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Posted: 5 years ago

~|| Param Singh/Randhir Singh Shekhawat ||~

Appreciation Thread # 64

Param Singh - a name best described as synonymous to Super Stardom - is an Indian TV Actor and Model best known for his role as Randhir Singh Shekhawat, a good-looking, goal orientated young prodigy who suffers from a streak of MCP syndrome ... 

This Kanpur native began his acting career playing the role of Yudi in Sony TV's Parvarrish and additionally has been featured in Ads for Parle Monaco, HERO, Lux and Ferrero Rocher ...
An ardent believer in hard work and dedication, Param has met with unexampled success as a lead newcomer in Channel V's Sadda Haq, where he is loved by the viewers both for his on-screen chemistry with his co-star as well as his impeccable acting prowess... If his acting doesn't leave you awed then his angry looks are enough to melt hearts of young fans and fangirls alike ...

In his free time, Param enjoys working out, watching movies, boxing and spending time with his friends... He work out 6 days a week, drinks green tea to keep fit and loves playing sports ...
~|| Date of Birth :: 8th September ||~

IF Fan Club :: Param Singh

Instagram :: Param Singh

Twitter :: Param Singh

Param aka Randhir AT will be opened only by -RockstarParam- (Soniya & Sree) 

No one else is suppose to open Param aka Randhir AT; apart from the said member without permission ...

Randhir Singh Shekhawat !! The rude, arrogant, short tempered MCP, the born genius, the topper of the most prestigious engineering institute of India ...  Good looking, dashing, having a charismatic personality, masks  his inner pain and turbulence, mental pressure, disturbed childhood  in which he was brought up ... 

His carrier oriented mom could devote a very less time for him, the craving for his mother's love and time , and failing to achieve it eventually made him hate his mom, here again he is wearing a mask of hatred , deep down in his heart he still craves for that love ...

Between his parents, he is close to his dad, cause his  dad gave him his undivided  attention ... though drunkard, he can cross all the limits for his Son ...

He has built a wall of arrogance around himself, he is having a volcano of pain inside his heart, ready to burst at any moment, so he prefers to live alone, alone with all his miseries pain and betrayal ... Yes betrayal, his one and only best friend even betrayed him in time of his need ... 

He doesn't believe in the word trust, love all because since his childhood he has grown up witnessing his parent's fight and their tangled  relationship which ended with a bitter divorce followed by  his mom marrying someone else ... Like every other child, he couldn't see his parents being separated, he once again felt betrayed as his mom didn't even bother  let his son know about her second marriage ...

He never believed in the word love,  he was arrogant a male chauvinist until he met Sanyukta who turned his world upside down, he fell in love with a women whom he hated with passion ... Now he is in love with her and loves her more than his own life ... She is his life now ... He felt the warmth of love in Sanyukta's embrace ... Love was an alien feeling for  Randhir before this ... 

Love signified betrayal according to him, until She made him fall in love and taught him its real meaning, love means sacrifice, and he was happy to sacrifice his love for his lady love's safety when his college was attacked by some terrorist ...Yes he is a man with golden heart, His intense love for her, his incomparable care makes him an MCP indeed The Most Caring Person ... 

He can go to any extent to keep his promise ... He is a man of words a true friend and a great brother...

Randhir Singh Shekhawat , the man with different shades, people who loves him will only be able to decode him ... For others he is not the person to mess with!! They might land in trouble ... Cause he is the best and best can neither be conquered nor defeated ... So its better to stay away from him ...  ;) 

Write Up :: Sree (BornAries)

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Posted: 5 years ago

Only Randhir's Deewanis aka Param's Phankis allowed here!!
If you aren't one of them, kindly refrain from posting; this is not a Chat Club...

If you feel, a Member is posting things that are not within COC then you can bring it to Admin/DT notice...

No comparison with other actors or bashing anyone - be it members, characters, actors, or production house/creators...

Posting pics of Param aka Randhir or any of his past characters is allowed...
But try avoiding co-stars, for this is Param aka Randhir AT and not PaRsh aka SanDhir AT

Avoid the long train of quoting.
Use @ member name or ( ^ ) option

Needless to say, follow all India-Forums Code of Conduct and Sadda Haq Forum Rules...

If you spot a problem, please do PM me asap...
If someone else barges in to spoil the AT environment, you can directly report...

Most of all, Respect everyone & have fun. Simple!!

