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a r c h i v e       m a n s i o n 

This thread will contain all important links, archive info, written and video updates, as well as any thing else you might need. This thread will be updated regularly and will serve as a guide to the forum. Please do not post any comments in this thread.

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Rang Rasiya follows a young village girl Parvati (Sanaya Irani) and a Border Security Force officer Rudra (Ashish Sharma) in an edgy love story ignited by intense hatred and fuelled by circumstances that brings Paro and Rudra together. The show has been shot extensively across arid terrains and rann of Jaisalmer and dunes of Jodhpur. The story is set in Birpur, a small village that witnesses a grand wedding celebration between borders once every year. 

One such wedding is that of Paro that is gatecrashed by the BSD, led by Rudra to investigate the illegal smuggling of arms and ammunition. However as fate would have it, this incident shatters Paro's life leading to an unexpected turn of events. The show will portray Rudra and Paro's strong, passionate and agressive love story. Rang Rasiya is said to be based on the famous English drama "Othello" composed by William Shakespeare and will be visually very appealing.

Rudra : Played by Ashish Sharma

Rudra, a ruthless officer, for whom his duty is his religion carries an emotional baggage from past when his mother abandoned him and his father at the age of 12. His faith on relationship and women in general got shaken at a very young age which resulted into a man with no emotions or even love for himself. His mother abandoned his father and got married to someone else because she was a gorgeous lady and father an ugly looking man. 

Paro : Played by Sanaya Irani

Paro has been brought up in a village wherein every second house has a story to mourn, and a single agenda in mind - hate BSF. Paro lost her parents in an operation conducted by security forces. But somewhere even after a tragic past she looks up to life and has a dream that one day there will be someone to love her.







The story begins with Rudra (Ashish Sharma) and Paro aka Parvati (Sanaya Irani) as children. Paro's parents are murdered on a bus when returning home to her while Rudra's mother has left him and his father for another man. Advised by his father to never trust nor fall for a beautiful woman, Rudra cries in the memory of his mother. Paro sees this and to make him feel better, throws him her doll and they meet.

Years later, the story is set in a small village of Birpur where all the villagers have come to hate the BSD (the Border Security Dal). This hatred is fuelled by the village's most powerful man Thakur Tejawat (Tarun Khanna). In the village every year, a girl is chosen to wed a man who comes from across the border. This year, Paro has been chosen. While living with her maami-sa, Paro has repeated dreams of a BSD officer setting fire around her. This officer is Major Rudra. Back at the BSD headquarters, Major Rudra is given a mission to return to Birpur and collect information on Thakur Tejawat who reveals to his men that he is the one who has fuelled so much hatred for the BSD in the villagers' hearts because he wants to take control and be in command instead of the BSD. He also reveals that it was his men that were falsely dressed as the BSD the night Paro's parents were killed. He also does all acts and deeds repeatedly to fuel anger in the minds of people of Birpur against BSD.

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Rangrasiya { WU/VU Archive Gallery } [NC]

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