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Ishq ka Rutba hai sabse uchha... Ishq se uchha na koi...
Sacche Ishq ke aage Rab bhi ser ko jhukaye... Jab iss aag ke dariya me dubbe koi...

Guys it say Love is the great from anything nothing is big in this world then Love. When it comes to true Love even God bend down front of Love seeing how the true Love is still alive as it is after facing so many difficulties in their love for loved once but still the love same nothing can change it not even he himself.


Guys how r u all doing... hoping to be gud... I know you all must be thinking why I started this SS with such these lines... so here I m to explain to u my lovely readers u will surly get to know abt it but after progressing in the story with future updates...
So until then just enjoy with this lines & future updates of parts very soon. Now I want to share with u all something abt this SS's story...


As I have promised to u all soon I will back again with New SS so I m here with it which will be called as "Ishq ka Rutba... Ishq ne likhi Anokhi Dastaan... A story which is written by true Love of 2 people who is deeply, madly & crazily in love with each other... yes story is on RaYa (Ram-Priya) only but again SanRaj (Sanjana-Raj) is going to play an important key role into the story... I m posting via Cell phone so some grammatical mistakes will be there so plz ignores if u find such in updates too
hope u would like this SS just like u loved my other write ups... So here I m presenting...


SS-Ishq ka Rutba... Ishq ne likhi Anokhi Dastaan.


~ Concept ~
This story is all abt how Love bring the two strangers come across to each other coincidentally even they attracted to each other with their first sight but still they gets parted without of any choice as they have no reason to be get together then how Love again puts them front of each other in future but this time to unite them for the life time. Yes they get committed to each other then they madly fall in love with each other with passing time of their courtship period after well knowing each other more.
Somehow destiny has some other plan & played its card for them or we can say against them as one day they get separated for forever but their Love never dies & it's their true Love who brings them again front of each other as a couple in same life but this time they were together yet they were longs apart from each other as they were the same yet not same for each other. They were together still be with each other.
it says that if Love is true it can make God & Destiny to change their decision... but here God & destiny both change their decision but the situation is now changed do u believes in that RaYa will be unite once again??? Will they be again the deeply in love couple??? come let's find out in this story of Ram & Priya that will they able to find their Love & will they have able to blissful happy life with each other? Is r u ready with me to find out the answers?

As its gonna be Past & Present story so things will gonna be change as per the story moving so guys just don't worry enjoy the flow of story without worrying abt future updates.


[email protected]~ Links of other Parts... [email protected]~

~*~ Star cast of SS ~*~ 

~* Prologue *~ 

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Part 7 - My Confession of Love... 

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Part 8 - Life always gives second chance.


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~*~ Star cast of the FF ~*~

Actually there is long list of star cast & wanted to give their introduction along with actor's picture like i did in my other FF but can't do as using mobile so giving actors name who r playing the character in bracket & also will give u proper introduction of side roles along with moving story but right now just giving u lead's & main characters introduction but added everyone's name in list will update with proceeding story.
So here we go with intro of leads. As it is again Past Present story so age will change according to story so don't get confuse as I will write story in both phase in past & present together there will be 5 years gape so just try to calculate age of leads according to their past & present track so I hope u can understand that. If any confusion ask me freely.


Ram Amarnath Kapoor {Ram Kapoor}
He is 23 years (is Past story age & Present age is 29) old rich business tycoon Mr. Amarnath Kapoor & Krishna Kapoor's elder son very charming & a bit plump guy he have down to earth in nature yet stubborn even gets irritated on small thing if its didn't work as per his wish also he is cleanliness freak. He crazily loves eating food have just only 1 best friend in life & its Vikram Sheargil & very close person of his Dadi Janki Kapoor even his little sister Natasha is just like daughter to him. He really very cares & possessive abt her like typical big brother. Ram is yet unmarried but family is finding nice alliance for him these days but he is not much interest in that. His all focus r right now in the business only as he just entered in business world but seeing his talent people says he will be soon become a big business tycoon them his father. Which his family & friends also wish even it's his aim too.


