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Best gift ever received...

Gifts make us happy and cheer up the mood. There is no specific reason to receive or give gifts but yes it is a thing to be cherished forever. Our TV celebs share their best gift with us which is a memorable one for them.

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Gifts! It is something for which we always look forward to. Gifts are very close to our heart, it is a way of sharing concern and love for people, we all receive gifts which makes us feel happy and pleased. Our TV stars also receive lots of gifts by fans, friends and by their closed ones. So we ask them their best received gift.

Here are they sharing their gift...

The pretty and lovely Digangana Suryavanshi who is seen in Star show 'Veera - I have received a lot of gifts by fans like outfits, jewellery, pens, purse etc and just too many letters but something I really like is when I got a sketch of mine by a fan Shiva Manikpuri from Raigarh. It looks beautiful, it is in my make up room. My parents are my best gift given to me by grace of God".

Humble and sweet Shefali Sharma who is seen Colors' Bani- Ishq Da Kalma - The very memorable and best gift I have ever received was the first mobile and a Jumping dog for which I really got obstinate and in 2009 on my birthday I got a Pug, these gifts are given by my parents which are very memorable. Recently I got a gift by  a fan it was a pillow it is pink in color and it is written on  pillow - I want you and Soham together''.

The very cute Punjabi girl Ankita Sharma who is seen in Colors show Rangrasiya - When I was small I always wanted to have a younger sister and when she was born I was very happy as she was the precious gift by my parents. I still have that fashionable Barbie doll gifted by my mom.

The very popular Anas Rashid who is seen in Star Plus show' Diya Aur Baati Hum - I have got many gifts, for me the meaning of gift is different. I like anything which is given by love , gift is something when you get it by someone, when you need it the most which fulfills your requirement of that time . The best gift was given by my father it was cycle that was the most desirable thing I used to fight with other boys of my area for that cycle. So my father finally got me a cycle and said from now onwards you will not fight with other boys for this cycle.

Rashmi Desai Sandhu who is seen in Colors' Uttaran - The best gift I got was from my fan her name is Bushra and she gifted me 1 coffee mug and I use it whenever I am in shoot'' 

Param Singh who is seen in channel V's Sadda Haq says - My best gift would be when I was in Panchgani and my mom use to send me letters! I have still kept it with me as those letters were very emotional and encouraging for me. Those letters helped me to become an independent person when I was in boarding.

Karan Mehra who is seen in Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - Best gift given to me is my younger brother who is 5 years younger than me. I always wanted to have a brother. My fans always try to reach out to me by the way of gifts like paintings, wall hangings etc. Few days back at a recent award function ,a sweet little girl named Preeti came to me and said that she lost her father and emotionally connects well to the show Yeh Rishta... that really touched me and I think that was the best gift I got from fans.    


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pooja_sinha 6 years ago The recent one that I had got as a gift was a basket full of home fragrances that one of my friends gifted me from Cycle Pure. He chose a variety of home fragrances and gifted it to me. He sort of knew that I am into aromatherapy therefore gifted me incense sticks, potpourris and stuff from Cycle Brand. It makes sense to give those gifts that the receiver has some sort of value for.
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tirues 6 years ago All the best Anas Rashid keep smiling !!!!!
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Parshian_SAK 6 years ago Param Singh What an amazing and down to earth person to are
Param singh u r truely a inspiration of humbleness
Love Param Singh
Param Singh Rocks !!!
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Vmaa 6 years ago Anas Rasshid you are the best gift we ever received thank you
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Unicornlover 6 years ago karan mehra rocks Heart
karan mehra rocks Heart
karan mehra rocks Heart
karan mehra rocks Heart
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BeyondWords 6 years ago param dude, that is where lies humanity and love|! I admire how much you love your family and are concerned. The best answer among all!
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naveena92 6 years ago param singh u r the hottest guy on the planet
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Anwy1409 6 years ago Param Singh You are simply AWESOME !! Keep rocking !
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zhuren 6 years ago U are the best gift dear Karan Mehra
Love you always
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zhang 6 years ago U are the best gift dear Karan Mehra
Love you
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