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10th March 2014 - 14th March 2014

*Everyone is concerned for Maitili's whereabouts, while Chachi and Sumar are worried about getting caught. Sumar gets a phone call telling him to bring Paro in the next half hour so he can solve his mistake. As Sumar tells this to Chachi, Paro hears part of it figuring out that Maitili is in deep trouble. She strongly advises Chachi to call Rudra, which she reluctantly does, but moving away a little annoys Rudra with unnecessary talks making him cut the phone. Chachi cleverly sets the situation where Paro feels she should go with Sumar to save Maitili. Chachi and Sumar secretly are glad.*

* Paro when leaving remembers Rudra's warning not to leave the house. But knowing she had to do this for Matili she leaves with Sumar.*

*Maitili gets up shocked and scared to see herself in this unknown location , hands tied and mouth bound. She is however put to sleep again with Chloroform.*

*Chachi tells everyone at home about Maitili abducted to avoid them calling the police. Everyone is shocked and distressed, while Dilsher is also suspicious of Chachi. She also reveals that Sumar and Paro have gone with money to save Maitili. Dilsher is outraged to hear this as he explains that when Rudra finds out his anger will face them all. Chachi puts the blame on Rudra and Dilsher for disrupting the peace of the house. Chacha however sides with Dilsher.*

*Sumar and Paro arrive at the location where Sumar leaves Paro in the car. Maitili wakes up again seeing herself now somewhere else. She however spots Paro after and tries to get her attention. She is helpless however being tied up. Paro however sees her and gets out the car.*

*Paro later on that night comes down to see an unknown man who is the man that Sumar and Chachi caught beforehand. She asks who he is but suddenly he chucks a plate at her so he could run. Paro chases him only to bump into Rudra.

*Rudra asks what's happened only to see Paro's cut. Rudra tries to stop the bleeding but Paro struggles in his arms making him accidently fill her parting with blood. Rudra stares at it mesmerized. Paro backs away. Paro is upset that he doesn't care about anyone remembering back when Chachi told her that Rudra won't help Maitili becuase he doesn't care. Rudra on the other hand is confused and watches as she goes away angrily. Rudra calls out for her with the name 'Parvati Rudra Pratab Ranawat'. Paro is shocked and tells him not to call her that as they are not married nor does she wear any symbol to show she belongs to him. Rudra however shows her in the mirror the blood in her parting that represents part of a married woman. Paro is left speechless.Mendhi ritual has started with guests arriving. Paro is restless remembering her first marriage.*

*Rudra has got Aman and few other soldiers for protecting the house and Paro. Chachi is displeased. Sunheri sees Aman and is smitten. She tells Paro inside. Paro wanting to keep herself busy goes to the kitchen to make tea instead of Sunheri and is left to make the paratas too. She gets lost in thought only to be shaken when Rudra arrives. He offers her a chance again to free herself from having his name written on her hands and this wedding, only if she signs the papers. Paro refuses challenging him. Rudra leaves. Paro burns her hands much to Rudra's shock. He stops her outraged by her crazy actions. Paro tells him she has done this so mendhi and his name won't get applied.*

*Sunheri and everyone is shocked and concerned seeing Paro's hands in this state, but Rudra stops Paro and puts mendhi on her hands including his initial on the excuse that Mendhi will help coll the burn on her hands. Paro is reluctant but helpless watching Rudra apply mendhi on her. Rudra takes her away.*

*Thakur plans to exchange the guns and money on Shiv Raat day and talks to Chachi to say his preperations are complete to kill Rudra. Chachi then goes to say she can't go to Rudra's wedding as it's on Shiv Raat Mela day. Rudra seizing the opportunity also says he'll get married at the Shiv Raat Mela. Chachi is happy as Rudra and Paro wll be in sight for the Thakur, while Rudra is glad as he can do his plan to catch Thakur and also do the wedding.*