Priya Sudhir Sharma {Sakshi Tanwer}
She is 22 year ( is Past story age & Present age is 28) old doing her graduation from Mumbai university good looking & bubbly girl she is very naughty yet disciplined as being single girl child of her family from last 3 generation so everyone loves her a lot & fulfills all her demand which they can. She is a bit messy type of girl with things of her life. She is from upper middle class well settled family. She is having all values of her parents Mr. Sudhir & Shipra Sharma & her elder Brother Raj Shrama. Her elder bro is everything for her she loves him a lot. Even she get very irritate when her little brother teases her every way to her trouble but at the end she loves her little bro just like he does. She is very friendly person & her best friend is Neha she is yet unmarried but soon will be. Priya is also unmarried & family is finding nice alliance for her. She is ready to tie to knot happily after her graduation but she would like to study further & becomes teacher its her passion.


Raj Sudhir Sharma {Ronit Bose Roy}
He is 25 years (is Past story age & Present age is 31) old CEO of Sharma fabric factories. He is young hot dashing guy yet unfit physically as at the age of 10 his right hand suddenly stopped working his family did lot of medical treatment to make him recover from this disuses but nothing work out in his case. There was no problem in him physically but it might be mentally but he never got recovered from it. He is very reserved person less talker b'coz of his these disuses. He never shows his pain or shares it with anyone expect Priya his baby sister. Priya & Raj shares amazing bond both r very close to each other they shares with each other every matter of their life for his little brother Sidhhant he is idol his bother just wanted to be like Raj in life successful & gud human being. Raj is yet unmarried & is very efficient business man. He won lots of awards in his filled a talented yet alone person he don't have much friends. He believes in all morals & values of his father & respects him a lot even he loves his family a lot he can do anything for them.


Sanjana (Sandy) Alok Waliya {Aasiya Kazi}
She is 26 years (She is only entering in story at Present track) old by profession she is a doctor she is psycretistic she is practicing in UK's famous hospital even she got very famous in her last 3 years of practice in her hospital. She was studying at the same collage, as she was very bright student of her batch so after completing her studies hospital offers her to continue work with them as a Doctor in the hospital. She happily agreed to do that even she is now studying further to achieve more in her field. She is very talented & hard working girl yet unmarried but very close to her only brother Jai Waliya, She lost her parents 2 years ago in plane crash after that his only brother Jai & uncle Shiny Mama is left to call her own family but after her parents death she often misses her mom the most as they were very close to her just like his elder brother Jai she loves her brother & admires him like a father for Jai Sandy is only his world he loves & cares for his little sister a lot.


Ram Alok Waliya {}
He is the surprise element of this FF u will got to know abt him with moving story so then enjoy others.


Isha Shiv Sharma {Prachi Desai}
She is the surprise element of this FF u will got to know abt her with moving story so then enjoy others. (She have no such any relation with Priya or her family it's just they share same surname only.

Vikram Roshan Sheargil {Jai Karla}
A young dashing 23 years ( is Past age & Present age is 29) old gud looking hot & cool dude girls go crazy for him in collage. He is gud heart man he believes in relationship but its also true he is bit of flirty. He like girls rooming around him. He is best buddy of Ram working with him in Kapoor Industries & holding very important place in Ram's father's heart. Amarnath & Krishna treats him as their 2nd son both loves Vik a lot same as Vik also loves them a lot. As he is orphanage kid he was staying alone in his apartment after completing his study. He is self made man he made himself by his hard work. Ram asked him many time to come & stay with him in Kapoor mention but every time he refused as he feels like everyone will think he took advantage of Ram's friendship. He really didn't want to let anyone to think like as it will hurt Ram & his dignity & he didn't want to do that but after get ordered by Amarnath & get black mailed by Krishna he finally agreed to stay in KM just for them as he really loves them & consider them as his own parents. He is yet unmarried & finding his lady love in life he flirt with many girls but he never got his Miss princess which soon gonna be meet him in form of Neha & future state of NeVi's will be along updating of parts.


Neha Vikram Sheargil {Tarana Raja Kapoor}
She is young charming & naughty girl at the age of 22 years (is her Past age Present age is RC) old she is studying along with Priya in same college. She is very fun loving & full of energy girl. She is kind of tom boy types girl she don't give dame to boys who play along with girl & use them as tissue but love to make fun of this kind of people. She love Priya a lot & both treats each other as blood sister she is living in Mumbai alone at hostel as her parents is in Pune. She misses them but every weekend she drop down to her parents to troubles them but truth is her parents also loves her a lot she is Princess of them. She is unmarried & have no wish to marry any time soon she wants to enjoys her life as the it is but soon gonna be Mrs.Vikram Sheargil... it will happen how? u will get to know with future parts.


