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"Sev Puri is my quick cheap healthy meal" - Param Singh

Food lover Param Singh shares his love for food with TellyBuzz.

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As we know that our TV celebs are very much conscious about their physique, but they never miss a chance to have lots and lots of food whenever they get a chance. Our Telly celebs love to be known as a foodie. One such big time food lover is this popular actor Param Singh who is seen essaying the character of Randhir in Channel V's Sadda Haq.

Let's see what are Param's likes and dislikes...

Are you a foodie?

Yes, I love eating.

Which is your most preferred cuisine?

Right now Indian vegetarian food as I am tired of eating non- veg and Chinese food. I love eating Dal Chawal, Roti sabzi etc.

Your favorite mouth-watering dish?

I used to love Chinese but now Dal Chawal, tamatar ki chutney, aloo chips and onion.

Which restaurant do you prefer the most?

Urban Tadka is my most preferred restaurant.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

No, I only go in the kitchen to check what food has been cooked. Other wise I don't go in the kitchen though I can cook food but now I don't feel like cooking because I get very tired after my pack up.

What is your most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

Once I made mutton during my stay in London and the taste of the dish was disastrous. It was tasting weird but not like mutton, it was horrible.

Which is your favorite quick cheap healthy meal?

Sev Puri, though I know its not much healthy but some times its okay.

If you have to take a celebrity on a date, who would it be?

I don't know any celebrities personally so how can I ask them for a date. As far as Harshita Gaur is concerned we are best buddies so we go on a date but only as friends.

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SHHP_best 5 years ago Love you Param Singh and Harshita Gaur..
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Vridhi 6 years ago Love u n harshita a lot!!!! u guyz make a great pair!
anshruta342 6 years ago You and Harshita Gaur together make a great pair.
love you param singh
anjalisnair 6 years ago Love you... #ParamSingh
awesomeparsh 6 years ago param u r truly amazing .we all love u a lot.

ankitaprasad30 6 years ago #ParamSingh.
anjalisnair 6 years ago ParamSingh is the best. Love you #ParamSingh.
moonkmh 6 years ago love you guys... Param Singh & Harshita Gaur
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