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Rudra notices Paro's wound and thinks he did it. Paro reassures he didn't and tells him how she got the wound. Rudra figures out Mohini did it on purpose to frame him. He goes to warm Mohini to stay away from his wife. Rudra secretly appreciates that Paro endured the pain for him and takes Paro along with him to Jaipur.

At Jaipur Rudra shows Paro how things work like the door lock is a card rather than a key which when taken out turns off the lights of the bedroom. Paro gets scared of the dark and holds Rudra's arm. Rudra puts in the card telling her not to be scared. Paro and Rudra notice the towels on the bed and roses, plus the gifts of champagne, sweets and roses with a sign saying to Mr. Rudra Pratab Ranawat and Mrs. Rudra Pratap Ranawat. Paro smiles liking how her names is called after his. Rudra goes to have a shower, letting Paro explore the room happily and even hide away the sign of their names in their bag to take home. Rudra soon comes out and Paro goes to take a shower.

Rudra gets a call and leave the room to meet BK Singh but takes the key card with him leaving the room in darkness and Paro in the bathroom in the dark. Paro gets scared. Downstairs Rudra meets with BK Singh and his wife. He soon realizes he still has the key card meaning Paro is in the dark alone. Paro runs out the room in her bathrobe and is embarrassed as people in the corridor stand and stare. Rudra comes quickly and is shocked to see her out the room. Paro runs in his arms and Rudra calms her and shouts at everyone to mind their own business. In the bedroom Rudra assures Paro he won't leave her.

Paro gets dressed. She and Rudra go down to meet BK Singh's Wife. She praises Paro's beauty and talk about how their backgrounds are close. BK Singh praises the stitching work of Birpur and their imli's. Tea arrives but Paro is unfamiliar with this way of tea making. Rudra notices and serves her tea. BK's wife is touched seeing Rudra's care for Paro.

When going up to their room some women comment on Paro making her feel sad. Rudra in the room tells her in the room while he goes for the Ball so there won't be any awkward situations. Paro trusts Rudra's judgement and agrees to stays back. She starts to hand stitch a small bag when Rudra comes out from the bathroom in his dark suit. Paro looks away shyly noticed by Rudra. Rudra tells her if she needs anything to call on the service phone and not to worry as he's only downstairs. He leaves.

Paro finishes the bag and puts a small batch of imli's inside for BK's wife. BK's wife comes to the room and persists she comes down to join the ball knowing Rudra must have told her to stay back. Paro helplessly goes to ball dressed up beautifully by Bk's wife. 

Rudra is mesmerized by Paro's appearance. She explains that BK's wife made her disobey him. Rudra is too lost in Paro to even care. BK Singh and his wife start the ball and make sure Rudra and Paro dance. Paro refuses as she doesn't know how to dance. Rudra tells her to put her trust in him and let him lead the way. They dance together passionately. Everyone claps at the end of the dance impressed. Rudra and Paro leave each other's side feeling awkward. 

Maitilli sees Devyanai and Mohini talking about money. She follows her remembering her from the day Dilsher's room was on fire. She follows her but gets caught and told to go away. Devayani phone Mohini telling her she has a spy in her own house.

Paro meets the ladies that laughed at her earlier and put them in their place by saying all the skills she had from Birpur which why have to pay so much for. BK's wife and BK mixes Rudra and Paro's drinks to get them drunk. They get drunk and cutely argue over how they met and how many times they met. When the two go back to their bedroom, Paro decides to wonder still tipsy making Rudra lead her not wanting her to hurt herself.

They sit having heart to heart talks. Rudra tells her he doesn't mean everything he says when he shouts at her. Paro tells Rudra she knows he shouts at her so she'll hate him, but she says she'll love him more as she knows from his eyes that he doesn't mean any of the rude things he says to her. Rudra stares at her in awe.

Paro keeps talking about how they would have played games as children and how destiny has always led her to him so there was no point running fro him in the first place. She laughs silently making Rudra find her odd laughing without any sound and asks how would he know if she's truly laughing or laughing to hide her sadness. Paro tells him he has to work hard and read her heart to figure that out and laughs again. Rudra tells her to stop but Paro imitates him and splashes water on him. In trying to get away Rudra grabs her close. They share a kiss with Paro's hand shyly between their lips.

Paro leaves with Rudra following her telling her that she only gets into trouble without him. Paro falls asleep against him and so he picks her up. They enter someone else's bedroom and Rudra put her on the bed and tucks her in. Paro in her sleep holds Rudra's arms close around her making him mesmerized by her beauty and fall asleep against her neck.