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Posted: 5 years ago

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Posted: 5 years ago

 Randhir/Param |Appreciation Thread #1| - Mr.Know-it-all!

||Treat Me Well Or I Will Make Ur Life A Hell|| *Param/Randhir AT#2*
*Param/Randhir AT#3* Guy with platinum heart <3
Rank No. 1 in everything <3 || Param/Randhir AT#4
Naughty Hottie Randhir Singh Shekawat aka Param || AT#5
I was born to be a Genius Not Perfect! || Randhir AT#6
New Chocolate Boy In Town || Randhir AT #7
-:: Param aka Randhir AT #8 ::- I May be Down, But I'm Not Out!!!
// Singh Is Acting King \\ Param aka Randhir AT #9
Param/Randhir AT # 10 || "MCP" Most Caring Person RSS 
Param aka Randhir AT # 11 ll Devil's Attorney
Param aka Randhir AT #12 Love Him, Hate Him You can't  Ignore Him
Param/Randhir AT # 13 ll World's Best Boyfriend
Param/Randhir AT # 14 || Let Me Be Your Hero
Param/Randhir AT # 15 || I'm in a Lost Battle!!!
Param/Randhir AT # 16 || Future Husband of so many Girls
Param/Randhir AT # 17 || Ultimate Hero at Battle-Field
Param/ Randhir AT # 18 || The Winner not A Quitter
Param / Randhir AT #19 || Criticism comes to Him coz He Stand Out
Param / Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT # 20 ~ The Evil Genius Back in Action
Param Singh/ Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT # 21 || Ingenious Heart Hacker
Param Singh/RANDHIR AT # 22 || You see Flaws!! I see Perfection
|| An Ultimate Sophistication!! Randhir Singh Shekhawat/Param AT#23 ||
Randhir/Param AT#24 / Hot as Hell!! Bad as Devil!! Good as No one else 
~ I don't try to be Awesome, it comes Natural || Param/Randhir AT#25 ~
Param Singh AT#26 || Randhir Singh Shekhawat Facing His Own Demons
Param Singh/Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT#27 "The Chosen One"
Param Singh/Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT#28 Drool Worthy Dude
Param Singh/Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT # 29 || I set Hearts on Fire
Param/Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT#30 - Out of the Way is My Way 
~He's Very Versatile!! He Can Go With Any IStyle ~ Param/Randhir AT#31
"Talent Works, Genius Creates" || Randhir/Param AT#32  
|| My Haters are Just Confused Admirers - Randhir//Param AT # 33 ||
He ReDefines Fire & Ice ~ Randhir Singh Shekhawat/Param AT#34
~// Param Singh/Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT#35 Hot-Star!! Go Solo!! \\~
Param Singh aka Randhir AT#36 || I'm not the Lead!! I'm the Need!!
I Like Your Soch But Love My Approach || Randhir/Param AT#37
Param Singh/Randhir Singh Shekhawat - Piece of Paradise || AT#38 ||
|| No Expectations No Disappointments!! Randhir/Param AT#39 ||
Randhir Singh Shekhawat is My Drug n Param Singh The Dealer || AT#40
You Leave Me Addict!! Always Wanting More ~ Randhir/Param AT#41
Param Singh/Randhir Singh Shekhawat AT#42 ~The King of Good Times~
Randhir/Param AT#43 || Perfection Gives up In Front of You!! <3
~ Randhir/Param AT#45 ~ Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well ~
Randhir Shekhawat/Param Singh AT#46 ~ Once an MCP'll Always be an MCP
He's the Destruction!! He's the Resurrection!! ~ Randhir/Param AT#47 ~
Randhir Shekhawat/Param Singh AT#48 ~Stroke of Genius Never Fade Away~
Don't Limit Ur Challenges!! Challenge Ur Limit!! Randhir/Param AT#49
Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell ~ AT#50 ~ Celebrating Golden Jubilee
Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell ~ AT#51 ~ All Or Nothing
Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell~AT#52 ~ Flamboyant CUT Above The Rest
|| Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell ~ AT#53 ~ Expect The Unexpected ||
Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell ~ AT#54 ~ His Style Has No Size ^-^
Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell ~ AT#55 ~ ||Great Expectations||
Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell~AT#56 || Divine Darkness Begin Again||
|| Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell - AT#57 || Hard to Read ||
Param's Paradise/Randhir's Hell~AT#58~History doesn't define Destiny
Every Saint has a Past! Every Sinner has a Future! Param/Randhir AT#59
|| Wounds never heal, they become Scars || Param/Randhir AT#60 ||
Shades of Randhir Singh Shekhawat~AT#61 - Don't Mess with Me
We Always Return to Our 1st Love "Randhir" Param Singh AT#62
Param/Randhir AT#63 || I'll be Your Enemy Forever n Ever n Ever!!
 "I'm Way Ahead" - Randhir Singh Shekhawat ~ Param Singh AT#64

