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Actors and their choice of Roses!

We ask Telly town actors about which rose will they give to their on-screen actors.

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Its Valentine's week, and the season of Love. To express our love we have many ways, but what if we have special days dedicated for someone special? With this week, our fun and excitement level pumps up as we ask actors to pick their favorite Rose for their on screen partners on Rose Day.

Niti Taylor - White stands for purity, so I will choose white color for Manik and Nandini's relationship.

Neha Marda - A yellow rose for Ishaan because he is my best friend.

Taher Shabbir Mithaiwala - Black rose because it is unique and I feel that darker side of anything is beautiful.
Param Singh - I will choose white and yellow roses because we are best friends.

Digangana Suryavanshi - I would choose a yellow rose to continue and cherish our friendship.

Shakti Arora - I will choose a red rose and mostly all prefer giving red roses, so I would also give the same.

Vishal Vashishtha - I would give a white rose to my on-screen partner that is Digangana as white represents peace. So if there's peace between us everything remains good and its Veera after all no one wants to tussle with her.

We wish our readers Happy Rose Day!

Phalguni Sharma 

Neha Marda Shakti Arora Niti Taylor Digangana Suryavanshi Vishal Vashishtha Param Singh Taher Shabbir

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ishqnme 5 years ago Happy Rose Day!!!

I love Taher Shabbir!
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davearcha 6 years ago Your choice of everything is very rare and unique. Your work and acting and most importantly you as a person. Its most inspiring and unique.
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ShilpiK021 6 years ago Taher Shabbir you reciprocate your fans'love . You care for our feelings . You really are Unique as your thoughts and beliefs also reflect :)
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MagicalNiraj 6 years ago Black Rose unique just like Taher Shabbir. Love you Taher Shabbir our Mad Hatter.
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ShilpiK021 6 years ago Taher Shabbir you are as Unique as your choice of rose . Black rose :)
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Nila95 6 years ago Black Rose unique choice as always, not surprised at all. Taher Shabbir you truly are one of a kind and very special.
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davearcha 6 years ago Perfectly put Taher, Dark side of anything and everything is beautiful and mystifying.
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ShilpiK021 6 years ago Black Rose it is for Taher Shabbir . Unique Answer and concept as always Taher Shabbir
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TinkiGogoi 6 years ago Niti Taylor lovely choice.
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
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akhilesh555 6 years ago Awweee..Niti Taylor you yourself is a white rose..
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