Raan Ke Ret Se |2| *Jab Tak Tum Ho.. Mei Theek Hu*

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                              The Rangrasiya Newsletter Team proudly presents 

Jab Tak Tum Ho.. Mei Theek Hu |2|

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Week 1

24th February 2014 - 28th February 2014


*Paro admits to Chachi that she doesn't want to marry Rudra and that she hates him. Chachi gets happy and asks for information about where she is from. However Paro reveals she will only side with Rudra as she trust him more than Chachi. Chachi becomes furious at her choice. *

*Rudra is at Laila's expressing how Paro is calling his bluff about the wedding. As he tries to think of a way to break Paro, Laila tries to seduce him giving him an idea about what to do next with Paro. He leaves her*

*Wedding decorations have started. Chachi is shocked all this happening without her knowing. Rudra however intervenes and taunts Chachi as she is the one paying for all this. Rudra picks blue drapes for the decoration.*

*Thakur is angry that his men haven't located Paro yet. He wants her found and killed as soon as possible.*

*Seeing the decoration Sunheri reminds Paro of her butterfly friend Rukmani. Paro gets happy too, but soon sees Rudra watching her. The girls tease Paro and tells her to go and give him tea to meet him*

*Rudra holds Paro close and asks her if this is the marriage she was dreaming of. He tries to act romantic to scare Paro. Paro struggles in his arms finding the intimacy rude. Rudra calls Parvati 'Paro' and wipes tea drop of her cheek. He however staring into her eyes becomes mesmerized by her. Paro pushes him away snapping him out of it. Rudra asks again. Paro tells him this marriage is punishment for him too, but Rudra retorts saying it's worse for her as this marriage will be the doors to poison. Paro leaves.* 

*Sumar tells Chachi about the men searching for a girl last night and can't remember what the girl looked like, which could have been Paro. Chachi tells him to find out as soon as he can. She pushes Sumer nearly bumping into Paro. The photo slips from his pocket and falls and gets attached to Chachi's shoe unknowingly. Pooja is performed between Rudra and Paro.*

*Chacha and Rudra's Mother meet secretly as Chacha has something urgent to tell her. He tells her about Rudra's wedding making her shocked. We find out that Thakuraiyn is Rudra's mother. Thakuriyan wants to meet Rudra desperately, but Chacha says it's not the right time. We find out she wanted to take Rudra with her all those years ago but Dilsher didn't allow it. Thakuriyan gives Chacha her bangles to give to her daughter in law.*

*Chachi finds the photo of Paro in her wedding dress. Goes to confront Dilsher but overheads Paro and Dilsher's conversation revealing that Paro isn't Rudra's fiancee and Rudra is keeping her here as men are looking for her to kill her. Though Paro doesn't believe this, Chachi smiles knowing this is true.*

*Thakuriya's car gets stopped for checking by BSD. Rudra and her miss each other unfortunately.* 

*Chachi shows Sumar the photo. Sumar remembers and Chachi tells him to find out who those men are looking for Paro and til then she'l find a way to reveal Paro to the world so someone recognizes her.*

*Rudra traps Paro calling her 'Paro' again. Paro tells him not to call her that as he has no right to. Rudra says he does and tells her she has the right to call her Rudra/ Jallad. He takes the necklace round her neck off her and forces bangles on her wrists. Chachi interrupts them taunting Paro's unbringing, Rudra however taunts Chachi back indicating how nosy she is. Chachi informs them that she's planned a ritual for her tomorrow where the whole village will be able to meet Paro. She leaves. Rudra is restless and tells Paro to think of an excuse. Paro however spitefully says she won't and she will attend.*

*After everyone's asleep Paro goes to sit by herself reflecting back on when Rudra put bangles on her. She takes them off upset about the situation she is stuck in. She begins to sing Sun le ram song upon which Rudra wakes up remembering it. He goes over to her and asks where she learnt that some from and why she's singing it. Paro tells her it brings her peace. Rudra orders her not to sing it ever as it reminds him of someone. It hurts him. He leaves. Rudra painfully remembers his mother singing it to him as a child.*

