choppy from ending to adverts.

But this is my case for a Dastaan.

1) Bulbal never finalised her Shardi.

2) We didn't see the divorce get torn up yet.

3) When Imlie got her Investigative Reporters results we didn't see her working with Suriya and Basker Times to report to the paper as well as help her husband on the frontline in the investigation of who made Agistya fall off of the peer and we never seen him get justice or see the family as a group congratulating them on the victory of getting justice.

If we don't get a Dastaan we would be missing out on a proper send off. This is honestly the worst ending I've seen even for Star Plus standards of ending as it's not even a cliffhanger this is boring Imlie 2.0 first 6 moths dragging it's heels to become a decent show by the end.

I guess it's a bonus we get to hear the Lekha Rathnakumar featuring Tapas Relia version of the main theme once more as the Tapas Relia featuring Lekha Rathnakumar version I wasn't a big fan of the instrumentals are not as good but even this one it sounds like a V2 of Lekha Custom Music as V1 going back to YouTube early episodes sounds different to that even unless it's just me who notices small changes or unless it's a different part of the same track that barely aired.

The ah ah ah all Lekha one had all different cuts over the history edits made were 1:43 but my very own edit ended up being 2:00 with all the bits they took out and kept in on random episodes so there might only be one Lekha Music Mix version of Oh Imilia. 

Tapas Relia does the proper singing bit on both the Instrumentation versions and the Lakha Music one so it is a co production but damn that Lakha version with his more in the jungle style of background music is way better if you ask me Tapas version was too midi to be used in the show if you ask me doesn't fit the vibe.

Lakha is king of the Bansuri, Sitar, Violin, Veena, Tabla, Harmonium and ah ah ah elder man vocals mix and that was the real vibe of Imlie.

You can tell the Lakha from the Tapas as some of the Tapas mixes ended up replacing Lakha Sonoton non custom tracks o the YouTube series but then Lakha also made a custom version of his own themes as well one of his 60s vibe instrumental tracks on Sonoton was completely remade from scratch as a custom track for the show that even appeared again for the first time in ages on the last episode I think.

As for the West One Production Music stuff they are the ones not in an indian jungle vibe at all where it is often very orchestral and very british sounding used in the show.

As for Lekha's Sonoton, Soundcloud, Spotify ect output. They tended to be used in bar music that wasn't in the mainstream but also the odd few odd instrumentals including the one modernised remake of a 60s vibe one are used in odds and sods around the jungle sounding ones as well.

Universal PPM another non Lekha related tended to be used as well I seen a few bar tracks on there but then vocal ones from their do tend to hit the mainstream by accident sometimes but are production music licence tracks originally. I also think some of the drum rolls that were not Lekha and some devotion tracks used in all of StarPlus came from this one.

I've really been delving into the places that made the great soundtrack happen and thats all I managed to find out with the last piece of the puzzle being Lekha's Custom Music Orders for shows label with perhaps Tapas being signed to the label being co producer on the project with lead producer being Lakha himself.

Tapas was definitely lead vocalist for sure with Lekha himself only able to sing ah ah ah melody these days.

If you hear ah ah ah on any of the other shows it is the Lakha Music trademark vocal for melody vocals it is 100% Sonoton production under this name or under his extended name on Westar Music or Royalty Free libraries or is 100% custom from his label.

Lakha music seems to be one of the artists affected by the rise of Udio as well but seems unphased about it I at least drawn him in my track whilst making Bansuri Visions on there it definitely sounds like unreleased Jhanuk material Udio used to build on my manual commands. 

I don't believe Nishant Raja had any involvement in the soundtrack I believe he was a misinterpretation by someone writing on the Imlie wiki Tapas Relia and Lekha Musc actually are the real artists as Tapas made his own version of the co production track and Lekha's ah ah ah was in the same track that means maybe no Nishant Raja in the soundtrack at all unless he is signed to Lekha Custom Music and also worked with this team which we now kow did the real tracks.

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