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*Rudra and Paro return to the Haveli portrayed as engaged.*

*Chachi watching Paro's behavior senses something a amiss and is determined to figure out the truth.*

*Rudra's chacha at BSD quarters alone calls Rudra's mother informing her about his return and proudly describing him and how well he has become as an officer. Chacha says that he never asked why she left but advises her not to come and see Rudra just yet.*

*Chachi orders her to make tea for Rudra and give it to him. Paro reluctantly goes and arrived at Rudra's bedroom door with tea. Rudra gets confused but Paro discretely indicates Chachi's presence making him conscience of his behaviour and lets Paro inside. Chachi comes in telling Paro to clean Rudra's bedroom including his shoes for which Rudra stops her. Chachi taunts about whether Rudra thinks Paro will leave like his own mother making Rudra's anger hit through the roof chucking the tea.*

*Rudra opens his luggage, still hurt by Chachi's words and finds Paro's doll and remember how the girl had given this doll from bus to him. Sadly smiles remembering her and puts doll away. Paro passing by and sees Rudra crying.*

*Paro finds out about Rudra's mother left him and Disher and how Dilsher took Rudra away from the Haveli. This leaves her heart going out to Rudra.*

*Following a returned Rukmani, Paro stumbles upon Rudra who's sat alone deep in thought. Paro feels bad for him remembering, but when Rudra sees her and shouts at her again. Paro regrets feeling sorry for him as he's not that little boy anymore but a jallad.*

*Chachi notices Paro's embroidery craft and suspects she isn't from Jaipur at all and so tries to catch her out in the kitchen relating Jaipur cuisine knowledge, however Paro saves herself quickly. Chachi realizes that Paro is clever as well as pretty.*

*Samrat gifts Maitili bangles and finds out about her visit to the orphanage again. They share their different views on adoption. Samar leaves annoyed. Maitili sadly feels cursed of being childless.*

*Rudra helps Paro round the kitchen how to use the gas and blender, the health and safety hazards and even gets down the salt for her before leaving.* 

*Rudra stays for breakfast on Chacha's request so it doesn't rouse suspicion. Chachi taunts Paro why she doesn't know how many sugars Rudra takes in his tea. Rudra replies wittingly however, taking Parvati's name for the first time. Chachi insulted by Rudra's rude comments indicated at her leaves the table.*

*Rudra gives Paro again the chance to free herself by confessing about the guns and even promises to get her a much easier punishment sentence if she agrees. Paro however hurts Rudra saying how this is his punishment staying in this Haveli as much as hers. Rudra angrily leaves.*

*Rudra helps Paro in the kitchen again and warns her to stay out of workers sight and stay in Sunheri's room.*

*Paro finds out about Maithili's desire for children. Accepting each other as sisters, Maitili shares her surrows and Paro supports her to speak up expressing how she is an orphan too and how her Mami raised her. Chachi comes in only just hearing about Paro's an orphan.*

*In headquarter, Aman expresses how Paro is innocent of not knowing anything. Though at first Rudra agrees, her then disagrees knowing he just had to find Paro's weakness to get to the truth.*

*Chachi tells Samar to take photo of Paro. Sumer tries to, but Paro finding it uncomfortable leaves only to be trapped by him. Samar takes the photo, but Rudra takes his phone and breaks it warning him to stay away from his fiance. Rudra leaves with Paro.*

*Rudra asks Paro if she is alright and if Samar didn't anything inappropriate with her and warns her again not to go out in front of workers or anyone else. Paro shares her observations that Chachi doesn't believe their lie. Rudra tells her he'll handle it remembering the first time they met. Paro apologizes for hurting Rudra before with his past. Assures not to do it again. Rudra however uses Paro's past of Nandidi her cousin against her, telling her how girls married off by Tejawat get abused after marriage as it's all fake. Paro refuses to believe and takes back her apology for hurting his as he just did the same to her.*

*Samrat is still upset with Maitilli leaving her to build courage within herself to take the decision of adopting.*