*Rudra goes to Paro and applies ointment on her burnt hands. Rudra tried to convince her that her child-like belief in the Thakur is wrong. He uses his own example when as a child her waited for his own mother. Rudra desperately asks her to not do the mistake he did. He leaves, but Paro tells him that she can sense that deep down he is waiting for his mother's return and this is why he acts all rude and cold-hearted. Rudra angrily leaves.*

*Chachi checks Dilsher's room planning to set it alight and pinning the blame of Paro.*

*Thakuraiyn plans to go to the Shiv Raat Mela too which disturbs Thakur as that is where he is planning to execute his plan. Chachi phones and Thakuriaiyn picks up the phone. They find each other's voices familiar. Thakur however takes the phone and talks to Mohini.*

*Haldi ceremony starts. Laila comes and puts Haldi on Rudra. Rudra is shocked and is about to get up but is held down by Samrat. Laila secretly pours a packet of poison in the Haldi and mixes it. She goes to Paro and puts the haldi on her generously. Paro remembers Laila and is shocked. Laila leaves satisfied. Rudra pulls her to the side however demanding to know why she is here. He goes to touch the haldi paste in her hands but Laila throws it away not wanting the poison to harm Rudra. Rudra figures out that Laila has mixed something in the haldi for Paro.*

*Rudra acts quick and takes Paro away before everyone's eyes. Out back alone, Rudra pours water on Paro. Paro is shocked and struggles in his grip as he places a hose above her like a shower. Rudra tells her there's poison in the Haldi, but Paro doesn't believe him and pushes him away. Suddenly she starts feeling the burning sensation from the haldi making her gasp and panic. Paro realizes Rudra wasn't lying.  Rudra concerned sees her expression and frantically helps her wash the haldi off. Rudra is mesmerized briefly by her when washing her cheeks, but turns her to wash her back.*
*Laila comes to see Rudra washing Paro and gets jealous. She moves Rudra away to stab Paro with a blade. Paro shout for Rudra, which he immediately stops the blade and pushes Laila away. Laila gets hurt. Laila tries to threaten Paro but Rudra protects her like a sheild. Laila then is about to reveal to Paro who she is in Rudra's life, but Rudra stops her and warns her to talk to Paro with respect. Laila is outraged. Rudra wraps a drenched Paro in a green scarf and tells her to go to Sunheri's room and remain there. Paro leaves hesitantly.*
*Laila begs Rudra to accept her love. Rudra is shocked hearing Laila loves him and tells her that he has told her before that he doesn't love her and never will because he doesn't believe in it. We also find out that Rudra left Laila in Jaipur and it's Laila who followed Rudra to Chandigar to be with him. Laila doesn't believe Rudra as she demands to know what is going on between him and Paro. Rudra is speechless.*

17th March 2014 - 21st March 2014

*Rudra tries to that there is nothing between Paro and him, only enraging Laila further as she reminds him of his care for Paro at the sangeet that is similar to his care for his mother. Rudra tells Laila to leave accidently calling her Paro. Laila leaves with Rudra restless about his feelings and concern towards Paro that seem to be developing.*

*Chachi gives Devayani the identical bridal dress of Paro explaining what she must do. Maitili comes in however and sees the dress being given. Devayani leaves and Maitili asks about the bridal dress that it's like Paro's. Chachi shouts at her for snooping and tells her to stay with Paro.*

*Tejawat plans to distract the BSD with fake guns while taking the real guns to their destination while taking Paro in their custody at the same time.*

* Devayani spreads Ghee everywhere in Dilsher's room and as Chachi said goes to wear the bridal dress with her face concealed.*

*Rudra gets ready emotionally remembering his uniform and worries what Paro do if she plans not to sign the papers and not marry him either. Paro, wearing her bridal dress, in another room is restless thinking to kill herself. Rukmani comes in making her cry telling her not to visit her again. Rudra comes in his Shervani and asks her once more to sign the papers. Paro refused firm to her word.*

