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Paro is determined to prove her love for Rudra. She says like Parvati, so can gain his love. Rudra asks her if she can do anything. Paro says yes. He tells her to stay out here til he returns. Paro says she will and stand on one leg doing so too. Sumer needs money and demands it from Rudra. Rudra insults him making Sumer swear to ruin Rudra.

Maitili tries to convince Paro to come back inside but Paro refuses. Danveer tries to convince Rudra to tell Paro to come back inside, but Rudra refuses saying she's crazy. Paro starts to pray outside making Dilsher awaken. Rudra and everyone are overwhelmed with happiness, while Mohini and Sumer are annoyed.

It starts to rain getting Paro wet outside. Inside, Dilsher tells Rudra Paro is innocent. Rudra doesn't believe. Sumer takes pictures of Paro in the rain and plans to ruin Rudra with them. Dilsher demands to talk to Paro making Rudra annoyed and tuck him in to rest. Rudra closing the window sees Paro soaking making him run to her. Paro is delighted he has returned while Rudra is flabbergasted by her madness. He tells her to put her leg down and is concerned as Paro's ankle is hurting due to standing on it for hours. Paro tells him that how could she leave when he told her to wait and asks if he trusts her now. She faints making Rudra pull her into a hug shocked by her act.

He carries her inside to his room and lays her on the bed, where Paro keeps asking if he believes her love for him now. Rudra avoids the question as his main concern is her health. He sees her shivering and knows she needs to remove her clothes. He goes to Maitili for help. Maitili brings clothes and notices Rudra concern and care for Paro and smiles. Rudra reluctantly leaves Maitili with Paro to change her clothes, while he goes and changes in another room.

Rudra and Dilsher argue over Paro which Rudra seeing her as crazy, while Dilsher sees her love for Rudra. Rudra returns to see Paro changed and Maitili tells Rudra that Paro didn't start the fire and she has proof. Rudra is shocked but Maitili tells him that he knows already deep down that Paro is innocent but tries hard to avoid Paro in any way he can. She leaves Rudra in his thoughts. Rudra takes care of Paro all night.

In the morning Paro gets up shocked to see herself in Rudra's room, with new clothes. Rudra wakes and checks her temperature to see the fever is gone. She asks what happened. Maitili comes with tea and says she fainted and Rudra looked after her. Rudra leaves. Paro is confused why Rudra looked after her when he says he hates her.

Sumer tries to hide the morning paper from Rudra. Rudra is about to see it but is called urgently to BSD HQ. Mohini sees the paper and is shocked at Paro's picture in the paper with headlines saying BSD have used Paro's feelings to complete their mission. Mohini is shocked Sumer has got this headline printed and is worried if Rudra finds out while Sumer is proud of himself.

Dilsher comes to Paro's room to check on her. He tells her that he trusts her and knows she didn't set the fire. He gives her the responsibility to look after Rudra and never leave his side no matter what. Dilsher gifts her Mala's sari as a blessing and leaves giving Paro his blessings. Paro promises not to let Dilsher down.

At BSD HQ Rudra's Senior shows him the nespaper with Paro's photo and headline. He tells him that BSD's reputation is tarnished because of it. Rudra tries to explain, but the Senior has no choice, but to take Rudra off duty til the mess is sorted. Rudra is heartbroken.

Paro dresses up in Mala's sari and jewelry happily, while Rudra is drinking his sorrows down fueling his anger for Paro in his head. He returns home drunk and calls Paro. Everyone comes present except Dilsher. Rudra shows Paro the newspaper and blames her for his destruction. He accuses her of being sly and trapping him in a position where she looks good while he looks like the Jallad. Paro upset tells him she didn't do this. Rudra is angrily upset and embarrassed about his BSD status snatched from him due to Paro. Rudra tells everyone he's going to marry Paro and in a drunken state takes Mohini's scarf and breaks her favorite chair to light a fire. Everyone and Paro is shocked.

Rudra forcibly marries Paro with each promise to make her life hell and to never become hers. He fills her parting with sindoor and ties a string round her neck as a Mangalsutar. He leaves Paro in shock. Paro faints briefly making everyone concerned. She wakes.

Danveer tells Paro that whatever happened is wrong, however the fact is now she is the houses daughter-in-law and so the rest of the rituals must be done. Paro complies with Maitili, Sunheri, Samrat and Danveer supporting her. Rudra comes just before she finishes the ritual and picks her up and takes her to his room for the Suhaag raat.

He locks the door and goes to drink liquor on the floor. Paro tells him not to. He doesn't listen. Paro leaves to return with milk and hands him some in a glass. She tells him to drink it and go to sleep as he is too drunk. Rudra drags her down to sit on the floor and tells her if she drink the milk, he won't drink the liquor. Paro is shocked.

