MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August.

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HELLO EVERYONE...I have been imagining a very different story line with Maneet and decided to Pen it down...This Storyline is far  different and can say crazy in compared to my other FFs, GEETIKA and JOURNEY CALLED LIFE. But I may steal some scenes and dialogues from my own FFs πŸ˜†. Please read it and comment if I can continue with it or not.

A true love blooms between two individuals Amidst confusion. They are sooo much attracted to each other but not aware of the fact that they are actually madly in love with each other. 

Their confused mind seeks answers for questions...What to name this Relationship and HOW TO NAME IT?



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My works on MANEET... (New Link) 

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Maan Singh Khurana:

26 years old, A very handsome, richie rich Business tycoon settled down in France MD of  Khurana Enterprises (european operations mainly France). His inner personality depicts simplicity and longs for a life partner who will not fall for his background but for him.

Savithri Devi:

She is Daadi of Maan Singh Khurana and Ajay Singh Khurana. She is an IRON LADY who has been a strong business woman with ethics and has been sole guardian of Maan and Ajay since she lost her only son and daughter in law in an unfortunate accident.

Ajay Singh Khurana:

21 years old, a complete spoilt brat and extremly over pampered kid. But loves and Respects Maan and Daadi a lot.

The Foundation of Khurana Business was laid in India almost 40 years ago In by Maan's Grandfather.  with booming Market in France, a branch office was opened in France almost 30 years ago and Khurana Enterprises is one of the top 10 business enterprises in France as on date.  Initially, France operations was handed over to Maan's father but Maan lost his parents in an unfortunate accident  leaving Maan and his younger brother Ajay to be taken care by Daadi all alone.  Daadi took over this business again and handed over to Maan when he attained age of 18. Maan has worked extremly hard in keeping up his business status and has been strictly following business ethics which his Father and Grandfather followed and Daadi still following.
Geetanjali Iyer (Geet): 

(Here again my Geet hails from a Tamil family but I will not focus much on it like in My FF Geetika)

22 years old, very beautiful yet simple at heart. A Psychologist student who got scholarship to do her higher studies in France. She recently completed her MSc in Psychology from a reputed university in France and has enrolled her self for higher studies. She is currently working as a junior consultant/internee at Care clinic in France where she has been consulting patients who are psychologically disturbed and has been doing extremely well in her job as she is always calm and cool tempered person and has a great ability to understand her patients problems and their current state of mind. 

Geet too has a very small family which comprises of her Appa (Father) and Paati (Grand Mother). But she has too many ups and downs in her life but still she has always focused on the positive side of it. Due to unfortunate incidents, she has not lived a major part of her life with her family and was forced to stay away from them...yet she is united with them by hearts. Why and How? this FF will give way to these questions. 

Ria Khanna:

19 years old bubly girl originally hails from Amritsar, but presently lives in France (With Geet) doing her second year Business Management from a reputed university in France. A typical teenager who lives in her own world. 

Geet and RIA's families are thick friends. Ria's family loves and trusts Geet a lot. Ria's family permitted her to study in France as Ria was going to stay with Geet. Also, Ria considers Geet as her elder sister and a very close friend to trust upon. she has been close to Geet ever since her childhood and she shares all her personal secrets with her.

More about Geet-Ria family bonding as the story unfolds.

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Its a very beautiful and foggy Saturday morning at "CIRGY" town which is located miles away from Capital, Paris. A young man is seated outside a coffee shop (Typically how coffee shops are in Europe) and is enjoying every sip of his coffee whilst admiring the beautiful surrounding... he has began to love this place its located far away from the city hush bushs ... The coffee here tastes too good. He is wearing his dashing goggles dressed in his casual Jeans and a white shirt and typically one or two buttons of his shirt is left open making him look really dashing and hot. He is none other than Maan Singh Khurana...MD of Khurana Enterprises shortly known as KE. But today, he wants to hide his identity away from the world he has been living in and he has decided to extend his weekend and just stay far away from his HQ in Paris, business hush bush & routines and Media. He just wants to be just himself today. Maan gets a call on his mobile from his secretary, Rita... she is one among those who dream of Maan to be their prince charm and Maan doesnt even adress her presence apart from her job role as a secretary.

Rita: "Sir, there was an urgent call from..." and Maan immediately stops her.

Maan: RITA, this is the third call from you. Take it as a last warning. No more calls from you today. Anyone calls, tell them I am available only on Monday. Is it clear?

Rita: "Ok Sir"...and she keeps the phone. I miss his presence in office so much and he doesnt understand. She takes his photo and draws her fingers over his face and his lips...I want you...cant live without you...

Back to the coffee shop. Suddenly, a French guy appears in front of Maan...

"Hey dude"

Maan: "Hi"

"You Indian?"