Sidhhant (Sid) Sudhir Sharma {Mahesh Sheety}
Younger son of Sharma's very sweet & gold from heart. He sees his elder brother Raj as his ideal for life he wants to be like him a hardworking responsible good human being. Very charming & popular in girl little beat flirt but just for fun never crosses his limits. He is darling of his both elder sibling as he is the younger one but fights with his Priya di a lot & same the way he loves her a lot. He studying in his junior collage (In past) yet single & right now working in Sharma industries along with Raj.


Natasha (Nuts) Amarnath Kapoor {Sumona Chakravarti}
Younger one in Kapoor's charming & very talented person just like her elder brother Ram also very close to him. Ram calls her as Choti with love she is darling of everyone sensible & very responsible person. She is darling of her parents & Vikram. She also don't want to join Kapoor industries when her wants her to join in as she have really gud business senses just like her dad but she have her own dreams as she wants to be fashion designer by her own without the fame of being Kapoor. She wants to be by her handwork & she is single & studying in her junior collage (In past) but right now a established & very famous international fashion designer just the way she & her lovely brother has dreamed off.


{Remaining actors r same as per the show}


Janki Lala Kapoor {Rajinder Kuar Marchanda same as show}
She is 60 year old Panjabi lady Late lala Kapoor's wife & Amarnaath Kapoor's mother very gud from heart & lovely lady. She is favorite of Ram as she always supports Ram in his all work & they make team against whole family. She having just one craze & its eating sweets also she is completely foody just like Ram but she can't eat much as she having cholesterol & she is diabetic patient. Ram is against of her to eating sweets but some time he grants her wish to eat occasionally as he loves & cares for his Dadi a lot.


Amarnath Kapoor {same as show} & Krishna Kapoor {Madhu Raja}
The biggest business tycoon of India & his lovely daring wife both r very down to earth person very sweet & lovely who cares for others feeling & respect them a lot very nice person from heart & parents of Ram & Natasha even they consider Vikram as their own kid only. Amar & Krishna has seen many dreams for their kids & willing to fulfill it. Amar is a quite jolly & light heart person were Krishna is little strict & serious person.
They r basically from Punjab Amar had running there their family business along with his father but after his father's death he shifted all his business to Mumbai & left Punjab & settled with his family in Mumbai only. There is lot of his relatives r in Punjab & they r having gud context with them also. ram has bond in Punjab only but Natasha was any to born they shifted to Mumbai were Amar & his family got all name & fame & today they r counting in one of the today's rich & humble family. When they were in Punjab Amar hardly met to Shudhir & his family as only Ram & Krishna who were very attached to them as they were going to say at Delhi at Shiny's place maximum time.


Sudhir Sharma {Prithvi} & Shipra Sharma {Renuka Israni}
The proud parents of 3 kids & happily married couple. They had love marriage at their time yet got arranged by their family they were living in Delhi & neighbor of Shiny also Shiny is the only friend of Sudhir. Sudhir is businessman who build up his small scale Sharma Industries with his hard work & efforts 15 years ago which is now getting handle by his elder son Raj very efficiently who is silent & claim person yet very smart & talented also. When Sudhir came to Mumbai 15 years ago he had nothing expect 3 kids 1 wife & some amount of money in pocket but due to his hard work & efficiency today he is owner of Sharma Industries. Shipra is basically a house wife but she also gave her lots of efforts to make Sudhir what he is today she had gave her full support to him. She is now a days taking care of her & her hubby's 3 love symbols... their kids along with her sweet hubby. She is educated matured yet jolly mother & wife. Sudhir & Shipra have only one girl child among 3 kids who is soul of this family. Sudhir & Shipra both loves her a lot even her 2 brother also pours their soul on her. Their 3rd kid is real saitaan of this house youngest one & the naughtiest one Sid also the one who spread only laughter around the every corner of house with humor & his small yet sweet salty fights with his Priya Di


Alok Waliya & Niharika Waliya
They r the parents of Jai Waliya & Sanjana Waliya very sweet & down to earth people staying in UK they r very rich people Alok Waliya has his own established business who is now taking car under by Jai his son. They r basically from Punjab but went to UK years a go in search of gud job & life & today they r one of the most prestigious Indian family in UK. Niharika is very sweet & caring mother she loves her son Jai a lot where Sanjana is daring of his father but he loves Jai too. Jai & Sanjana both r life of their parents but unfortunately both kids has lost their parents in car accident 2 years ago of present track.