Paro tells him she can't as she becomes sick. He warns her again making her drink all the milk. She becomes sick in the bathroom making him go after her and be sick too. He falls asleep on Paro making her have to drag him all the way to the bed. She sleeps on the floor but not for long as she hears a mouse. She gets on the bed where Rudra in his sleep holds her hand. Paro falls asleep on the bed.

In the morning, Rudra wakes and is confused seeing Paro beside him. He calls her and asks her why she's beside him in his room wearing red and with sindoor. Paro is shocked to see he's forgotten and leaves. She tells Maitilli. Rudra soon comes and says he hasn't forgotten and he won't let her forget. Paro is shocked and upset with his behavior. Rudra tells her to make tea for him.

Sumar gets an envelope from the news publishing company with money and information inside. He takes the money from it happily and put the envelope in the open bin. At the table Mohini warns Rudra to control his wife. Rudra taunts at her saying how Danveer should have done the same.

He leaves to look for Paro finding her in tears in his room on the floor beside the broken mirror. She asks why he is doing all this. Rudra tells her that he's punishing her for making him nearly lose his job and will fulfill the vows to make her life hell and make tears her friend for life. Paro upset goes to get up to leave, but cuts her hand. Rudra shocked takes a look at her hand seeing the blood.

Paro snatches it from him and asks if her tears makes him happy why does her blood make him restless. Rudra ignoring her tells her she's bleeding and he has the right as her husband to treat her wounds. Paro stared at him as he cleans her wound and wraps it with a napkin. Rudra picks up the pieces of mirror so Paro doesn't hurt herself. He leaves but tells her he only pretended to show that he cared making Paro sad.

Rudra finds the envelope in the bin and realizes that someone in the house took and sent the photos for publishing. Having a hunch who it is, he goes and stages his blame on Paro lightly once more however adding that the money is fake. Sumer hearing in is shocked.

Rudra catches Sumer with the money red handed and beats him up to the hall. Danveer and Mohini stop Rudra, while Maitili and Paro watch shocked. Rudra tells everyone Sumer's doing making Danveer disappointed with Sumer. They leave. Paro goes to Rudra asking him to believe him now and if everything can be alright between them. Rudra takes her to their bedroom and tells her that he married her for her to suffer becuase of all the times she didn't listen to her and the one time she did he's landed into deep trouble. Paro is upset. Maitili comes and takes Paro from there.

Maitili performs the home rasam with Paro as her Jiji making Paro happy. Paro dresses up for the ritual. Maitili advises her to keep faith in her marriage and love so it will one day melt Rudra's anger away. Rudra sees Paro and tells her that they are both called to the BSD office. Paro asks if she should get changed, for which Rudra in awe of her beauty tells her she looks good anyway. Paro and Maitili smile secretly, while Rudra flusters and says he meant dressed properly as a bride for the BSD to see.

Singh Sir tells Rudra that just becuase he's married Paro and Paro says she's happy doesn't mean everyone will believe it. He tells them a social worker will come to their haveli to inspect their relationship and if Paro is truly happy. Only if they believe that Paro is truly happy and Rudra treats her like a wife will they allow Rudra to be a Major again. Rudra and Paro become tense at this new test.

Two social workers come to the haveli upon which Mohini finds a good chance to try and emphisize Paro is being treated badly so they can take her away and make Rudra lose his job. However Danveer and Maitili try and control the wording in a brighter light.

Rudra brings Paro home holding her arm. Maitili stops them and warns them that 2 social workers have come. The social workers see the couple, Rudra quickly lowers his hand to hold Paro's hand properly. The social worker notices this and is suspicious.

The questioning begins where Rudra isn't very good at replying. Paro handles and explains why she was stood in the rain. Rudra and Paro go to the kitchen to bring tea for them. In the kitchen Rudra is angry at Paro and tells her to watch what she says. Paro however tells him she knows what's at stake and so will do her best to pass this test to get him his job and life back.

Mohini is adding fuel to the fire by bringing up that fact that Paro's Mami wasn't informed and also Dilsher wasn't there for the wedding. The social workers are shocked. Rudra replies very firmly about his interest in protecting Paro, but becomes stuck about talking about relations. Paro covers for him saying how she accepted Dilsher's given sari and jewelry as blessing. One of the social workers is happy with what she has seen and goes to leave but the other isn't satisfied and demands to stay the night. Rudra and Paro are left nervous. Mohini says it's good as they can stay for the after-wedding rituals.

Paro tells Matilli that she's worried about the social workers, while Rudra tells BK Singh. They are both helpless and must go through with it. At the ritual there's three plates; one kheer, one money and the other roses. Rudra and Paro are blindfolded and are made to lift their hands and choose a pot.

