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animated-star-image-0163  Teaser - Chap 1  (Below)

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~ TEASER - Chap 1 ~  😃 

"Chotte, you remember you have to hand these over to the pundit right? This year we are donating more. He will be pleased."


"Yes, Di" 


"Chotte, can you also remind the punditji about the house prayers in two weeks? And, this is a list of things we will need. Could you get it?"


"Yes, Nani"


"Hello hi bye bye babua, ee liyo. Ebhen my make-upiya lisht ijj ready. You will buys it right? I have to looks tip the top" 


"Yes, Mami"


The three ladies looked at each other. 


"Chotte, we need Lucknowi mithai as well. And Lucknowi saris. Any suggestions, whom we should order from?" 


"Yes, Di" 


Anjali cast a mischievous look to the other ladies. 


"Chotte, we will give you a photo" Anjali said. 


"Yes, Di"


"Haan, Chotte, will you take a look at it?" 


"Yes, Nani"


"Arre bhy shood humre babua sees the photo and waste times? Jald se jald says yes."


"Yes, Mami"


Anjali winked at Nani and Mami. 


"Sach Chotte? You don't want to see the photo? You agree to get married without seeing the photo?"


"Yes, Di"


The ladies paused, letting the silence settle before snickering. 


Arnav froze for a moment before looking up from his phone where he had been typing away, checking his emails and messages. 


"What the!" He exclaimed

"Titaliya, will you make jalebis the whole day?"




Buaji sighed in relief. 


"I will make balushahi, ladoo and kheer too." Khushi turned to face her buaji with a cheeky smile. 


Buaji glared at her. "Hai re nandkishore. Hato. It's almost time to make lunch." 


"Offo buaji. I've made everything already. See. Pooris, aloo, halwa" she pointed to the individual dishes. 


Buaji looked at Khushi suspiciously. 


"What?" Khushi asked. 


"I get worried whenever you make a lot of food. What's on your mind sankadevi? Why have you made so many sweets?"


"What else can I do Buaji? I am no loud speaker that I can go around announcing our sweet business. I will have to knock on doors and give out sweets as samples to people. Hopefully this will drive up our sales. Business has been slow lately." 


"Bitiya, take payalia with you too. Don't go off alone. Waise bhi, you are aafat ki pudiya. At least payalia will make sure you don't get into trouble. And yes, be sure to pick up the saris too-." 


"Haww buaji, I look like a kid to you who gets into trouble?"


"Look nahi. Tum ho. Hai re nandkishore, may Devi maiyya have some mercy on your future husband. Kaunu sankadev ka hi intezaam kiya hoga Devi maiyya ne." Buaji folded her hands looking heavenwards. 


Khushi scowled at her. 


"Buaji! I am a kid right? Kids don't get married so young. You won't get rid of me so easily." She winked. 


"Accha. Abhi batate hai" buaji grabbed the ladle and wobbled towards Khushi who ran around the house with her hands on her head. 


"Hai re nandkisooor!" Khushi exclaimed. 


Chapter 1

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Nice start! Would love to read more!😃
Posted: 7 years ago
Wow .. That sound pretty amazing.. Continue soon
Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulation dear for new story...
Can't wait for start
Posted: 7 years ago
The glimpse you've given looks very interesting. Love the mischievousness underlying the conversations :) 
Posted: 7 years ago
Wooohooo!!  New story!! 
Congratulations dear! 🥳
The start is great!! Waiting eagerly for the first chapter 😉

PS : Nice title 😉
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Posted: 7 years ago
i am all ready for the ride...yayy
wow nice prologue.
Posted: 7 years ago
Looking forward to join in ds new journey
Posted: 7 years ago
Aafaat ki purdiya - can't wait read.
Posted: 7 years ago
Quite interesting and I love your humour in this stories .Waiting to read more

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