*In morning, all are seated on dining table, Maithili, with Paro's discrete support, expresses her desire for a child and to take up adoption leaving everyone silently shocked and Chachi furious. Chachi shouts at Maitili for this madness and taunts her bitterly. Though Rudra tried to discretely stop Paro, Paro went to stand by Maitili side and support her decision with reason including the fact she was adopted. Rudra gets angry hearing Paro reveal this. Chachi outraged by Paro's outspokenness goes to slap her only to hit Rudra's cheek instead leaving a wound. Chachi goes to slap Paro again to be stopped by Rudra who gives warning. Rudra takes Paro away and shouts at her for interfering with his houses matters and not to blurt out facts about her life. Paro expressed her sadness for Maitili and reminds Rudra he has snatched her home and that he didn't have to take the slap for her. Rudra is left restless.*

*Paro comes with haldi cream for Rudra when he's asleep. Goes to apply it on his cheek only to get grabbed and laid on the bed as Rudra defensively pins her down. Rudra shocked by her presense pulls away making them both fluster at their position. Rudra asks why she's doing this for him. Paro tells him she doesn't want to die each moment thinking he did a favour for her by taking the slap meant for her. Leaves. Dilsher listens to this and smiles.*

*Sundari tells Paro how Rudra must love her alot to take a slap like that for her. Paro sleeps restlessly thinking about this.*

*In morning, Samrat is not talking to Maithili. Maitili avoids Paro purposely leaving her sad. Rudra tells her this is what she gets for trying to get close with his family. Tells her if she needs anything to come to him.*

*Chachi celebrates Rudra's mother's birthday telling everyone
 how she left Dilsher and Rudra. Taunts them both making them angry. Dilsher threatens to kick Chachi out of the house, which she challenges. Dilsher taunts Chachi about her having no grandchildren whereas he will have grandchildren through Rudra. His astma gets worse making Rudra take him from there.*

*Paro helps Rudra to aid Dilsher. Dishler tells Rudra to marry Paro to shut up Chachi, but Rudra refuses reminding him of the past. Dilsher regrets the way he had brought Rudra up hating women.*

*Chachi gets pandit and asks for a date for Paro and Rudra to marry. Paro hears this a drops tray shocked.  Pandit says 10 days is a good time and Chachi is happy, while Paro restless. Dilsher comes and refuses as
as nothing will happen without Rudra's consent. Chachi agrees to wait for Rudra's arrival for his answer. Paro worried and Dilsher tries to reassure that Rudra will handle everything.*

*Rudra gets warning from BSD members if he doesn't prove his mission wasn't out of revenge and provides proof that Tejawat is smuggling guns then Rudra will get court marshelled and removed from BSD. *

*Rudra distort returns and hears Chachi's announcement of getting him married to Paro in 10 days. She tells him to accept or refuse but give reason for his refusal. Rudra says he'll get married to Paro, not in 10 but four days. Everyone is let shocked. Rudra gives Chachi will take full responsibility and expenses of the marriage and takes Paro away.*

*Paro holds his collar demanding reason for his announcement of their wedding to be in four days. Rudra says accept that tejawat is smuggling guns then he'll free her and won't marry her. Paro is shocked expressing how Rudra has snatched everything from her and now has resorted to this. Rudra gets emotional about the men that died, his past and how much the uniform of BSD matters to him. Tells Paro to sign the papers or else nobody will be able to stop their marriage. He leaves.*

*Rudra is terrified and restless about not being able to prove his case in 4 days.*

*Paro think about singing the papers sadly. Dishler comes asking about her decision. Paro says she won't sign to save her village but she won't marry Rudra either. She's ready to kill herself rather than marry Rudra. Dilsher is shocked and distressed to see Paro in this state.*

*Chachi is furious about her plan backfiring and tells Samar to find out information about Paro.*

*Tejawat's men come across a drunken Samar and shows a photo of Paro asking if he has seem her. Samar says yes but says Deepika. The men get angry at Samar and they separate going their own ways but Samar is left with the photo. *

*Dilsher tries to persuade to change his decision and see Paro's innocence, but Rudra stays stubborn ignoring his fathers advice.*

*Chachi offers Paro freedom if she tells her the truth about what really is going on between Paro and Rudra. Paro is stuck in the dilemma to tell the truth to Chachi or not.*

*Paro takes food to Rudra's room facing his comments congratulating her sarcastically about the marriage. Paro retorts back asking what type of girl Rudra would like as his bride. Rudra is stumped, but Paro explains how he is destroying his life as well as hers. Paro accepts to marry Rudra but questions whether he and his father'd be happy. Rudra restlessly drags her out of the room not wanting to hear any more.*