~ Link to Next Thread ~

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Posted: 5 years ago

~|| Param Singh as Yudi in Parvarish ||~

Yudi, was a high school boy, belonging to a rich family... He was, as people would call him, the rich spoilt brat... His mother always gave him the freedom to do whatever he liked, go wherever he liked... According to his mom, he was old enough to lead his own life... He had his own bikers' gang...

It was by chance that he befriended Rocky (one of the boy's from the show Parvarish, son of Sweety)... Even though a spoiled brat, he was not arrogant and was good at heart, he was a very chilled out guy, who loved partying and biking... 

Rocky got influenced by his ways, as he never got the freedom that Yudi used to get... So he sneaked of with Yudi to a rave party thrown by Yudi's friend... But what was shocking, was Yudi was forced to drink alcohol spiked with drugs and was challenged by that friend to walk along the pool, while drunk... He could not and falls into water...

Later while returning from the party Yudi gets into a car crash because of drunk driving... It was Rocky and his mother Sweety, who takes Yudi to the hospital... Yudi finds comfort in Sweety's care, it was something he never got from his own mother... He liked the scolding and concern that Sweety showed him... 

When Yudi's mother comes to the hospital, he asks Sweety to stay with him instead of his mom, he tells his mom that he never showed the concern that Sweety showed for him, never had she stopped him from doing things which were wrong, if she had then he would not have ended up in hospital like this... Later on Yudi's mom understands her mistake and tries to become a better mother...

Write Up :: Paromita (Wrackspurt)

~|| Param Singh in TV Commercials ||~

~ Param Singh in Parle Monaco Ad along with Harshita Gaur and Ankit Gupta ~


~ Param Singh in Hero 5 Year Warranty Ad ~


~ Param Singh in Ferrero Rocher Ad - Golden Heritage for a Golden Diwali ~


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Posted: 5 years ago

 Param Singh Audition

Param Singh 2x264x264

Param Singh - Mujhko Pehchaan Lo

Param Singh shares some fun Facts of His Life

Param Singh's Exclusive Gift Segment

Param Singh Talk about His Dogs

Meet Param Singh's Lovely Pets

Param Singh Celebrates Rakhi with Sister Sona Bhatia

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Param Singh Celebrates his Birthday with Tellybytes

Param Singh Decorates His Room with Fan Gifts

Param Singh Receives Gifts from Fans PART 1

Param Singh Receives Gifts from Fans PART 2

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Param Singh Receives Gifts from Fans FINAL PART

Param Singh Celebrating his Birthday with SBS

Param Singh Celebrates His Birthday with India-Forums

Param Singh aka Randhir's Birthday Gift Segment Part - 1

Param Singh aka Randhir's Birthday Gift Segment Part - 2

Param Singh aka Randhir's Birthday Gift Segment Part - 3

Param Singh aka Randhir's Birthday Gift Segment Part - 4

Param Singh aka Randhir's Birthday Gift Segment Part -5 

Param Singh aka Randhir's Birthday Gift Segment Part - 6

Param Singh aka Randhir's Birthday Gift Segment Final Part 

Param Singh, Ankit Gupta and Chirag Desai clears the Rumor about Sadda Haq going Off-air

Param Singh Receive Gifts from His Fans

Randhir takes the #V Distraction Challenge!!

Chhote & Bade Miyaan Exclusive

Param Singh & Chirag Desai Speak about their Memorable Moments of 2014

Param Singh & Chirag Desai's Gift Segment 

Param Tortures Harshita via Colors

Param Singh's Gift Segment

Aj kuch sanskari karte hai with Param and Harshita

Oye!! Happy Budday to Yooouuu Param with SBS

Param Singh Celebrating his Birthday with Entertainment Tadka

Birthday Party Game of Snakes & Ladders

Param aka Randhir Celebrates his Birthday with Tellybytes

Param Singh aka Randhir Celebrates his Birthday with ITVF - Part 1

Param Singh aka Randhir Celebrates his Birthday with ITVF - Part 2

Thank You Fans for Your Wishes on My Birthday 

Param Singh ke Phone Mein kya Rakkha hai

Param Singh Receives his Birthday Gifts - Part 1 

Param Singh Receives his Birthday Gifts - Part 2 

Param Singh Receives his Birthday Gifts - Part 3 

Param Singh Receives his Birthday Gifts - Part 4 

Param Singh Receives his Birthday Gifts - Part 5

Param plays "Never have I ever"

Param Singh Live Chat

I would never do Big Boss - Exclusive with TellyChakkar

Birthday Celebration with GlitzVision - 2018

Param Singh receives gifts from fans - 2018


~||  IF Articles ||~

 Single and ready to mingle?