*Thakuraiyan looking at a photo of her and him remembers Rudra and becomes upset. Thakur comes asking where she was and hearing her answer suspects she's hiding something. She begins to cry. Thakur becomes concerned and holds her close comforting her as she requests to be held, not asked any questions.*

*Chacha gives Thakuriyan's bangle to Paro. Paro sees it has a butterfly and becomes happy, but realizes she's seen the bangle from somewhere but cannot recall from where.*

*The ritual starts with Rudra telling Chachi that he won't be leaving Paro's side even though it's a women's function. Chachi agrees but goes to reveal Paro to the women, only for Rudra to stop her saying he doesn't want Paro's face to be seen by anyone until the wedding is over. Chachi reluctantly agrees. Dancing begins with the dancers taking Paro to dance, which she reluctantly does. Chachi sneakily puts on the fan, which Rudra beadily notices. The fan blows Paro's veil to nearly reveal her, but Rudra holds it protecting her and stands under it with her staring in awe. He reminds her to make sure her face isn't seen, though Paro doesn't care.*

*The Jaaki starts with Rudra holding hand while they all go round the village introducing Paro as his wife-to-be. The men who are looking for Paro are there and one of them suspects the veiled bride to be Paro. He goes in for a closer look but doesn't get to see her face. Chachi introduced Paro to a very special lady who does reveal her face for all to see. Rudra is helpless and calls Aman. Everyone praises Paro but the men looking for Paro don't get a chance to look. Laila who's shopping nearby sees Rudra and is shocked to hear that he's getting married. She remembers Paro from Birpur and that all this time Rudra has been referring to Paro. Rudra takes Paro to the car Aman has brought. Paro trips and Rudra saves her. Laila burns with jealousy as everyone praises their jodi, while the Tejawat's men are still unable to see her. However they get to hear her name is Parvati from Jaipiur and that there will be a sangeet later on*

* Tejawat's men plan to go to the Sangeet to see the bride*

* Rudra tells Paro to shoot herself as she's already done so by letting her face be revealed. He tells her all the times he has saved her. Paro doesn't believe him and tells him that he's not saved her but ruined her life. Rudra tries to convince her that the man she married even nearly killed her, but Paro is enraged and accuses him of lying. Sunheri comes to take Paro to get ready for the Sangeet*

*Thakuriyan unable to hold herself back leaves to Chandigar to see her son, but Thakur sees her leaving.*

*Paro pretends to have a headache not wanting to come down to the sangeet.*

*Tejawat's men nearly sees Paro, but accidently makes a noise causing Paro to look to see and them to hide*

Week 2

3rd March 2014 - 7th March 2014


* Tejawat's man doesn't get to see Paro. Maitili comes questioning him generally, he leaves pretending to serve downstairs.*

*Despite Matili putting Paro to bed for rest, Paro gets up and watches everyone one by one have a dance making her smile watching them secretly from above. Even Chachi shakes a leg to music. Rudra sees her watching and fondly watched along too but soon can't help but stare at how pretty Paro looks. Paro's eyes meets Rudra's breaking the trance. Rudra indicates for her to go back inside the bedroom which she does.*

*Laila arrives demanding answers from Rudra about why he's getting married. Rudra doesn't give her reason and watched as Laila spitefully dances infront of everyone raising questions. Laila faints. Rudra catches her everyone's shocked with questions arousing in their minds about who Laila is. Rudra takes her from there into his room but is shocked as Laila gets a knife holding it to him demanding again answers.*

*Meanwhile Chachi and Sumer recognize Tejawat's men from the photo. Tejawat's man finally finds Paro alone in her room.*