*Paro goes to Chachi and reveals to her that she doesn't want to marry Rudra.*

This week's best character is 


For showing that silence should not be mistaken for weakness and lack of courage  and 

For showing that even in the midst of the most adverse circumstances, one can retain one's sense of right and wrong - 

The way she stands up to Sumer and tells him off for the way he spoke to her at their first meeting

The way she stands up for Maithili in front of Mohini kaaki on the adoption issue
The way she tells Rudra that she will not stoop to his level to taunt him about what hurts him the most - about his mother

Treating Rudra's wound because he took it for standing up for her
Questioning Rudra about saying yes to the marriage, refusing ... and then finally giving in for the sake of her village people, because her own life has no value to her any more. 

The way she tells Dilsher - main sahi hun, sachi hun, toh phir galat kaam kyun karun  - that sums up her values. She may not appear to be strong on the surface, but her sense of righteousness is her strongest armour. She has a clear conscience, so she can stand steadfast to her beliefs, and face up to Rudra, and Mohini kaaki ... the two people whom the entire haveli fears and are  wary of. 

And also for showing common sense and presence of mind in the way she asks Rudra for help in working the kitchen appliances, so that she doesn't blow his cover story of Paro being from Jaipur

When Rudra announces about his marriage with Paro to everyone and drags her back she is shocked and questions him about it. When he threatens her to sign the document to attain her freedom she she says about what he has cost her, he killed her husband, threatened her mami, village and her raja thakur sahab. And asks if he hasn't quenched his hunger yet that he is now doing this to her. Rudra screams at her telling that she is selfish to think only of her own losses, and blames her for his whole mission being held up for questioning by BSD. And tells her about how the soldiers who gave their lives for  the country would be called fools, tells her about each personal loss of the families of those soldiers and then breaks down telling about the value of BSD in his life and how he has found his identity with them. 

And mocks her as to why she would care about any of it, as after all in her life BSD has only been killers who have killed her own people. And then turns on her and pinning her to the wall threatens her that he will not let anyone like her to destroy what he has earned in life and tells her to sigh as then he would stop the wedding but otherwise he threatens that he will make sure nothing will stop this wedding irrespective of whether she burns or not.  And then spells out to her what a marriage with him would be like, with the man who killed her husband.. And asks her how it would feel to call the man who killed her husband, as her husband, and then orders her to sign it and leaves a horrified Paro. 

Rudra reflects on the dead bodies of his soldiers and the inquiry by his seniors and breaks down. Paro on the other side is weeping as she takes the pen to sign and the last second she refrains from doing so. And she asks brokenly from Dilsher who comes in, how come whenever she turns she is only facing losses and if she stays here any longer her soul along with her body will be wronged and destroyed wherein if she tries to run away he will destroy her people. 

And when he asks if she will not sign, she cries saying she is truthful and honest and will not support any wrong. And she knows that all of these r lies so why will she support it she asks. And when asked if she will marry Rudra then, she says she will die, she will light her own funeral pier and jump in to it rather than marry him and she breaks down crying

Though the intensity of Rangrasiya permits very few light-hearted moments, this week's scene, where Kaki-cum-Maasi Sa admitted to Rudra being her "bhaanja" was hilarious. The way she said that Rudra had to be a wrong-doer, cause he was blood-related to her, was funny. And Sumer agreed to it, admitting himself that his mother was no pious Saint, was like cherry on top. And the retort Sumer gets from his Maa-Sa, that taunting suits women, not men like him. Rather he'd put his resources to finding out what the secret about Paro is! Kaki-cum-Masi Sa, Mohini, usually is the spark in Rangrasiya who adds to the dry humor.

Mohini: Kadhaai mei Jalebiyaan Dikh Rahi hai, Koi Bahot bada Raaz hai, Sumer.. Aakhir Bhaanja toh mera hi hai yeh, Seedha kaise soch sakta hai?

Sumer: Yeh baat toh bilkul sahi kahi hai aapne!

Mohini: Kya? Taane maarna lugaayiyon ko shobha deta hai, mardon ko nahi! Yahaan khade khade Brahma ji aake raaz nahi kholne wale, Mehnat karni padegi!

Worst character of the week definitely goes to Mohini, mostly because of the taunts she uses against Dilsher and Rudra also her daughter-in-law Maithli.

