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Posted: 2014-04-20T11:04:46Z

Hello Rangrasiyans,

As you all know that Rangrasiya is going to complete 100 episodes pretty soon we are gathered here to celebrate this grand event.

To let you all know we are preparing a Main Thread and Two Contest on this occasion.

The criterias and details for Siggy Contest and Caption Contest are posted in the next thread.

For those who want to send wishes and graphics please send it to appy_indy-KD

Contest Entries need to be submitted to CrazyBoy-.Hd.-

Now we would be requiring few volunteers who can help us out with the main celebration thread.

The Sections that we plan to cover are

Story so far (1 person)
A breif of what has happened in rangrasiya till now,not that much long it is supposed to be of a moderate length. 400-500 words maximum.

Characters (2 persons)
5-10 lines about each important charcter we have seen
Rudra,ParoDilsheer, Thakurani, Mohini, Samrat, Maithili, Sumer, Laila, Sunheri, Thakur, Aman and Chachu.

Top 5 relations (1 person)
A breif about 5 best relations we have seen in the show besides rudra and paro

Top 5 episodes 
(1 person)
Any five episodes which are best and 10-15 lines about them.

Top Parud scenes (1 person)
5 best parud scenes and 10-15 lines about them

Graphicers (2 persons)

Further details shall be pmed to you once you sign up. And please take the responsibility if you can handle. Please do not leave in between after signing up.

Lastly thanks to Rangrasiya DTs for approving this.

Hrideyy and appy_indy-KD


Compilation and Co-ordination : CrazyBoy-.Hd.-
Formating and graphics : appy_indy-KD


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The Signature must be 500 x 350
Please include Paro & Rudra in the siggy but try to incl other cast.

The Siggy must have Rajasthani back drop.
The signature MUST have the text saying"Celebrating 100 Episodes of Rangrasiya."
Each person can submit up to a MAXIMUM of 3 entries
Signatures should be non-animated only.
 Do NOT include your copyright (i.e. name/username) on your signature/Banner or any specific design that belongs to you only.
Do NOT advertise your signature in any way.

DO NOT include personal pictures of the cast or their offscreen pictures.

 All pictures can be found in the 

 All entries MUST be sent via PM to, CrazyBoy-.Hd.- as "RR  Celebration Siggy Contest"
Last day to submit entries is Tuesday 29th April 2014.


: NOTE : 

We are going to follow the submission date strictly as we plan to incl the winners in final 100 episode celebration thread. 

The voting thread will depend on the time and the number of entires received. We hold the right to incorporate a judge if time doesnot permit for voting.
If you have any queries regarding this contest, please post them in this thread.
And we will be happy to answer them.
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There are [Seven] picturesand you will have to give captions for at least 2[two] pictures for your entry to be considered as valid.

 The captions must be of maximum
50 words; not more than that.

Each member may send a maximum of 3[Three] captions per picture.

Every caption needs be suitable to the theme of the show.

The captions must be in English only. However, if you give Hindi captions, you must provide a translation for them.

Do mention the image number properly when you send your captions to avoid any confussion.

Do not use lines from the show as Caption entry. Be creative and innovative. The captions need to be of your own. No even filmy dialogues will be allowed.

Please do not use inappropriate words which might hurt other members. Follow IF CODES while captioning. Explicite contains will not be entertained and might lead to WL raise.

All entries MUST be sent via PM to me, CrazyBoy-.Hd.- with title of PM being "RR  Celebration Caption Contest"
Last day to submit entries is Tuesday 29th April 2014.







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Posted: 2014-04-20T11:40:58Z
FAQ and Sign Ups


100 Dialogues from 100 Episodes (5 persons)


Story so far (1 person) 

Characters (2 persons) 

Best 5 relations (2 persons) 

Best five episodes (2 persons) 

Best 5 parud scenes (2 person) 

Graphicers (2 persons)

Do let us know if any of you wanna help us out despite of no vacancy we would be happy to accomodate you Embarrassed

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Posted: 2014-04-20T11:42:36Z
I would like to sign up for best five parud scenes..Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-04-20T11:42:51Z
Originally posted by -MallyluvsJ2M-

OMG I was actually waiting for this. I was also stalking this post since you posted it. I really want to take part in making the celebration thread. So I would like to sign up for 5 best relations and graphicers.

Updated Embarrassed thanks for volunteering Embarrassed
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Posted: 2014-04-20T11:43:52Z
Originally posted by _AngryBird_

I would like to sign up for best five parud scenes..Embarrassed

Updated... LOL thanks for volunteering 
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Posted: 2014-04-20T11:44:44Z
Good luck to all da people participating!
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