They both pick roses meaning that their marriage life will be filled with love and passion, and no matter how much they argue and bicker as sharp as thorns they'll never fall apart due to their love for each other. The social worker asks Paro when she is upset with Rudra, what does Rudra do to please her. Paro not being able to think of anything says he sings Kuch Kuch Ho tha Hai for her. Rudra is shocked.

At night Paro sleeps on the floor and Rudra on the bed. Mohini seeing this from the open window takes the opportunity to go to the social worker upset saying how Rudra makes Paro sleep on the floor. Paro thankfully hears this and so before they come and have a look, Paro rushes to Rudra's side in the bed and pretends to sleep. The social worker sees this and is happy, while Mohini is furious. They leave.

As Paro leaves Rudra's side, Rudra gets up and demands to know why she's on the bed and accuses her of trying to get close to him. Paro gets upset by his disgusting accusation and tells him that the social worker came to check on them.

The social workers with Mohini come back to have a look again only to see Paro crying by the fountain. Mohini becomes happy while the social workers become concerned. They soon see Rudra however sing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for Paro and say sorry to her before taking her in the bedroom. The social workers are satisfied seeing enough for tonight and go to bed. Mohini is infuriated. As she goes to bed Rudra meets her half way indicating for her to leave him and Paro alone.

Rudra tells Paro that he only sung and said sorry because the social workers were watching. Paro asks him never to sing in any situation for or to anyone ever again. Paro breaks into heaps of laughter taking Rudra aback never seeing her this happy. He gets embarrassed and anger telling her to stop for which she does abruptly. Rudra tells Paro to sleep beside him. Paro and Rudra awkwardly sleep beside each other.

In morning Mohini mixes extra chilli in Rudra's food making him go to Paro privately and blame her. Mohini then plans it so Paro's arms get burnt by hot milk. The plan is successful and Paro's wrists are burnt. Paro is confused who kept the milk here and figures out it's Mohini and understands she plans for Rudra to lose his status and job at BSD. Paro is determined not to show her burn or else the social workers will think Rudra did it to her.

Mohini comes with the social workers and is shocked to see Paro in a long sleeved blouse. She angrily asks why she's changed and also asks if Rudra shouted at her for putting too much chilli in his food. Paro replies that Rudra didn't shout at her and asked if she could wear a long sleeved blouse for when he comes back. The social worker finds this sweet. They decide to leave this afternoon.

Mohini tried again by arranging a bangle ceremony. Paro realizes Mohini's trick. Rudra comes and is told by Mohini to put bangles on Paro as it's the ritual to make the bride wear new bangles. Rudra reluctantly does so to show the social workers who are watching. Paro reluctantly shows her wrists where the burn doesn't show up that badly.

Rudra puts the bangles on Paro. Paro suppresses her pain and wears a tight smile to show she's happy. The social workers smile while Mohini is annoyed. Rudra noticed the pained look Paro is trying to hide with a smile and becomes confused. The ritual becomes complete and Paro is happy that Mohini didn't succeed in her plan.*

Alone Rudra gets angry at Paro thinking she's enjoying his attention as a husband when it's his helplessness in front of the social workers. Paro leaves not wanting to explain herself as Rudra wouldn't understand. Rudra gets angry and follows her. Mohini sees this and grabs the opportunity.

Rudra grabs Paro telling her that he hates her and doesn't care about her love for him. The social workers hear this are shocked while Mohini is secretly delighted. The social workers tell Rudra she knew the truth was different from what they were showing and he is a man that hits women. Paro tells her she's wrong and requests a chance to explain. The social workers give her chance as Rudra's BSD job is at stake.

Paro tells them everything about how Rudra saved her countless of times and how she fell in love with him. She also says how Rudra's anger is there but his love is present for her too which not many can see. It's all about perspectives. The social workers are soon convinced and tells Rudra that Paro loves him deeply which he can see, but he has yet to realize the depth of her love for him. They announce that they will give a good report for him but will keep an eye on him too. The social workers leave leaving Rudra and Paro awkwardly besides each other.

BK Singh has invited Rudra and Paro to his and his wife's 25th wedding anniversary holding a Ball in Jaipur. Rudra is reluctant to go but agrees for the sake of BK Singh's wife. Paro hears the news from Aman and is worried about going to a place unknown to her, while feeling excited that Rudra wants to take her.

Rudra returns home to see Paro knows about the Ball. He tells her she shouldn't come as it'll raise a lot of questions. Paro feels dejected realizing he doesn't want to take her and says she was about to to ask him too about not going.


When they saw each other in the rain...

She took his anger-fueled words seriously and stood outside in the rain to prove her love...

He was shaken to see her shivering in the cold and ran outside into the rain without even realizing it...

And in the end her faith in him was proven and his disbelief in her shaken..