Maan: "Hmm...Yes"

The French guy is so excited and holds Maan's hands..

."Wow dude...can you please help me? I am in Love with an Indian girl. How to propose her?"

Maan: "Oh god...I myself new in this subject. I have never dated any girl" ..rubbing his forehead.

"dude?????" The French guy calls out for Maan again..Maan clears his throat

Maan: "Well...all you need to do is, carry some bunch of nice flowers...kneel down in front of her and propose her. Believe me, it will work" and winks.

"WOW dude"...he holds Maan's hands and "Thank you so much"and he leaves from there all excited.

Maan ST: "Huh...hope it works for him...Hmm..French guy in love with an Indian girl! curious to know what happens next."

next minute another French Guy appears in front of him..

"Hey dude"

Maan: "Hi"

"You Indian?"

Maan: "Hmm...Yes"This French Guy too is so excited...

"Wow dude...can you please help me? I am in Love with an Indian girl. How to propose her?

"Maan ST: What's happening today? Another French guy with same request???

Maan clears his throat..."Well...all you need to do is, carry some bunch of chocolates...kneel down in front of her and propose her. Believe me, it will work" and winks.

"WOW dude"...he holds Maan's hands and "Thank you so much" and he leaves from there equally excited like the first guy.

Cant believe...history repeats in just within one minute.Least did he know that its going to repeat again in next minute...

"Hey dude"

Maan: "Hi" with a fake smile

"You Indian?"

Maan: "Yup...and I guess you need to propose an Indian girl right?"

"Oh Indian guys are smart...Now pls pls guide me how can I propose her?"

Now I am running out of ideas and he rubs his forehead...then his eyes spots a teddy bear in a shop near by...

Maan: "Well...all you need to do is, carry a cute teddy bear...kneel down in front of her and propose her. Believe me, it will work" and winks.

"WOW dude"...he holds Maan's hands and "Thank you so much"and leaves from there with a super excitement...

Maan ST: Now I am really getting curious...Indian girls in so much demand...!!!

What happens in next 10 minutes will mark a beginning of a cute and interesting love story.Here comes a young, charming, beautiful girl who is actually making her way to the same coffee shop where Maan is sitting. she is well dressed with a simple black skirt and baby pink top. Her long hair tied into a pony. Her natural beauty can mesmerize anyone. She's Geetanjali Iyer and she looks forward to a normal routine day as usual...but least she knows what's going to come up.

Geet: "Coffee shop is here...need to have a fresh coffee very badly"

Suddenly one of the french guys appears in front of her...It seems she recognizes him...and about to tell a hi.."This is for you my young lady..." and he kneels down and presents the bunch of flowers which he was hiding behind.

Geet: "WHAT ? Excuse me...Listen..."

she was about to give him a piece of advice and then the second french guy appears...whom she seems to recognize as well..

Geet: "what are you doing here?"

He kneels down and ...oh my dear...this is for you...he presents the box of chocolates which he was hiding it till now. She is unable to think further what's happening and what's going on ...She nods her head for a "No" thinking "No way"

The third french guy also equally surprises her kneeling down and presenting the teddy bear.

Oh god...what's happening...she closes her eyes..I really wish its a bad dream ... and stood there like a baby lost her way to the coffee shop which is right in front of her.

The Trio kneeling down in front of her and the next minute these three started fighting with each other. "I met her she is mine..." the second guy says..."I know that she loves me not you..." the thrid guy thretens the other two "if you go near her, I will kill you..."She tries to capitalise on this situation and she slowly escapes and runs towards the coffee shop.

"Hey stop..." one of the guys shouts at her and all three chase her with their gifts in their handshe turns back for a sec while running and that's when she bumps on Maan. Geet lost her control and about to fall and Maan came forward to support her and she fell in his strong arms and he instantly supports her thin waist. he slowly removes his sunglasses from his eyes and glances at her face...her eyes closed so tight in fear and she slowly opens her eyes into his...

her eyes closed so tight in fear and she  slowly opens her eyes  into his

He looks deep into her beautiful brown eyes...Geet slowly blinks looking at his sharp features and silently inhaling his body scent...

both lost in that moment which got disturbed when these 3 guys nears them and she positions herself and hides behind Maan. Maan is so shocked to see these three guys were none other than the guys whom he helped a while ago with his valuable suggestions.

"YOU... " 😑and he fists his left hand and about to bounce at them...just then Geet stops him by resting her soft hands on his hand nodding for a No...gesturing him not to attack them and Maan freezes once again with her touch and looking at her beautiful face.

"Hey dude...Are you her boyfriend? "asked one of the guys...Both Maan and Geet looked questionly at each other wondering what to say...and...

Maan: "YES..."out came an Instant answer from Maan...and Geet gives him a surprised look

"Sorry Mam.."said one of the 3 and the 3 idiots slowly leave from the place having disappointing grin on their face.

