ll Power of Love ❤ ll Decade of Love/ Arshi Holi 2023

Posted: 9 months ago

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Posted: 9 months ago


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Posted: 9 months ago

Fav Moments of Holi/ Mami with Bhang/ Takhliya

My fav promo ever



Sacred Shyam

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Posted: 8 months ago

Enjoy reading the memory Lane/ I will update 2nd Post soon

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Wow dear.. how beautifully you explained Holi episode.. only you have that capability to do that..hats off to your efforts..it is not easy to do it.. it took lot of hard work and time. We r very lucky to have a talented editor and writer in arshi fandom ❤️❤️lots of love to u 

Posted: 8 months ago

Just one touch...

A touch of care, concern, love that could be felt by hearts and they were syncing in this dance of desire to be loved by each other. The way you took only the moments of that touch when Khushi says in the morning, this is holy and i know everything in my life can be ok only this day. 

She was so right.

Her smile brought that what the moment in him. After so long he said that. She chooses the black but he took RED and smeared her all over announcing her his bride again in front every eye. Shyam was nobody and the way she hides behind Arnav was more than enough too.

He was her protector.

Then she touches him, Ah, I went back to the episode and your damn observation is so top notch, she was lost in that moment while touching his cheek and then eyes met and her uneven breathing was all he could see and feel. 

I love the way he touches his own cheek to feel that touch of hers. He was craving for that.

His tear and the way he removes it says it all. He was missing his Khushi.

Beautiful post and the visuals👏

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We both live in the rainbow of colors and chaos.

Holi was a pause, a peace after the stormy night and days after where both souls were colliding to seek the answers why? Why on earth all of this happened? Arnav was way too disturbed, shattered knowing that his sis is pregnant and the person who was the father of this child, was involved with the love of his life. A big traumatic moment and he shattered the innocent soul along with him. That was a huge MU.

She fought and fought until she settled down for her sis.Now the first thing was to bring peace among ppl who were angry with her. She won all hearts but Arnav.

Did she fail?

No, he will surrender too.

Such a beautiful post with the elaboration of one moment. All he needed one soft and concerned, caring touch and he got it, or I must say both got it to move on from that point to further.

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Wow!  Holi episode.  I will get back as soon as I can. 

Thanks for the tag Faiqa.


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