Sanaya/Parvati-The All In One Irani Is Back.{AT}

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.Sanaya/Parvati-The All In One Irani Is Back.
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I am updating here my own post as its perfect for our angel! Heart

Well being a huge Sanaya fan, I didn't want to be biased, thus for 7 episodes I refrained from making this topic, cz I truly wanted to be sure..

Well let's come to a point in the past. When I watched Khushi in IPK and eventually started being crazy for San by Dec 2011 I had started watching MJHT. And I remember 2 full weeks of Christmas vacation i spent on at 19hrs of MJHT, half an hour of IPK and slept for 4 hrs n did nothing else and finished all 526 MJHT episodes within 2 weeks flat!

And while I watched Gunjan for all that time and switched in to Khushi at 8 pm every night, despite seeing the same face, I wasn't even for a single second reminded of Khushi while I watched Gunjan or Gunjan while I was watching Khushi..
Be it from the way she looked, to her mannerisms and to my shock even to her voice NOTHING was similar!
If i didn't know it was Sanaya who played Gunjan and I was given to listen to Gunjan's husky voice without showing her at that time i would never have guessed its the same girl who played my chirpy, bubbly Khushi!
She simply erased all of Gunjan and rewrote Khushi!

And then two weeks back when she came back to my life as Paro, I was in for the same delightful shock!
She simply owned Paro within 4 episodes! That sweet innocence, painful crippling shyness.. I think I honestly fell in love with Paro's innocence in that scene where she is going in the tractor to the town to get her bridal wear. And Paro stands up and with a sweet smile adorning her face as u see an idea cross her mind.. Her face is so open and innocent u can see the play of every thought that comes to her mind.
And she takes off her dupatta from her head and turns her face to the sun her eyes softly wistful.. only to hear her best friend calling out, "Paro, tu aise?"
and at that second if u watched closely u will see, Paro simply jumps for a second..she gets scared as if shocked by being reminded of what she just did! That simple act followed by Bindi's words 'yeh chun mun chuhiya mein itni himmat kahase agayi?' and that tiny reaction... it said so much.. that is the extent of nuances she has put in to Paro..
I simply fell in love with her innocence at that moment...

Every scene that followed, be it the helplessness when the lechers were molesting her..
she didn't fight, not for a single second.. she only tried to shrink away, she begged, she prayed, she cried telling them 'manne chod' in that sweet heartbreaking voice.. she simply didn't even know she could fight!
This is something Khushi would have so inherently known and would have done without a thought! Khushi darti thi, par karthi thi.. but Paro? she was too timid n innocent for that..
she is like that proverbial vine that would mould itself around a strong tree.. allowing the tree to decide where to go.. she needs and looks out for someone stronger than herself to save her.. that was the moment she took refugee in Rudra's strong self.. And what can I say about those beautiful expressive eyes that speak a myriad of emotions that need not a single word to be conveyed... her sweet soul speaks through those innocent eyes..

Then comes Paro's silence.. For an entire 7 episodes I have heard her talk less than I have heard Khushi talk in 1 single episode on IPKKND!
And YET is there a single person who didn't understand her through and through? A silence she is so comfortable in... Even when Thakurainmasa combs her hair and continues talking, she remains silent...its not a forced silence. that inherent quietness is so much a part of who Paro is..such tranquility I have never seen in another character she played on screen,,, that is simply who she is..

And her voice modulation! I am not a native hindi speaker, so i will not at all comment on the dialects.. BUT i can so easily hear every tone that changes in her voice..
Listen to the moment where she brings the sewing machine and tells her mamisa about what to do.. i never hear Khushi from then onward... I simply hear Paro, with that soft lilt in her words.. the tone she uses as Paro has so much innocence and sweetness infused in it, that i just sometimes replay a video just to listen to that voice..
Another beautiful scene where I heard this clearly was last night as she turned fearful that she has hurt her Thakurainmasa by refusing the gift, just trust me and listen to it for a moment when she says, 'nai nai Takurainmasa, aapka apman nahi karrehi thi, manne tho' and then listen to her as Khushi..there is nothing similar b/w the two voices..

And now comes that beautiful scene when in sweet gleefulness she took out her shadika joda and as she twirled, smiled and took delight in being a bride.. every girl's dream since childhood...her steps were light.. she had given in to a moment of carefreeness that is so rare for her.. even then, 1 tiny bit faster she twirled, a bit more energy had she infused in it, if her laughter rang a tiny octave higher she would have been Khushi.. BUT she never crossed that invisible line.. She stayed Paro through and through..

Finally let me come to yesterday's blissful episode..she watches from behind the curtain as colorful crowds welcome her groom.. And she asks Bindi how he is, and when she gets that positive reply that he is amazing by her best friend, the sweet smile and the shy blush that adorns her.. How she peeks from behind that curtain and shyly takes in her dulha.. And as their eyes met how she hides behind the curtain, only to peek a little once again to end up giving that tiny sweet smile to him..

And that final scene as she is taken to him for the sagai and is asked to tell what test she wants to put him through.. She is so painfully shy, she doesn't even raise her gaze from the floor.. and then hearing those sweet couplets as she raises her gaze at him.. the sweet innocence in her simply blew me away! n how absolutely adorably she was bashful once she realized what she had done...I simply couldn't stop smiling...
You just feel her sweet joy so much so that you cannot help but root for this doomed from the beginning, sweet love story.. She just makes one live the emotions of the character she plays..

As Paro she brings a level of innocence I have never before witnessed... a sweet gentleness that could put a feather to shame, as one article mentioned... she reflects a soul so pristine and untouched by all human vices that you are simply enthralled by that level of innocence in a human being...

And one final thing, just today too I watched her as Khushi... and not for a single second I see even a shadow of Paro in Khushi, nor Khushi in Paro...

Sanaya Irani, what a phenomenal performer you are... an actress par excellence... I loved her as Khushi, i still love her as Khushi..but i already love her as Paro...
Paro is being lived by Sanaya already! she owns Paro within so short a time exuding an innocence i have rarely seen on screen before...

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Posted: 2013-12-30T13:09:25Z
yeey Sanz AT <33
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Posted: 2013-12-30T13:25:14Z
Congrats for the First SI AT in this forum Party
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Posted: 2013-12-30T13:38:09Z
All the Sanayaholics..I know its a super duper happy day for hug guys..Hug
my happiness today cannot be expressed in words seeing the queen of TV back with a bang..
and once again she made me proud portraying the role of Paro..
Tia sheds tears of happiness..Cry
I'm aww-ing since  long time now..
5 mins..or even less than that is all she needs to prove that she is the queen of expression..
her epic entry..with that million dollar smile..depicting innocence,purity,happiness...
her sunny smile which is so infectious that you are bound to smile with her and feel happy watching her to cheer

the smiling face being immediately changed to a face full of kindness,Concern and worry..

slowly her expression changes when she got scared with Rudra's arrival..her eyes revealing how much terrified she is..depicting helplessness..

and then she screams..
OMG it was so goosebumps will be real hard to see her like this..but she nails such scene with sheer perfection..

Sanaya Irani hats off to you..the more i watch you..the more you amaze me..
I'm so proud of your choice..Rang Rasiya and Paro is the kind of show and Character Truly made for you..Keep Rocking..!!

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Posted: 2013-12-30T13:40:44Z
Love your post.

Sanaya leaves us speechless.
Just amazing.
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