The entire wedding sequence would have to be the scene of the week.  Rudra walking in drunken and enraged was a shock for the family.  But the drama continued to build with his epic meltdown which lead to the beginning of one of the most intense love-hate wedding sequences shown on television.

The rituals were followed through albeit with items on hand rather than at a wedding mandap.  Pheres were taken, vachans exchanged and Paro's maang was filled with sindhoor.  Yet these rituals which are taken to bind two individuals in blessed matrimony with promises of a happy future were instead used to bind two destined lovers with promises of pain, tears and torture.

And in the end, Rudra Pratap Ranawat and Parvati Rudra Pratap Ranawat came to be.



In his drunken rage, he bound Paro to him with vows of marriage promising to hate her and be the cause of her pain forever.  And he did it knowingly and without regret as seen by his continued torture of her the next morning.

He may be sweet to her when occasion calls upon it, that is, when Paro is hurt or upset because of someone else.  But at the end of the day, he did marry her to punish her and no number of romantic notions can ever take away that he did out of a sense of justified anger and need for vengeance.

The dialogue of the week goes to Paro Baisa, the wise and wonderful.

When asked to explain how it is that what the world sees of her relationship is not what the reality is, Paro took the opportunity to point the importance of perspective.

 "Lekin main, main sirf  apni ye jindagi janti hu.  Sirf itna janti hu ki mhare liya kya sahi hai or kya galat.

Main manthi hu, Damayanti Sa, ki hum usi ko sach manthe hain jo, jo humare aankhe dekhte hain.

Lekin ye saval bhi uththa hai ki kaun dekh raha hain, kya dekh raha hain aur jo dekh raha hain uska kya matlab nikhal raha hain.."

Another brilliant dialogue is the way Paro describes her husband's temperament...

 "Thore theeke swabhaav ke hain.  Inhe gussa bhi bahut jaldi aatha hain.

Lekin humara Shivji bhi tho aise hi hain, phirbhi hum unke puja karthe hai, unme shraddha rakthe hain, unse prem karthe hain.

Kyunki hum jaanthe hain unka swabhaav jaisa bhi hain unhe pyaar karna aatha hain..." 

This week's most rofl scene goes to our own Rudra Banna!

Surprised? Shocked Well, how could we even think about any other scene when Rudra Banna was singing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai for our Paro, consciously making a complete fool out of himself. Everyone giggled alongside Paro, when the poor guy recited the lyrics like a poem, and broken bits of the sur taal fell here and there. 

Even Phulwari couldn't resist and took a jab at the poor guy and the unanimous opinion was for the guy to never sing again.

Poor Poor Banna-Sa! LOL

The character of the week has to be...

A no nonsense woman who sees it and says it as it as, Damayanti played a big role this week.  She wasn't easily taken in by Paro-Rudra's attempts to come across as a happily married couple and let them know it as well.

But at the end of it all, it was Paro's honesty and sincerity that won her heart.  She recognized the inner spine of steel that Paro had within her and lauded her for her efforts.  Damayanti noted this to Rudra and advised him to care for Paro as she would be keeping an eye on them in the future.  She pointed out to Rudra that his anger made him irrational and words spoken in rage can cause lasting damage.  So he would need to learn to control his temper.  Pigs will fly first, Damayanti Baisa!

Best of all was her take down of Mohini when she reprimanded her for not fulfilling her responsibility as an elder and helping the younger couple but instead attempting to create and highlight problems between the two.  Clap


For Rudra, being a BSD officer is not just a job.  It is who he is.  And for Paro, Rudra is her world and being his bride is all she wants to be.

As the symbols of Rudra's identity were being taken away from him, Paro was readying herself for her new identity.

Just as one person's dreams were being demolished, the other's dream was beginning to flourish.

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Here is your Winning SiggyClap



Here is your Winning SiggyClap


Here is your Winning SiggyClap






Here is your Winning SiggyClap

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OS of the Week:




Some habits are hard to break whilst others are nigh impossible.  And when it comes to Paro, impossible is definitely a word that the ever competent Rudra Pratap Ranawat has had to include in his vocabulary.

SS/FF of the Week:


A series of interconnected yet separate One Shots based around the theme of the seven deadly sins.  Pardon the pun, but it would be a sin not to read this thought provoking and insightful piece of brilliance.

Here is your Winning SiggyClap


Can I Just...




You know these days are really happy ones for Paro.



Here is your Winning SiggyClap

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Thank you all for the immense support! We have successfully reached the fifth newsletter. I hope we cross many more editions.

Congratulations winners!Clap We hope you like this week's edition.EmbarrassedPlease leave your comments and suggestions :)

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Donesies!  Congratulations to the creative category winners!  Clap

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lovely.congratulations to the winners
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good job

cngrts to winners
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