Major Shiny Talwar {Deepak Qazir}
He is from army background he retired Major Shiny Talwar. A very strict yet very soft heart person. He lost his wife years ago when he was at border fighting for nation & his wife was delivering his child in hospital. His wife's case got critical & doctors were operating his wife but they couldn't able to save both, his wife & child both died in operation. After that he never remarried as he was deeply in love with his wife that's why he devoted himself to only for nation & now days he is retired Major Shiny Talwar who living in Delhi who is favorite of his only nephew & niece Ram & Natasha.
Ram is very close to him he treat Ram as his own child as when his son died along with his wife KK was also pregnant at the same time. She delivered Ram near to that period only at his husband's house in Mumbai. Ram was the one who help a lot Shiny to get out from his mantle turma. Ram never met his mama a lot nor spends lot of time with him as he is army officer & get very less time but when ever they r together they r just like crime partners in naughtiness they always been connected via calls every week Shiny calls Ram & he also loves to talk to his Mama a lot in childhood when ever Shiny could talk to him. Ram is very close to his Shiny Mama whom he calls as his buddy wither he shares his things abt his life... his dreams... with his father or not but he would defiantly tell to his Mama.
Even Sudhir Sharma is also very gud childhood friend of Shiny. They were staying in Delhi as neighbor from childhood he & Shiny shares really gud bond from childhood only. Even his wife Shipra & Shiny's wife Lakshi was also gud friend even when Laksmi was pregnant Shipra & Sudhir was there only taking care of her they was the one who gave this painful news to Shiny abt his wife & child's death. They were the only who handled him in his this painful days until they sand him to Punjab to his Sister & Bother in law for some days to get out from this pain as they felt if place will change he would feel more batter. Shiny didn't wanted but Shipra & Sudhir forces him for his betterment.
After some years Sudhir shifted to Mumbai with his family but his friendship with Shiny never got changed they are still closed friend & sharing the same bond & love in life. They were meeting up very less due to Shiny's duty but their bond... their love & friendship is same as before. Shiny is very excited to meet all in Mumbai as he is coming after almost 10 years to meet all of them as he started one army's academy by his own to aware people abt army & encourage them to join army & be a soldiers. 


Shulakshna Kamble {Suku tai} (late Rasika Joshi)
She was one of the wonderful actress in this industry's but unfortunately she just died around a year ago while fighting with cancer. She was wonderful person too so I m making her alive in this SS as this character will suits her the best she last played Tarulata Mahiyavanshi in Bandini. I love u Rasika ji u were the best.]
She is 55-year-old head nurse of City hospital in Mumbai from last 15 years she is working her as head nurse in this hospital. She is hardworking, very sweet & claim person she makes everyone smile with her pleasant nature. She can mix up with anyone very easily. She is having her family her hubby works in factory. She have 2 kids 1 boy & one girl but her most of the time spends in hospital only taking care of patients that's why she bonded with them very well.


Dr. Ravi Rastogi {Guest appearance}
He is 60 years old strong experienced psychiatrist doctor of Mumbai's leading City hospital from last 30 years. He is very hard working & one of the best doctor in City hospital even he is very humble & gud human being yet very strict abt his patients health too. (he will be in story for just 2 part then he will only appears if its needful so not giving any actor name u can imagine him anyone of there in show.)


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So here is the long term Preview as the name of Prologue.
(I got this Prologue idea from Narita di's write ups I really like this type so using it here its all credit goes to her for this style.)