* Rudra tells Laila she doesn't have any right to know anything. But Laila threatens Rudra that she will do anything to make sure the wedding doesn't happen. Laila indicates how a wedding can't happen without a bride making Rudra worry and demands to know what Laila has done to Paro and if anything happens to her she'll face his wrath. He leaves immediately in search for Paro. Along the way he bumps shoulders with Thakuriyan who's hiding her face. Maitili steadies her and tell her Rudra was probably in a hurry. Thakuriyan looks on unable to believe she just missed him. Rudra calls her name endlessly and finds her missing from the bedroom. He becomes restless.*

*Rudra restless thinks back to all the events that may have led to this. Paro comes however very much to Rudra's relief. Concerned he checks on her and demands to know where she was. She answers awkwardly in the bathroom. Rudra leaves angrily as Paro tells him he's only caring for her safety to sign the papers.*

*Sumar and Chachi are beating and questioning Tejawat's man asking about Paro. He tells them that Raja Thakur has ordered them to look for her because Paro is like the Thakur's own daughter. Chachi and Sumar leave him tied up and go to meet Thakur*

*Thakuriayn gets found by Danveer who asks her to leave before someone sees her. She reluctantly does so. However on the way out she bumps into Dilsher. Dilsher doesn't see her face but demands an apology for bumping into him. She leaves quickly.*

*Thakuriayn gets confronted by Thakur at home who thinks she went to look for Paro, but she reveals she went to see her son.*

*Rudra tells Laila to leave as he can't answer her questions about why he's marrying Paro. Laila leaves promising that she won't let him and Paro be together and she won't forget this betrayal*

*Thakur comforts Thakuriayn and is happy. He tells her that he'll take her to meet him, but she says he can't as her son is getting married. Thakur is even more overjoyed. She tells him about his looks and his eyes and then his name making Thakur shocked remembering Rudra. Thakuraiyn becomes concerned seeing but Thakur controls himself as says he's just happy for her.*

*Chachi comes with Sumar to Thakur's house and tells him that he can have Paro only if he gets Rudra killed. Thakur connects the dots in his head realizing that it's his wife's son. He agrees. Chachi leaves. Thakur is told by his wife in general that 'no matter what happens she'll always be on his side and forgive him'. Thakur holds her to it.*

*Matili is upset about everyone asking about when she'll give them the 'good news'. Samrat comforts her and even allows her to sleep beside Paro for the night making her happy. He find Sumar who talks about selling the house. Samrat is angry with Sumar shocked at the idea and leaves. Sumar gets phone call who pressurizes him to hurry up with his promise to sell the Haveli.*

*Rudra leaves the Haveli immediately hearing news from Aman about Tejawat's men on the move. While Danveer and Dilsher are shocked by his sudden leave, Sumar plans to uses this opportunity. He takes Chachi's phone while she's asleep.*

*Dilsher is looking over Rudra's childhood things Paro comes. Dilsher leaves and Paro finds his childhood letters to his mother and begins to cry reading how much he yearned for his mother's return as a child. Paro doesn't get the chance to see the photo of Rudra's mother as Sunheri takes her from there to her room for a surprise with Maitilli.*

*Tejawat is furious with Chachi's demand and there is no news of Paro yet. He gets a phone call from Sumar. Sumar offers Thakur a deal behind Chachi's back to give him Paro for 6 lak. Tejawat tells Sumar if he brings Paro before him in 3 hours he'll give him 10 lak or if he brings her in 2 hours he'll give him 15 lak or if he gets Paro to him in 1 hour, Thakur will give him 20 laks.*

*Seeing the girls asleep Samar using chloroform to make, who he thinks is Paro, unconscious and takes her to Thakur still covered. He takes the money and leaves*

*In the morning Chachi finds out about Sumar's deal behind her back and is outraged. However they find out Sumar has done a big mistake and not taken Paro to Thakur, but Maitili!*

Done By : -Alina

Scene of the Week is from Thursday's episode when Sunehri decorates her room for Paro and Maithly says that we are sisters. Embarrassed I found this scene so cute.. Day Dreaming Maithly and Sunehri planned this girls special night  just for Paro because she's away from her family Smile 

Hoping to see more scenes of this wonderful trio! Big smile

Most romantic moment of the week

Again romance is still far away but yet few moments r there to give us goosebumps ...Like this n both Paro n Rudra lost in each other n their own world for few moments...Before they came back to reality...