In the morning Maitili arrives home only to have Mohini waiting. She taunts her in front of Samrat. Samrat is angry with her being out all night and demands to know why. Maitili tells him what she saw and Samrat says the money is probably for labour. He leaves angrily and Maitili is confused wondering if she was wrong or not. 

Rudra wakes up first and sees Paro in his arms. He goes to move only for Paro to come closer. She begins to wake making him pretend to be asleep. Paro wakes seeing herself in Rudra's arms and gets out the bed quickly. Rudra gets up then and quickly puts her earring left on the bed in his pocket. Paro gets a headache not understanding why. Rudra gives her juice making her drink it and tells her she drank tonnes and tonnes of alcohol last night. Paro is shocked. Rudra lies telling her she pulled BK Singh's wife's hair and even snatched her drink and danced and sung inappropriately. Paro is horrified by her actions while Rudra smiles secretly amused by Paro's expressions.

Rudra looks for Paro later to find her apologizing to BK Singh and his wife for her behavior. They are confused and tells her she didn't do anything wrong last night. Paro is confused and says Rudra told her. She looks at Rudra who comes in with an guilty mischievous smile. BK and his wife figure out Rudra's prank making Paro quietly upset. They leave the two alone with Rudra smugly smiling. Paro tells Rudra that how could he lie to her. Rudra says it was a joke, but Paro is furious saying how he made her feel as if he was going to lose his job because of her. She leaves determined not to talk to Rudra.

Rudra is restless with Paro not talking to him. He tries to shout at her and provoke her, but Paro remains silent. Rudra fed up writes Sorry on the mirror and tells her to look at it. She looks but doesn't respond much to Rudra's annoyance. She leaves with Rudra angrily following her. He stops her and reluctantly apologizes making Paro smile. Paro asks if he's do anything for her forgiveness and he remembers the day when he once asked her that. He replies yes.

Paro asks simply for pink bangles in exchange for her forgiveness making him frown. She leaves Rudra in the dilemma. Rudra goes to Maitili to ask if the bangle seller come to tell him. Maitili is surprised realizing Rudra himself was going to get bangles for Paro. Preparing for a pooja, Maitili and Paro talk about the Ball. Paro tells her she enjoyed herself while Maitili teasingly tries to figure out how she got won Rudra's heart. Paro shyly leaves but knocks over milk which is seen as an bad omen.

Rudra is outside with the bangle's seller demanding pink bangles, but the seller explains how there's different shades of pink so which ones does he want. Rudra is annoyed and confused with this further dilemma. Mohini gets Sumer to give her poison which she mixes in some ladoo's for the pooja. She plans for Paro to eat them and die from the poison.

Rudra gets the bangles for Paro and demands her forgiveness. Paro makes him put them on her. Rudra gets a call from BK saying how Paro cares about Rudra so much that she even begged him to give him his job back. Rudra gets angry hearing this. He tells Paro off for begging as he deserves his job back, not because of her. Rudra angrily leaves not attending the puja kept for Paro and him. Paro tries to stop him saying if he hates her then he should stay for the puja and pray for her to disappear, but he leaves anyways.

Paro does the puja knowing Rudra will return. Mohini is restless wanting Paro to finish the puja so she can eat the poisoned laddoo. Much to everyone's surprise Rudra returns after remembering all his close moments with Paro and everyone's comments about how much they care for each other. Paro is happy but Rudra tells her he's only returned to pray for her to disappear from his life. Paro doesn't mind which annoys Rudra further. The puja ends and Mohini tells Rudra to feed Paro the laddoos. He goes to but eats it himself wanting his wish to come true and not hers. Mohini is shocked at first as Rudra doesn't know the laddoo is poisoned however realizes if Rudra dies it'll be better as she get Paro and Dilsher out the house easily.

Rudra leaves to his room with Paro following. Rudra falls from the poison taking affect. Paro shocked holds his neck and calls the others to help call an ambulance. At hospital the doctor tell them Rudra's been poisoned from iron being mixed in his food. He says Paro saved him, but Rudra isn't out of danger. If he doesn't wake in 12 hours his condition will be critical. The doctor allows one person to stay for which Paro says she will. Before the others leave Paro in private tell Maitili to keep alert for anything suspicious at home as she feels someone did this to Rudra purposely.

Later Paro remembers that the laddoos given to her were separate from everyone else's and she was the one who was supposed to eat it, but Rudra did instead. She calls Maitili telling her all this and says it has to be someone in the house who did this. Mohini and Sumer go to the hospital to inject Rudra with more Iron to kill him. Mohini goes into the room to see it's dark and empty. She's happy.