Geet takes long sigh as she really couldn't believe what just happened and takes her seat near Maan's seat...

Maan asks her..."are you ok?"She slowly nods for a yes...

Maan: "Do you need water?"

Geet: "No Thank You...I drink warm water..."

She takes the flask bottle from her handbag and drinks warm water, closes her eyes and once again takes a long sigh and lost in her thoughts. Maan thinks..."oh..this girl..very strange."

Just then a police bike arrives and stops just near the coffee shop where Geet and Maan are seated."Hello young lady..."

She immediately stood up "oh Hello officer."

"I heard three guys tried to attack you. I have come here to enquire about it."

She gulps with nervousness and immediately positions herself

Geet: "Actually officer what happened is...They came to ask me about some address...and I got scared thinking these are the kidnappers who are moving around. You see, me and my neighbors got a red alert warning about these kidnappers. It was my mistake...these three were genuinely looking out for a destination around and I overreacted."

Maan blinks with her sweet voice but he is definitely not convinced with what she told the police... had it been any other girl she would have given a long list of complaints about what had just happened.

"Are you sure?..." the police asked curiously and she nods for a Yes.

Now officer turns to Maan.."and hello sir..." he shakes hand with Maan and asks him..."What do you say Gentleman? is this lady speaking the truth?"

She is standing back of police making cute and funny gestures requesting him to say a YES. Now...he is loosing on it and fuming within inside.

Maan: "Yes officer...she is speaking the truth"

She took a sigh again...gently closing her could Maan miss on it?

"OK...I will take your leave now. Listen young lady, This is my number and you can call me any time you sense any trouble. Ok??"

She smiles at his kind gesture... "Thank you so much officer"

Once the officer leaves from there..."OUCH"... Maan holds her and pushes her back to her seat..and he stares at her. Geet is terrified as she least expected Maan's action and she simply stares at him with wide eyes and wondering what is he upto. Again her eyes were distracting him from what he had to talk but he somehow overpowered it.

She tries to escape..."SIT DOWN..." he shouts😑
Maan: "What do you think of yourself? I Understand that you are beautiful.."He immediately closes his eyes and remains silent..."Ooh ...Maan what are you saying? control yourself."
He takes a sigh again and continues..."I guess you like guys following you?"😑

Geet: "What? what do you mean?" still fighting to escape

Maan: "I wanted to punch on those guys who were following you...but you didnt allow me to do so..."She looks back at him surprisingly

Maan: "This police officer wanted to help even said No to him..."😑

Maan comes too close to her giving a look with a stare straight into her eyes with their lips being just an inch apart. She gulps looking into his scary self still has courage to look back at him..."Do you even realize that these guys can harm some other girl tomorrow if you let them loose?"

Geet: They wont..she answers confidently and still looking into his eyes.

Maan: What do you mean?

Geet: I mean, they will not harm anyone I assure you that...

Maan: What? I cant believe you are supporting those goons?

Geet: They are not goons...they are my patients...She shouts

He loosens his hold on her chair. she slowly stands up and continues to talk.

Geet: "I am a Junior Psychologist and all three of them have one or the other psychological problems for which they are in consultation with me."

He is so lost looking at her...

Geet: "Now you tell can I allow someone to hit them or allow police to arrest them knowing their state of mind? Also, it may bring bad name to my clinic"

She tells it really cutely. He is so lost in her words other girl has put him in such a situation

Geet: "Moreover, they didn't misbehave with me, tried to harm me or even touch me...I guess they have got carried away with my way of consulting. Now don't ask me how..."πŸ˜•

She doesn't know but he has known it by now. Those three guys simply lost in her cuteness and such an understanding nature.

She turns to him with a questioning look. "Now you tell me...what I did is wrong or right ??"Maan: "Not right..."

she gets a grin in her face hearing this

Maan: "Its very very very right..." πŸ‘πŸΌ

Geet: "oh...thank you so much for the understanding.." She gets so carried away that a reflex action sparked her to hold his hand. Maan looks at her hold on his hand and then looks back at took her few seconds to realize what she has been doing and she instantly takes her hands off him putting her into great embarrassment making her face go pink... she hold a hand of a complete stranger but actually not appearing like a stranger to her...wonder why? ..."Oh god, what will he think about me now? and why am I taking his opinion so seriously ?"

Maan: "Are you OK?"She nods for a yes He brings his right hand forward gesturing shake hand..."Hi, I am Maan.."

she too brings her right hand forward..."I am can call me Geet..."

and they have a firm shake hand..which was on hold...and their eyes met again without their own knowledge...and got back to their normal self when the waiter called for them.

"Sir..any other order for you?"

Maan: "Well..." he turns to her.."Would you like to have something?"