Rudra who want to break paro so she will back off from the wedding but eventually lost in paro's innocence n purity where Paro who want to hate but eventually lost in Rudra's Masculinity  ...
the scene give us goose bump how Rudra Try to put red color ( color of love, passion , desire ,n Suhag...) bangles , how Rudra freed the necklace from paro's slender neck ...it's sizzling scene where SaNish aka PaRud burn our scene ...hot their Stunning Chemistry...

This week's CHARACTER OF THE WEEK goes to 

Thakur Param Singh Tejawat.

Ever since his re-entry into the show two weeks ago, the show has picked up pace. Even though he had few scenes this week, he left a huge impact, leaving us all wondering about him. 
Tejawat's layers are unfolding slowly, to reveal more and more layers underneath.

He plays the suave, cool villain with complete panache, never losing his facade of sweet and loving husband with his clueless wife, changing face effortlessly as soon as she leaves the picture.
He tackles the overconfident Mohini with aplomb, showing complete confidence, never betraying his surprise at any of her revelations, and keeping the upper hand in all the negotiations. 
He handles Sumer superbly ... gauging him to a T ... plays him like a master puppeteer plays a puppet on a string, reduces the overconfident swaggering young man to the level of a stammering school boy.
All through, he shows his excellent judgement of character, handling different people differently, solely for his own benefit, never losing focus of his own goals. And it was interesting that he has not made up his mind yet to take up Mohini's deal to remove Rudra for Paro. A very intelligent villain! 

He retains his arrogance and his regal attitude always ... the way he refuses to take any phone calls,  he will choose whom he talks to and when ... his cool calm demeanor while talking to Mohini and Sumer, his loving gentle nature with Thakurain, and his easy agreement to everything she wants ... while he reveals his true ruthlessness and aggression only to his trusted henchmen. 

In a show full of villains, he comes across as a very different villain ... a villain we love as much as we hate. And his good looks add to the whole picture! LOL

Night of the Ganesh puja Paro goes in to Suneri's room and she is reminded of how Rudra forcefully made her wear the red bangles that signified the marital status of a new bride. She is about to take them off when the clinking sound makes her worry that it would disturb Suneri who is asleep next to her. 
She quietly walks away to an isolated place in the balcony and starts removing the bangles from both of her hands while crying silently. She quietly cries for a while leaning against a pillar and finally begins to sing the prayerlike song 'haili mari sunle ram'  when her pain becomes too much to bear silently. 
Rudra wakes up hearing this and he comes in search of her towards the place she is singing and shouts at her to stop singing. She is startled and the red  bangles which were on her lap fall scattering on the floor.  Rudra comes towards her menacingly and ask her where she learned the song from and why she sang it and says that he remembers her singing the same song in the hospital too. 
Paro says that the 'maare ko saanthi detha hai. sakti deta hai yeh ghana. un dinoki yaad dilati jab... jab mein khush thi, jab sab teek tha' (It gives me peace, it gives me strength and brings back memories of those forgotten days when I was happy.. when everything in my life was fine..) and Rudra says that it troubles him and reminds him of the days he doesn't want to remember. And then orders her that she will never again sing this song after this day and goes away from there stepping on to those scattered red bangles and shattering them to pieces as he walks away. 
Paro trying to hold back her tears mutters 'jallad' and walks away...

This week the award goes to our Rudra Banna-Sa for making a complete fool out of himself. The scene where he frantically shouts his lungs out for Paro when she goes missing, and then proceeds to make a mockery of his brains was downright hilarious. The way even she is astonished as he asks her to take his permission while going to the"Bathroom" was enough to make us cry tears of mirth and be reminded of the times in school when we had to say, "Teacher Teacher! May I go to toilet?"


Paro: Mai Thik Hu..

Rudra: Toh Pehle nahi bol sakti! Kahaan thi!!