Maitili finds iron powder in Mohini's room and remembers Mohini saying that only Paro should be the one to eat the laddoo's. She's shocked that Mohini has done this. To confirm her suspicion she gets a magnet and tests to see it really is iron powder. She collects some of it in a tub for future reference. Mohini is about to inject the iron into Rudra when the lights come on. Paro comes in and questions Mohini. Mohini says she was worried and wanted to check on Rudra. She leaves with Paro watching her suspiciously.

Maitili tells Paro about iron she has found and soon finds the laddoo Rudra ate. She tells Paro she'll check if the laddoo has iron in it to confirm. In the morning Rudra has still not woken up leaving Paro upset and begging him to wake. Meanwhile Mohini and Sumer suspects Maitili knows something. Paro soon hastily rushes to the mandir but while running so much her feet begin to bleed. At the mandir she prays for Rudra's life. The priest tells her she can get what she wants if she sacrifices what is most precious to her. 

Rudra's heart rate begins to fail making everyone around him scared. His heart beat stops and the doctors are soon to give up on him. Paro is meanwhile at the mandir praying and decides to give up Rudra. She promises to leave Rudra when he's completely better. Rudra at the hospital miraculously survives and wakes calling Paro's name. Everyone is happy about Rudra now awake and tell Mohini and Sumer who are furious.

Maitili finds out from the doctor the laddoo did have iron in it. Maitili is shocked as this confirms that Mohini did this. Paro arrives and is told by Danveer the good news. Paro goes to Rudra and is about to near him but remembers her promise to leave him. Rudra sees her and calls out to her. Aman is glad to see Paro and tells her that Rudra had been asking for her. Rudra notices her bleeding feet and becomes restless wanting her to show a doctor. Aman sees too and asks Paro if she went to the mandir bare foot. Paro brushes the concern away saying it's nothing and goes to Rudra's side. Rudra firmly tells her to show a doctor, which Aman then insist to take her. Paro goes.

The doctor tells Rudra he was poisoned and that his right arm won't be active for a few days. Rudra is shocked that he can't move his arm. The doctor assures him it's temporary and tells him to take plenty of rest. The nurse goes to help Rudra up to feed him, but Rudra refuses. Paro steps in and the nurse leaves. Rudra reluctantly eats from her hand. Paro leaves the apples on his lap and tells him to eat the rest by himself. He tries but he can't. Paro watches patiently and smiles to see that after many attempts at trying to eat the apple himself with his right hand, he succeeds.

Maitili tells Paro that Mohini is begins the poison. Paro is determined to collect all the proof and bring Mohini's truth i nfront of everyone. Rudra comes home and gets angry at Mohini's taunts. Paro controls Rudra telling him to ignore her and leads him inside. At dinner, Paro tastes Rudra's food for him with Mohini and everyone shocked. Paro reveals the truth about how due to the laddoo that was meant for her, Rudra got poisoned. Mohini tries to shut Paro up, but Rudra tells her to behave before his wife.

Paro challenges Mohini to prove herself innocent by eating the ladoo. Mohini refuses. Danveer then tells her to eat. Mohini doesn't fearfully and gets angry at Maitili. Maitili sides with Paro saying she is right. Paro talks about the fire being caused by someone else found from the proof of the duplicate bridal dress, but Mohini diverts the conversation and eats the ladoo. Paro is left stunned.

After the party, a drunk Paro and sozzled Rudra talk about life .

 Paro talks, while Rudra listens. Paro babbles happily about how they would have played cops and robbers together as children, she teasingly splashes water on Rudra's face, and then crawls away. Rudra hauls her back, and she lands up almost in his arms. 

The siggy below says the rest.

The most romantic and sizzling almost PaRud kiss! 

The dhamakedar scene of the week has to be when Paro dared to speak up in front of Mohini in the hospital...It was enchanting to see she talked to Mohini in such a passionate way making clear to her that though she is doesn't have dual relationship with her husband but she had the most sacred relationship with him.

The trust, the understanding which is exactly what is required in a marital relationships. Further she told Mohini that she will stay with her husband no matter how much discomfort she felt without eating or sleeping and that they are unimportant and what was important was his life and his well being.

I felt this was the most dhamakedar scene of the week which conveyed so much and made Rudra's and Paro's bond even stronger.

It's the mother-son duo 

Mohini & Sumer


Mohini plans to kill Paro by mixing iron rust in the veneration sweets, but instead of Paro, Rudra eats it. I must say, Mohini still has the guts to plan another deadly murder after her first plan of killing Dilsher was a big fail. Sumer hadn't done anything but he knew every  move of his mother. If he wanted he could have stopped her but instead he joined his hands with his mother.

According to me the best dialogue was by Paro...

"Jaan nikal gayi thi mahri ki ek baar fir mahri wajah se apki naukri paar anch ayegi, ke mahri badtameezi ke wajah se apko saza milti, mai mar jati aur app mazak hi karte reh jate.."