*Chachi sneakily tears Paro's dupatta telling her to stitch it.*

*Paro takes blessings from Dilsher for freedom and calls her Babu-sa for the first time. Dilsher emotionally blesses her.*

*Chachi makes Dilsher go back to his room, while sending Paro off in the car. Devayani in Paro's dress hides her face and sets the room ablaze. Dilsher thinks it's Paro and is shocked seeing her light the room on fire and leave. Sunheri sees too outside the room thinking it's Paro and calls out to her but Devayani runs. Sunheri is shocked seeing the room alight. She screams for help.*

*Paro arrives at the mela where Rudra is waiting. He asks where Dilsher is. Paro is confused, but Chachi covers it saying he's coming. Rudra tells Paro quietly that he's giving her one last time to stop the wedding. Paro refuses to sign the papers.*

*Some local men/workers help Sunheri put out the fire.*

*Thakur mixed something in Thakuraiyn's drink making her fall asleep. He leaves her at home.*

*Rudra and Paro do puja together. Thakur arrives ready to set his plan into action*

*Some of Tejawat's men purposely show Aman the fake guns. Aman thinking it's real calls Rudra. Rudra leaves Paro's side to see. While Rudra's away Thakur comes and meets Paro. Paro is shocked*

*Sunheri calls Chacha. Chacha and Samrat leave for home. They find Dilsher unconscious in the put-out room. They take him to hospital.*

*Rudra checks guns but sees they are fake and used for a distraction. He rushed back to find Paro knowing this was a trick. He is shocked to see Paro with Thakur. He tells her to come back to him as Tejawat will kill her and he is the only one who can protect her. Paro refuses. Rudra tells Tejawat he won't let him leave with Paro. Paro sees someone about to shoot Rudra and calls out his name. Rudra ducks with Paro asking if he's alright. Havoc strikes with everyone panicking and running. Tejawat quickly drags Paro away leaving Rudra and Aman shocked.*

*Tejawat hides Paro in a basket. Rudra finds him and demands to know where Paro is. Tejawat knowing Paro is listening tells Rudra about his and Paro's innocence. Rudra is about to shoot Thakur but Paro hits him making him turn slowly loosing consciousness.*

*Rudra falls. Paro gets out of the basket but Rudra holds her hand telling her not to go. Paro forces off his hand and leaves with Thakur in a car.*

*At hospital Dilsher's condition is very bad with lungs full of smoke. Chacha and everyone worried. they try to contact Rudra, but he's not picking up*

*Paro is upset about hitting Rudra and feels something isn't right seeing Rudra's rudraraksh attached to her. She accidently drops her bangle outside the car as it drives.*

*Aman finds Rudra. Rudra wakes up worried about Paro. Aman tells him their mission was successful having Tejawat's men and the money and guns. Rudra however is still worried for Paro and leaves in a car to go after her.*

*Tejawat stops in a deserted village. Paro is confused. Tejawat pulls a gun on her making her shocked. He tells her the truth about her marriage being fake, him killing her parents and bindii and loads of others dead because of him. Paro is shocked realizing Rudra was right all along. Tejawat is about to kill her but Paro bravely puts chilli powder in his eyes.*

*Rudra finds Paro's bangle and tyre marks and about to follow but gets call about Dilsher in hospital and leaves*

*Paro beats Tejawat for everyone he's killed and leaves. At the hospital he gets upset regretting his rude words to Dilsher. Sunheri tells him she saw paro set the room alight. Rudra's shocked *

*Paro reflects upon Rudra saving her countless of times and sees Rukmani. Paro feels a new stength of determination in her to live life*

*Rudra goes to BSD HQ and is shocked to see Paro at a press conference telling everyone about Tejawat's true colors and how her perspective of BSD all this time had been wrong.*