The Dhamakedar scene of the week has to be when Maithili tries to speak to the whole family about the adoption. Mohini was furious and tore the leaflet on her face. Maithili almost begged in front of her and gave an example of Parvati who was adopted by her mamisa. Mohini accused his son for dancing on the tunes of his wife. Paro couldnot take any more and went to stop Mohini. Paro told her that Maithili only requested her and she can become a good mother. 

But Mohini rubbed the salt by saying she cannot become because that was the reason she was a childless. Paro tried to explain Mohini and there are different ways of fulfilling different wants and Maithili was special because God has selected her to become that special person. Mohini asked Paro not to interfere. 

But Paro didn't stop. She gave example of Yashoda Maiya. When Mohini said the child might be from gutter paro snapped back saying how could she call an innocent soul gutter? Mohini picked up her hand to slap paro when Rudra came in between and took the slap on his cheeks.

There is still time to left for Romance or love moments but yet there is few scenes give us goosebumps n where both Paro n Rudra aka PaRud lost in their own land...there is some kind of tension attraction may be for few moments still it's there like this

This scene one of them...

For a moment or two they lost forget everything...Paro came to treat him out of humanity , Rudra got alert due to his Army training but result Paro beneath him pinned ...n for a moment they got lost they forget the whole equation of captor captive...Witness ...Soldier...everything erased for a moment n only remain PaRud... before they regained their conscious...but before they gave the sizzling chemistry n dreamy moment... 

Definitely when Mohini raised her hands to slap Paro... Of course she was saved by Rudra but that slap wasn't necessary at all since Paro didn't said or do anything wrong to deserve a slap.

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According to me the best dialogue in the course of these two weeks was paro's dialogue when rudra asked her why she came to apply medicine on his wound.
"Hum ne yeh issi liye kiya quiki hum har pal yeh soch kar nahi marne chahate ki apka hum par koi ehsaan hai".
This is the most strong dialogue by paro till date.

As in the course of these 2 weeks we saw many a things happening in Rudra and Paro's life.
Paro adjusting with family.
Verbal fights/arguments between mohini and rudra.
The most shocking twist was that mohini asked them to marry and rusra agreed to it..
In addition we also saw that BSD warned rudra and ask him to bring proof or else he will be thrown out was totally unexpected. 

With lots of things happening I wouLd late this week-9/10.

The tight editing by the CVs leave not much scope for any filler scenes but Mohini's bickering is becoming a bit much any living or non living beings crossing her earns her sarcastic comments  most favorate is the weather  which is her best  target  not to say of the eatables which are supposed to jump into  persons throats or rooms.

The filler scene of the week  is why they showed Mohini going to the market with Samrat  before going  she taunted the uninvited two legged and  three legged  guests  and Mythali and after coming back  

Mohini comes with Samrat and scolds Mythali and Sunhari for showing off their teeth and tells Mythali  maybe servants are coming from your house

What the CVs wanted showing  Mohini that though her favorite son is Sumer she goes out for important work with Samrat the Mythali Sunhari bonding could have been shown in a different way

Rudra thinking that pressuring Paro with marriage issue will solve his job problem. He is believing that Paro's saying truth which she is actually doing, will solve the matter. Why is involving a girl to fix his problems.
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My suggetions to makers this week is all about one episode dats the valentine's day episode...we all know that the RR is the growth spurt bt still its being lovingly acknowledged by world around...we all started falling in love with RR not juz for sanaya or ashish but also for its revolting plot...the lead pair shares a sizzling chemistry...and its sad dat the makers aren't making well out of it...on the much anticipated valentine's day we got to see nothing rather than the saas-bahu act...as a viewer it ws more than juz dissapointing to me...

i juz wanna say to them dat though its nice to have some family spice drama to the strory still we need our pair's outstanding chemistry to add the cherry on the cake...plzzz the makers shuld make sure dat the coming celebrations wen the viewers crave for some romantic treat give them some... 

By Baki

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OS of the Week:  Pieces of Me by InvisibleSmile

SS/FF of the Week:  SS: Lust Vs Love by -Zara-


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By Ninz Gurti

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 Closing Remarks
Hope you guys really like it! Looking forward to suggestions & comments from you all!

The next edition will be out on the 9th of March.


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We can comment rite? Ok loved this! It's so awesome!!! Amazing newsletter !
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Yes you can comment now :)

Thank you :)

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