This dialogue was said by Paro to Rudra and it was just fabulous.  It had the emotions which conveyed how much Paro loves and cares about Rudra and doesn't want any harm to him by her mistakes.

This week, drunk PaRud really just took over all our senses, including the humor.

The moments where Paro wanted to play chor-police with Rudra, and then went on saying that they actually did play Chor-Police, as she kept on running away from him, and he went mad searching for her.   That was cute and full of giggle worthy humor. 
And the blasting last dialogue, 

"Fir toh chor hi police ke ghar aa gayi!!" 

That was epic.

Also, a special mention to Major-Sa's prank on poor Paro. But it actually really was funny... 

"Jameen pe haath rakh rakh ke naach rahi thi!"LOL

It is definitely going to be our ...

Because she has shown us what are the responsibilities of a wife. She has grown as a person, from a little girl with dreams now she is a woman with responsibilities.

She proved to the world that till date "Satitya" exists and if a woman is true to herself and and possess true soul who loves her husband unconditionally, she can get back her husband from "yuma" (from the death bed).

She has also proven that nothing is more important in the world than her better half; she even forgot to eat and sleep while praying for her husband's life.

Paro spends a sleepless night keeping a silent vigil beside Rudra's bed. But as the dawn breaks she starts crumbling and tries to cajole him to wake up, tries threatening, sweet talking, teasing and begging him. As her dread increases she tries to annoy him, tries asking him annoying questions that would get him to scold her and finally starts singing the song she knows he hates. 

But two lines later she cannot do it anymore and as the sun rises further she breaks down and cries hugging his limp hand begging him to come back to her.

And then when Paro runs bare foot to the mandir and prays the pandithji tells her to give up her most precious thing in exchange of her wish. And she closes her eyes and as the flashbacks of hers and Rudra's interactions goes through her mind she  whispers in a broken voice 'de diya' telling that she has decided to give up the most precious thing in her life.

And the moment she has this realization her legs crumble beneath her and she falls on her knees as that is her relationship with Rudra. And as she tells the pandithji he is shocked and as explanation she tells that he is the most precious thing in her life, and how could she lie to her Bolenath especially when its his life she was begging for in return.

It was one of the most heartwrenching moments in Rangrasiya ever!

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This past fortnight has seen a lot of unexpected twists and turns taking place.  From the trip to Jaipur turning into a soul baring and heart-stirring series of PaRud moments to the poisoned laddoo conspiracy playing out so quickly.  Whilst the Jaipur track was widely appreciated for being being entertaining, sensual, intimate and at times hysterical; the same cannot be said regarding the laddoo track.

Soap cliches ran rampant in the second week with giant poisoned laddoos, nonsensical medical procedures and bargains with deities.  The only saving grace was that the actors managed to convincingly portray the emotions of their characters in those tense moments.  However a suggestion to the makers is not to get so fixated on the Shiv-Parvati mythology so much that the audience is unable to empathize correctly because they are too busy being shocked at the ridiculousness of the situation.  A poisoned person really can't be saved via strangulation.  At best they will just die faster  Wacko

And the upcoming separation track has a the chance to either make or break the show.  So please handle it with care.  We know that Paro will do what is true to heart but please bring something new to the table other than Rudra yelling 'khooburat aurate aisi hi hote hain'.  It doesn't matter if the separation is fulfilled or not.  Just make it believable!

These two weeks have been very good.  We see some growth in the story and we also got many Rudra and Paro moments along with the danceDay Dreaming.  These weeks were more important in terms of growth of story and I think it happened perfectly.

Mohini mixing poison in ladoos and Rudra eating it was a nice twist and Paro investigating was also nice.  Paro asking Bholenath to save Rudra's life and in turn she will leave Rudra was heartbreakingCry

There were some loop holes an bloopers also.  I hope to see some nice moments in the coming weeks so I would rate this week:


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Here is your Winning SiggyClap



Here is your Winning SiggyClap

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A hot and spicy OS...but not for the reasons you think  Tongue  Check out what happens when Paro sends Pakoras.

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A series of beautiful one shots dedicated the characters of Rangrasiya.  Their reason, their being and what makes them tick are delved into by the author.  Insightful and stirring.  A definite must read!

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Thank you all for the immense support! We have successfully reached the sixth newsletter. I hope we cross many more editions.

Congratulations winners!Clap We hope you like this week's edition.EmbarrassedPlease leave your comments and suggestions :)

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Woot!  Bol Naa Halke Halke indeed!!!

Congratulations to the winners!  Clap
Thanks to the RR NL team for putting this together  Heart
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Good job NL team

cngrts to winners
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congrats to all the winners
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