MG-Humari Shadi-Tu Tu Main Main#3- Epilogue Page 30 July 29

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Posted: 1 years ago


Humari Shadi -TuTu Main Main




Hi All,


I am restarting my old FFs to finish them up and then I willcome up with new MG FF. In this process I have created this thread for mySS  Humari Shadi Tu Tu Main Main.

I will not be able to send PM regularly so please bear withme on that.  Thanks for all who havewelcomed me again after such long period.

Please find links to previous parts. It just has 12 partstill now so read them as I write Part 13.


Thread 1

Thread 2


Also please find link for new Thread of SAATHIYA





Humari Shadi - Tu Tu Main Main - ON BLOG




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Please please update soon. I have read this story number of times still don't get bored. Waiting for new update.


Humari Shadi -TuTu Main Main



Hi All,


I am restarting my old FFs to finish them up and then I willcome up with new MG FF. In this process I have created this thread for mySS  Humari Shadi Tu Tu Main Main.

I will not be able to send PM regularly so please bear withme on that.  Thanks for all who havewelcomed me again after such long period.

Please find links to previous parts. It just has 12 partstill now so read them as I write Part 13. Thread 1  Thread2


Also please find link for new Thread of SAATHIYA




Part 13 - Upcoming







Posted: 1 years ago

thanks so much for continuing this SS

Congrats on the new thread

looking forward to the updates

Posted: 1 years ago

OMG i am so excited!!!!

eagerly waiting for new update!!

thank you for restarting this one 😃

Posted: 1 years ago

Part 13



"Maan chodo mujhe, abhi issi waqt" "ek sart pe""abb kya" "promise me to give me the gift of my choice onthe day we get this case resolved."


"I told you i will give you your best ever gift" "But if i don't want that gift then you will have to give me gift of my choice" "you will love it"


"that's for me to decide when time comes, you make promise" "Ok, i do, as you will wish." "hmm" he softly placed her on the bed.




Couple of days just went off with Maan getting busy in his work and tracking Dev.


He was almost there but he did not involve Geet in it as he knew that would disturb her and make her sad. So he used to send her to roam around the city. Vehicle and driver where always at her disposal, Maan made sure of her comfort. Geet though not wanting to leave his side, she wanted to absorb him as much as she could but she has to learn to say away and be independent.


Hmm now Maan has almost reached end of Dev’s case. He was telling Canada police will catch him in couple of days.”


She shied. Off course dev has to be punished and that was needed. He was the cause of her marrying Maan.


Maan is such a nice man Babaji” she looked upto her Babaji


Why did you made me do the sin of coming between His love and him. And on top of it, made me fall so badly for him” she pouted and she self-talked to Babaji.


She took deep breath – “No Geet, it’s time you start working on giving him his gift.” All she knew was Maan was trying to move on with her as he has married her but she can’t be so selfish.


She took her phone to make a call.


Later when she reached the hotel room, Maan left the work he was doing to look at her, giving her his silly smile which killed her. He was so close to her yet so far.


Maan approached her in his typical slow walk with his naughty smile on his face, she kept taking her steps back he kept on approaching and soon he was towering on in front of her as she hit the wall


What is this Maan” she tried to push to escape from the helplessness of his closeness but instead he crushed her from his upper body front. Geet felt the burnt as he was only in his vest and she could feel him, smell him. She held the side of her jacket tightly to control herself. Ohh how bad was the urge to be crushed by him, to be killed by his smile… but he was not hers. It broke her heart into millions.


Maan ignored her and rubbed his rough cheeks on her soft face, making his lips to brush her ears “Maa-aan” she moaned as mind was nowhere working


I do your work and you enjoy the sightseeing… hnnn” he said huskily as he bit her ears. Ohh she wanted to melt, let him taste her. Brain and desire where having big fight “Toh kya karon” she said in ever so low voice. Somewhere badly badly wishing him to demand from her.


Kimat to chukanee padegi” her eyes where closed and she felt his fingers on her face, she shivered and stayed still to feel his finger roaming on her face. She felt he tucked her hair behind her ears. She felt bit space to breath “You always try to cross limit Maan, leave me now” Her heart hated what she was saying but her mind made her speak so “Kahan pakda maine tumhe” and she opened her eyes to see him standing in bit distance and smiling. He shrugged his shoulders and gave her a winning wink.


There was unknown irritation in her as she realized the emptiness in her surrounding which was just filled with him. She started throwing the things at him “No need to fly too high, you know I don’t get effected by you like other girls


He laughed while catching the stuffs she was throwing at him “Achcha… I smell opposite” he laughed and he jumped landed on bed and stretched, irritating her. She pouted.


He pulled her on bed and hugged her tight “Kab tak bhagogee mujhse

She was Ohh so loving this with him “I don’t like such acts.. Don’t do it with me” she said without even placing bit effort to remove him.


Okay chalo get ready, we will go for dinner and then some walk. I have something important to tell you


Her heart pained, it must be for Dev. Maan read her.


I have accepted this relation Geet and I will not let you go. I bet you will yourself refuse to let this relation go” he thought. “But some important work needed for now”.


After dinner they were having a walk. Maan invited her to sit on the bench. Geet loved the cold breeze touching her, where she did not have to worry of cold, he will anytime take her in his arm and give her his warmth.


Maan smiled and teased “Okay now stop thinking about me” she hit him “Self-obsessed person


I have something important to talk to you” he turned serious.


Police here are going to get hold of Dev tomorrow. You will be called for testimony. Will you be Ok with it.” Maan was so concerned as he knew how hard it will be for her to see the man who cheated her. The man who made her such that she is not ready to accept that this relation of theirs is true. She is not ready to believe that her own husband is hers. It pained Maan. He so wanted to tell her that he was all hers. He was her husband and ready to start life with her but he knew his telling her would not make her understand. She need to realize it on her own.


Geet was quiet “Bolo Geet, It’sOk naa” “Haan Maan, I will be fine” she tried to be strong as Maan wiped the drop of tears in the corner of her eyes.


He held her shoulders “I will be there behind the scene. You just don’t have to worry at all. Just face it for once and for all. Ek baar kerna hai bas” She nodded and he pulled her in his arms to sooth her and brought her to his chest. She so needed it. He always gives her what she need without even her asking for it.


Next –Meeting Dev

 Part 14

Dear readers, 

Please support me by Likes and comments to encourage. I have more ideas for Maaneet stories but am waiting for getting some good response on my restarted FFs first.





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Posted: 1 years ago

Ye wali geet mujhe sab se zada pasand hai... So innocent and cluelesssmiley36

Babaji kare writer ji k dimag me isko mahan banane ka khayal na aaye🙏

Baaki maan sambhal legasmiley2

So glad to read maaneet againsmiley27

Thank you for coming back to us and atleast attempting to stay.. 

Waiting for the next!!

Posted: 1 years ago

Loved the update totally!!

Geet is really lucky to have maan but Geet needs to change her perspective! Due to this she is denying maan and still want to set him up with his ex - this will lead to trouble for sure.

Looking fwd to next part!

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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