I drink green tea everyday to remain fit! - Param Singh

I believe in harder you work, the luckier you are. - Param Singh

Who stole your heart the most

Values etched by Mothers for TV actors 

"Summers are also meant for chilling at beaches." - Param Singh

Telly Stars talk about their best friends on sets!

Best gift ever received...

Co-stars who take time to get ready!

Telly Actors and their Non - Celeb friends!

"Sev Puri is my quick cheap healthy meal" - Param Singh

My all-time favorite films are God Father and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander - - Param Singh

Actors talk about preventive measures on World AIDS Day!

#IF11thBirthdayBash - Celebs shower their wishes for IF!

Its 'Go Goa Gone' for Param Singh!

Its fun and masti for TV actors on the occasion of Lohri!

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I feel very positive when my pets are around me: Param Singh

Actors talked about the initiative "Poison Biscuit Day"

~|| Youth TV Articles ||~

Relationships of Randhir

Looks of Randhir

~|| Telly Chakkar Articles ||~

10 Unknown Interesting facts about Param Singh

The craziest rumour I have heard about myself is that I am quitting ...

Abhinav Kapoor and Param Singh are 'gym buddies'

I am a self-motivator: Param Singh

TV actors and their idea of a romantic date

Bless me Ganesha: TV celebs talk about the Lord's significance 

"Eid Mubarak" ... Wish TV Celebs

TV celebs give fashion tips to beat the heat this summer

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Posted: 5 years ago

Harshita Gaur :: "Param is very active and full of life, full of energy yet a simple soul who just loves talking to people and having fun around. He is not judgmental at all. He will talk to everyone without creating any perception and he has his own way of perceiving people."

Chirag Desai :: "There is only one thing that I can tell about him is that he is such a sweetheart. I have never seen a person so simple and down to earth. He has absolutely no attitude. One message that I would like to give him is- I will pray that you keep getting such good shows always."

Ankit Gupta :: "I've known Param even before Sadda Haq... Sometimes we are very similar and sometimes very different from each other... As a person he is very nice. It's fun to be around him."

Karishmaa Oluchi :: "He is doing a fantastic job as Randhir on Sadda Haq and I think he is going to grow into a very good actor."

Abhinav Kapoor :: "Param and I are childhood buddies and also neighbours. From our younger days we share a great bond and have always stood for each other. In fact we both shared the same dream of becoming actors. Today we both are in the happy zone and aspire to become good actors."

Homring :: "He is a very nice guy. As a person, he is a very nice person. He never gets angry. He is fun loving."

Ridheema Tiwari :: "Param is a very cute guy and has this 'boy next door' personality. He is the nicest co-star I can get. He really respects women and will never cross his lines with anyone. Apart from being a good actor, he is a nicest human being I have came across and definitely my favorite on set." 

Saurabh Tewari :: "Param is one of the finest and disciplined actor I have ever worked with. For every complicated scene, the way he trains himself is remarkable." 

Prince Dua :: "Param is a very nice guy. He is always in a light and cheerful mood on the set. Together we used to play pranks on every new entry on the show."

Meera Deosthale :: "I had a tiny crush on Param Singh as he played the character of an engineer in a show. I really admired Param's chemistry with his co-actor. Param is excellent actor and an even better human being."

Vikkas Manaktala :: "Param is the funniest guy on the set. He has a very interesting sense of humor. He is really fun loving. He would make everyone laugh on the set and be happy. But yes he would do Masti only when he is in the mood, in between shots if he has free time. Or else he is very serious with his work."

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Posted: 5 years ago
~ || Param Singh on SNS ||~

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Posted: 5 years ago

~|| CREDITS ||~

AT Title :: Soniya / InCenDia 

Write-up :: Sree / BornAries, Paromita / Wrackspurt

Layout n Designs :: Soniya / InCenDia

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Posted: 5 years ago
~|| Param/Randhir AT#64 is Open Now ||~

~|| You May Start Posting After Completing the Last AT ||~