Paro: *Looks at him like he's lost it and points somewhere with her eyes*

Rudra: Kya!!

Paro: Bathroom..

Rudra :Haan toh mujhe bol ke jaaya kar naa!

Paro: *Ready to call the mental hospital on him* Bathroom??

Rudra: *Finally understands how stupid that was* 



And yet again it goes to Mohini. At first I would've chosen Laila but then I had to change it after seeing Mohini making a deal with Tejawat that she would handover Paro to him but instead he has to kill Rudra! I admit Mohini did have sibling rivalry with her younger sister, Mala (Rudra's mom) but wishing for her own nephew's death is just too much. I am pretty sure that there is more reason for this harsh reaction of hers which is yet to reveal but still it's hard to digest the fact that she actually wants Rudra dead.

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According to me the best dialogue in the course of these two weeks was paro's dialogue when rudra asked her why she came to apply medicine on his wound.
"Hum ne yeh issi liye kiya quiki hum har pal yeh soch kar nahi marne chahate ki apka hum par koi ehsaan hai".
This is the most strong dialogue by paro till date.

This week more of a subtle week with nothing much interesting a start but as the week progressed we saw many things happening between Laila and Rudra.
Mohini meeting thakur and making a deal with him.
Thakur coming to know about rudra being thakurains son.
And at end sumer taking maithli insted of paro was unexpected. 
With all these happening and some drawbacks I would like to rate this week 

My selection is the scene when Mythali Sunheri spend the night with Paro when they have a party together  but then with the kidnapping of Mythali that too seems required for the story otherwise how will the overconfident foolish Sumer  kidnap his own Bhabhi  lol but still I will say it is a filler scene.



Next filler scene is stretching  of Laila Rudra scene  after  Laila,s protest it could have been enough  but it went on and on.

Rudra almost went to hell when he didnt found Paro but she came out of washroom. We all have predicted god knows what all LOLLOL

credit to uploader

Sanaya looking gorgeous in that lehengaHeart she looks like a princess, doesnt she?
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Since this account is a Newbie, It isnt letting me post any links. Will have to update this later! Sorry guys! :( I can update this in 24 hours only.Edited by RangRasiyaNL - 5 years ago
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OS of the Week:  A unique concept is used by the author to explore the importance of a character who was easily forgotten by some but forever remembered by others.  Her bubbly life and her tragic legacy is captured so wonderfully by the author that it a must read for lovers of fan fiction. 

Link : http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3907135
By : napstermonster

SS/FF of the Week:  SS: Drabbles By : tattle-tale

Despite not being an OS/SS/FF by definition, it is a mere technicality when it comes to recognizing the wonderful work being presented in bite-sized editions by the author.  Filled with the subtlety, confusion, angst and unspoken realizations characteristic of PaRud, this is one series of drabbles which should not be missed. 

Here's your winning Signature:

Here's your winning Signature


Here's your winning signature:

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 Closing Remarks
This entry has multiple entries missing. We are sorry about that.Hope you guys really like it! Looking forward to suggestions & comments from you all!

The next edition will be out on the 23rd of March.


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Just realized that OUT meant that everyone was ment to stay out INLCUDING ME because the post isn't ready yet!!! I thought was OUT meant as is the next newsletter is OUT now which is why i res'ed. Nooo!. Cry

I'm so sorry *feeling like a complete party pooper and loser*Ouch

*slaps head against table in shame*

Originally posted by RangRasiyaNL

^ You are fine! I got all the spots I needed :)
No worries Sis :)


Yay! So glad! Great post by everyone!...well mostly everyone. Quite disappointed that some didn't fulfil their side of the NL. :( Hope they get it on time next time or give it to someone else who will do it properly. It might sound harsh but why take up to the responsibilty when you can't fulfill it.Confused It's just letting down the team who do submit their on time. OuchSorry it must be said..

BUT anyways. Very glad that it's up now. Great gob everyone and congrats to the winners!Big smile


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^ You are fine! I got all the spots I needed :)
No worries Sis :)
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