~* Prologue *~

The morning sunrise were peeping in the room & showering its love on lovely couple. The cold smooth wind even blowing in air like a music as today is beginning of something fresh... something new after yesterday night nothing has left like before... as after last night 2 awaiting soul become one for forever. Now no one can gonna part them neither they themselves. As last night they didn't just own each other but get their own self lost in each others love that way that now no one can found that is they parted or not.
No one knows among them both what is hiding in future for them but someway somewhere it was like new chapter was going to start now of their love journey. The fresh sunrise falls on the face of man on bad who stirred in his sleep he tried to move from his place but could't as he felt some weight on him. He lazily opens his eyes to see what is holding him from moving. He blinked his eyes several times to get clear exact view of his surroundings but he was shocked after seeing that which reality is waiting for him. He never wanted to do this before he confess his love & his lady love accepts it with respect & pure love from her heart but destiny & his love for her took him here.
He was in his deep thoughts he don't know what to do now & how he will face her when she will weak up. He know what ever they did won't be wrong in her eyes but he was felling miserable for that b'coz he knew that truth which she even don't know. He found both of them naked covered under blanket he is lying on his back on bad & she is sleeping resting her head & half body on his life side shoulder & chest While her right hand is covering his waist from front there his left hand is around her waist from left side under her body & his right hand is on her palm over his body both holding each other like crazy lover. Man is gazing at his lady love her hair totally messed up she looking really tiered.
Then man turned his gaze from her to front wall of bad & suddenly his eye catch on the picture which is hanging on wall the picture of RaYa's wedding seeing the RaYa's smiling picture a tear drop starts to roll down from his cheek. He was feeling very guilty & ashamed of himself for what he did last night he came to her to tell her whole truth he has came to confess his feeling for her but where he ended up he should't did this before telling her whole truth of their life. He should to control his feelings last night.
He did wrong by disgracing her purity as she is only one man women but after last night he actually cheated her he kept her in dark abt the the whole truth which even can change their everything in their life for forever & she surrendered herself to him unknowingly. Here tears started falling from his eyes he don't understand what to do he closed his eyes where he remembered abt last night with his lady love in their green kingdom (bad room).

In RaYa's green room at their Love land the same man facing Priya & she is crying bitterly... his heart was bleeding seeing her in this state just b'coz of him. He can't see his love shattering like this. He also got his eyes moisture & new form of tears started to fall. He moves from his place towards Priya with so much pain in him.
He don't know what to do how to stop her cry his pain were clearly showing in his brown eyes for her. He moves closer to her & holds her from her solders placing his both arms securely around her on her both shoulders for moment Priya sees in hi eyes who were just seeing down towards floor. Their eyes met & both were just looking in each others eyes while getting lost in each other more & more. Priya still eyes still was flowing with tears. She said while in between her sobs gulping air in her.

Priya: I Love you Ram... I Love you... & I really really really do... (She continues to say still while sobbing loss of breaths in her then she closed her eyes with falling tears from her heavy heart Ram sees her like this his heart cuts in 1000 pieces he can't see her like this.)
He comes more closer to her & holds her face in between his palms.

Ram: I Love u too Priya & I just Loves u... I can't even imagine my life without u... u r just like my breath I will die if u won't be with me... plz don't go leaving me like this. (Ram started to weeping like small child front of Priya... it was unable for Priya to see Ram like this. She immediately took Ram in her embrace holding him tight against her body assuring him she won't go anywhere leavening him ever.)

That night is witness of their unity afterwards of this emotional confession of love for each other. (Don't worry guys I have brief update on SR but will be in future track so until then wait & watch)
Ram opened his eyes with new form of tears falling from his corner of eyes. He turns his face with slight move next to him to his lady love. He sees next to him Priya is sleeping peacefully she hold him more tightly stirred in her sleep.

Priya: I Love u Ram I Love u a lot...(She again falls in sleep holding Ram tightly & here Ram felt more guilty for his did.)

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Cant waittt plz update asap looks like an emotional ss but still love the concept so update soon
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Posted: 2013-10-31T13:10:08Z

hi leena...cont seems interesting...waiting
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Posted: 2013-10-31T13:42:45Z
Hey sounds intresting...ple will update soon and if it possible thn pm me when u will update..
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Posted: 2013-10-31T22:56:01Z
nice startThumbs UpClap waiting for the update and thanks for pmTongue continue soonDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2013-10-31T23:13:03Z
nice update..Clap
continue soon
thanks for pm
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