The waiter hands over coffee to Geet. "Madam...your cappuccino"

Geet thanks the waiter and answers Maan... This is my regular place and most of the mornings I am here...He (Waiter) knows what I want.."

Maan: "But today, Its my treat .."

Geet: "But.."

Maan: "Its my treat.." he insists..She looks at him and nods for a yes..She gulps down some warm water and closes her eyes for few seconds and continues to have her cappuccino. He is not able to take his eyes out of her and when she looks back, he tries to look else where. She is rolling her eyes and thinking something very seriously...

Maan: "Are you still thinking about what had happened?"

Geet: "Yah...How come all three thought in the same way? I am sure they took this idea from one person...Who could that be?"now Maan sees a pinch of anger in her . He clears his throat..."lets not talk about it...leave it..."

Geet: "Hmm.. your right ..." she agrees cutely.

Maan ST: "This girl is really sharp when it comes to understanding her patients...huh"

She takes a sip of coffee and continues to talk..."You dint have office today?"

Maan: "I have taken a day off..."

Geet: "and your boss gave you permission??" she asks innocently

He is smiling from within..whilst she is looking at him..Hmm she doesn't know who I am...let it be like that...πŸ˜‰

Maan: Well...have called them and told I am sick and took a day off..

Geet: WOW..lucky you. I really wish I could take a day off too... πŸ˜•and makes a baby face which makes Maan fall even more for her

Maan: "Why you need luck for this? your clinic and tell them you cant make it as you are not keeping well."

He couldn't believe what he is saying...he would take s**t out of his employees who give such lame excuses and takes day off..and here he is advising Geet to take a day off calling herself sick...simply intending to spend more time with her.

Geet: "Yaah...correct..Let me call my receptionist.."

She calls Janet at the reception...Janet is a french girl and a true friend of Geet in her work place.

Janet: "Hello..."

Geet: "Hie Janet..."

Janet: Hey baby, what's up? πŸ˜›

Geet: Please check my schedule..any thing urgent and important appointments? I will take a day off..

Janet: Oh baby? Finally, you found a boyfriend for yourself?πŸ˜‰

Maan could hear Janet to some extent but prefers to act otherwise. Geets eyes opens up wide and she clears her throat and then talks further...

Geet: I am not keeping well that's why...

Janet: Ola..something cooking up...haan?? Dont worry, I will not tell anyone that you are off on a date...πŸ˜‰

Geet is all blushy blushy now and trying to hide from Maan but Maan has really been a silent observer.

Geet: My dear...please tell me my schedule for today...

Janet: " dont have any major appointments...but a meeting that's scheduled to start in next one hour."

Geet: "What meeting?"

Janet: "Monthly meeting"

Geet: "Oh gosh...yeah..." she says it with all excitement. she rolls her eyes as she has to leave from here ASAP. "k...ill be in office in next 10 mins but please cancel all my appointments for today."She cuts the call..

Geet: "MAAN.."

Oooh he missed a heartbeat hearing his own name from her lips.

Geet: "I am really sorry...but have to leave..."

arranging her things while talking

Geet: "Didnt know my monthly meeting is today. Have to go. Bye..

Maan:  "what? "

He was so happy that she is definitely going to take a day off and they will get to spend some time with each other.

Maan: "At least finish your coffee..."

Geet: "I am really sorry Maan...but my bosses and all seniors are already present in the clinic preparing for the meeting. I must leave."

He blocks her way now.."At least tell me when shall we meet next?"

She looks back at him questioningly in a dilemma to say YES or a NO and she blinks looking here and there..

Geet: "Well.."

Maan: "How about tomorrow?"

Geet: "Not possible...I am busy for the whole day..."she pauses for a sec..."Lets see some other time... and Thank you for your treat..." she smiles looking at him and rushes from there.

Maan looks at her till she passes by the end of the road.He sits back with a grin..."Oh no...what's happening to me..until a moment ago I just wanted to stay alone and spend some time with myself and now I feel to spend all my time with this girl..."DeadConfused He is no mood now to consume his coffee further."OOh...which clinic is she working for ...damn...missed to take details."ConfusedD'oh

Precap: Already missing each other Embarrassed

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Dikachika dhinkachihka I am first
Awesome update
Maaneet meeting interesting
Trio asked maan how to purpose girl
Poor he
Ops geet is the girls
They are her patient
Ohh how sweet meeting
Beautiful meeting
Maan again forget to ask where she work
And he didn't told her whom he is Edited by hira2010 - 6 years ago
Posted: 6 years ago
Congratulations on new story 
please do continue concept is interesting 
Posted: 6 years ago
congrats on the new FF! superb concept n fab character sketch! eagerly awaiting next 
Posted: 6 years ago
Wow ... Awesome cs ... Cant wait for part one ... By the way congrats for the new story ... Update soon 

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