When Rudra plead in front of Paro to hold his hand and come to him and that he is the one and only who would save Paro's life. There was so much pain so much hope in Rudra's eyes and he wholeheartedly wanted Paro to believe him. But Paro in the given circumstances refused to go to him and not only that she blamed him for making her life miserable and if she stays with him, he will make it even more misarable. After that Tejawat somehow finds a situation and escapes with Paro. He asked Paro to hid inside a tokhri so that the Major cannot find him and that she will be safe inside. But when Rudra aims the gun at Tejawat and warns him that if he doesnot tell where he hid Paro he shall kill him. Panicked Paro got out of the Tokhri and hit Rudra's head with a wodden log. Rudra turns around and to find it was his bewakoof ladki who hit him. 
I think it was THE SCENE OF THE WEEK which was emotional, action packed and most importantly turning point of the drama.

There is still time to left for Romance or love moments but yet there is few scenes give us goosebumps n where both Paro n Rudra aka PaRud lost in their own land...there is some kind of tension attraction may be for few moments still it's there like this

This scene one of them...

Haldi or Private Holi of PaRud or Rudra's another Safety Act or Paro's full trust on her Safety to Rudra Act...whatever it's but the way Rudra go all bonkers with this thought Laila want to harm paro n paro's haldi has poison ...he just took her with him without being care for the Lady who is just witness for him may be...he took her forcefully  she refused to go but for him her safety first...No world..not even paro can come between her safety...

Rudra poured whole bucket then from pipe but Paro is not believing fighting & then she pushed him , shout on him but finally she realize  the burn sensation look at her Savior who understand  start to wiped out the poisonous Haldi...he fanatically rubbing her arms face , back there both of them lost for a moment ...

Rudra rubbing her face his finger touch her delicate lips 

Reason is to save Paro, to wipe out the poisonous  but the moment both lost Rudra in Paro n Paro in Rudra...Time still...they froze  burn our screen here we burn yet understand the gravity of the situation also...

PaRud come back to their sense Rudra turn her to rubbed her back to wipe out the haldi from her back...

PaRud give us Sizzling  scene ...The Beautiful , Serene moment make us go dreamy ...

This week's Character of the Week is undoubtedly  Paro.  

Tejawat and Mohini were in the running for character of the week with their careful, crafty planning for the downfall of Rudra and Paro, but Paro turned everything upside down in the last two episodes. 

So this week's character of the week goes to 


For showing strength in the middle of adversity 

For her firm refusal to accede to the forced marriage, despite the pressure applied by Rudra.
For her saving Rudra from a bullet, despite considering him her adversary at that stage.
Most of all, for saving herself from Tejawat, for not fleeing immediately but instead punishing him for all the wrongs he had done to her and her people
For promising to smile again, her strength despite the biggest blow that she had just gone through - the betrayal of her entire childhood as she knew it ... and emerging as a strong new Paro.
And last but not least, for acknowledging her mistake in not believing Rudra and losing no time to make amends to clear his name, by going straight to the BSD HQ to give her statement. 

Worst Character of theWeek

Well this week I have two worst character of the week. 

Firstly, it's 
Looks like she made a hat-trick. Finally she executed her plan very well and also succeeded to some extent. But all this drama had been set up to take her so-called revenge on Dilsher? Now she also dragged Paro in between all this creating another misunderstanding between Paro and Rudra.

Another one is 
Without knowing anything she just jumped into conclusions and started to harm Paro either by adding something on the turmeric paste or by attacking her by a knife. What's the point? Didn't Rudra all ready made clear that he doesn't love her? Then why would she even barge in his life?

These two weeks have been very intense for team Rangrasiya as well as the viewers, but still one can find the funny if they have the mind for it. This time's hilarious moment will be awarded to our very own Slowpoke Sumer. The guy tried to prove he's a man so badly, but failed miserably when he kidnapped his own bhabhi Maithili instead of Paro.. The mix up and the after effects of it on Sumers face were definitely funny..

Emotional scene this week is a tie between 2 scenes.
First scene
Rudra comes to the kitchen and corners her and tells Paro that she would either have to sign the documents or will have to have his name written in her palms with mehendi. And she says she wouldn't do either and he taunts her that this battle is between the 2 of them and he is not used to losing and it will be she who is left to lose. And Paro crying silently stares at her palms, contemplating the fate that is left to her and she places both her hands on the iron hot frying pan and stiffing the whimpers of pain holds them down to burn for long until Rudra comes and pulls them off.. And when he asks whether she has gone crazy to do it she through the haze of pain and tears says that, he cannot win this time.. and she had ensure that by hurting her own self..

Second one is the whole revelation of her reality to Paro as the Thakur cold bloodedly explains to her how he was the one who was responsible for the deaths of her parents, how he killed her best friend Bindi and how the marriage, the groom everything was fake. As her fear for what happened to the girls including her Nandu jija who went across the border, and what would have happened to her had she gone across.. how all these girls were either killed or were sold for prostitution by the very man that had married them... As shock after shock continued to hit her she heartbroken... as she learned that her whole life, everything she had known as a truth was a huge lie... As disillusionment of her entire past dawns on her Paro stares at the man whom she had considered to be her go.. her champion.., the man for whom she had born so much.. the man she had protected no matter how much she was forced... and the man for whom she had not trusted Rudra, the person who had all along been her savior.. the very man who had finally shown his true face as he had betrayed her in the worst way possible.

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These seen indeed need to be watched again and again, because it shows how much Rudra cares for her especially for her status and he believes that she is pure and innocent so he needs to hide her from the cruel world. 

All wives are not like your uncle's wife to run away

Never thought filler scene is so difficult to find

Mythili was kidnapped and delivered to Bheema  by Sumer mistaking  her to be Parvati and again with no rhyme or reason KcM after sarcastically answering the worried family taunts not all wives run away like your Tausa's wife to embarrass Dilsher , she must have gone to the Mandir  to give  Samrat some relief  

The story had made a huge progress during the last weeks,from a cold one it took only a day or two for the story to change into a red hot one full of twists...Tejawant's real face got revealed , Paro saving Rudra and at the very next moment hitting him on head and running of with her thakursa and all were some real twists that added the entertaining elements in the story...Really the writers need appreciation the way Paro's character got evolved...When she confronted with Tejawant it was amazing to watch her think and react fast with the situation...

Thats why I dare to say this,that writers  should now go on to dig up more of Rudra's character...The way Parvathy has evolved from being an innocent village side girl full of dreams to a courageous one fighting for her dignity and identity is amazing...I now request the makers to do the same with Rudra's character...Give the amazing actor some more emotions to depict...

I know that we will surely get to see deeper layers in future but as Parvathy had took a step forward I really think that the time is near for Rudra's character to make a step into the process of evolution...from being an angry man with bad past to a strong one who got over all those, and by this into a man of better social perspectives...Hope this happens soon and we will get to see the wonderful actor Ashish ruling the reel as the real hero Rudra...


The past two weeks saw a tremendous progress in the story. 

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OS of the Week:  In Your Embrace by 


A short and sweet one shot capturing a beautiful moment and a beautiful embrace.

FF of the Week:  Moments in Between by 


The start may seem familiar and the build up slow but rest assured that the complexities and deep emotions that is Paro-Rudra come across in every chapter.  Patience is a must as it is not frequently updated but that patience is very richly rewarded.

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Nainon ki chaal hai, makhmali haal hai.



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Thank you all for the immense support! We have successfully reached the third newsletter. I hope we cross many more editions.

Congratulations winners!Clap We hope you like this week's edition.EmbarrassedPlease leave your comments and suggestions :)

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Good job with the NL team. Great effort to everyone who had contributed for the NL.Clap
And i won the Best Signature Shocked Thanks everyone for that and may the NL have many more successful edition Smile
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Fab work ...look forward to seeing this every two weeks Smile
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we got our 3rd Rangrasiya NL
n hugs too all RRNL members for awesome effort 
Congratulation to all winner

wishing for many more RRNL
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