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 hi guys...

I knew I am not new here but let me first introduce my self... I m leena... n I love writing I even wrote some FF threads on IF on my favorite couple... I read many FF on this forum n all r just mind blowing superb...
So thought to contribute some from my side too for our sweet heart RaYa... I love RaYa so thought let's stars FF on them... so I m here front of u all with my new story...hope u will like it... feels free ur self to criticize it or give suggestions & comment...
Guys I know this is Balh forum... & in this my FF there will be RaYa but then also there will be semi lead couple with them... as I wanted to make this a bit different from usual FF... so I am just hoping u will like this FF... so here we go with intro section...


Concept: - its story of two couples one is having mature love story & one have age gape love story... I m trying to show different love story in one story... how they get closer with time, how they have small... small fight while growing their relationship & how they teach each other to love in life... its story abt friendship... love & relationship...

Story: - its story of two mans who finds them self un eligible... one thoughts he is average looking & fatty for his lady love... & one will thought he is very elder for his lady love... both the girls will be unaware from this both guys feelings... & we will see how this girls will get to know abt guys feelings & how will they react on it... will they accept each other after having differences... or this both love story will be just in complete with their separations... 

cast: -

Ram Kapoor: -

A business tycoon of nation... he got this title in very younger age with his hard working & honesty... he is sweet, shy & fatty cutie matured guy... as he is the eldest son f the house... he never talk much to girls because of his shy nature... but he have 3 best friends in his life... & without them he can't imagine his life without them... even he loves his family & siblings very much...he is too foody n he loves eating... girls rooming around him b'coz of his money... but he never like those things n that's why he keeps away from girls...


Priya Sharma:  -

A business women... she is working with Ram in his office as his business partner she runs her business with Ram efficiently just the way Ram's father & her father were doing... she is beautiful, Matured & smiley girl... who believes to live the life fully... she don't care for other she do what her heart says with honesty... she is only one child of her parents... She is from one of the best friend of Ram... & even very close to his family...


Dharamraj a.k.a DM Kapoor: -

He is a king of diamond merchant & he runs his father's business with his father but have not much interest in this business... he is just working there b'coz of his father's pressures but he actually loves his passion of writing... he writes novels & his books r world famous but not with his name with his artistic name Sagar... & in whole world lot of ppl r his madly fans... but no one knows he is Sagar he never disclose himself in front of world (reason will disclosed later)... He is handsome & good looking guy girls' just gets falls for him in first sight...

He is cousin elder bother of Ram (Ram's elder uncle's son) & his one of the best friend of Ram... these both never hides anything from each other...


Sanjana a.k.a Sanju Sharma:  -

She is 18 year old college girl she is living in UK with her parents & she is younger cousin sis of Priya who was coming to stay with here after long 15 years to spend her vacations with her elder sister & her family... she loves her sis a lot as after being far away from her she always chat with Priya on cell & eve Priya goes to stay at UK to her in her vacations they both very close to each other...she is just bold, open minded, chirpy... fun loving confident girl who brave to face any kind of problem in life...


Vikram a.k.a vik Sharegil: -

He is the best friend of Ram from his college days & he is with him from those days...even he working with him in his office... Ronit even know vik very nicely... & all of this 3 r best friends... he is bachelor but have just going to be engaged soon with Neha... the lady love of his life...he is fun loving happy go lucky guy...


Neha singh:  -

she is would be fiancee of Vik... she was not from their friends group as she is going to have arranged marriage with Vik...her parents chooses Vik for her & she happily agrees for that... but soon slowly...slowly she & Priya becomes good friends... & now days they r best friends... she is a bit quite, sensible & simple girl...


Nitika a.k.a nuts Kapoor: -

She is younger sis of Ram n very hyper girl... she always loves to rule on ppl... she hates to follows the order as she is ladli of her bhai (Ram) & he always gives her everything in life what ever she asks to him... & b'coz of that she do anything to get her lovable things...but she is not bad from heart she is doing her graduation...


Kartik Wadhwa:  -

He is cool minded gold hatred boy... he studies with Nuts in her college even best friend of nuts...but or Nuts he is more then friend...but for him Nuts his just best friend nothing else...

Ritika Khurana a.k.a Ritz:-

She is best buddy of Sanju from childhood. They both very close to each other she lives in UK she have no one in her life expect her uncle her parents died long back leaving million dollar property on her name which is taking care by her uncle. She lives in her house with him. Sanju is everything for her. She wants to be famous fashion designer in her life... not such big dreams she is happy with small things...

Sidhaant a.k.a sid Kapoor: -

The youngest brother of Ram... n completely spoilt brat... he just has nothing to do in life expect loves spend his bro's money over to uses girl... n later them out from his life...no one knows in ram's family abt his this bad habits... he even lies to ram many times for money...

Niharika a.k.a Nik Kapoor :-

She is step mom of Ram... nuts & sid r her own child... but she loves Ram purely from heart & always wants & working out for his batter future... she has come in Ram's life when his real mother dies in accident Ram father married to her but she take Ram as her eldest son... she loves Ram more then her own kids... She is gud from heart & very supportive towards Ram...

Sudhir Sharma :-

He is father of Priya funny yet earnest man He is an idealist and a man of principles who has married a simple sweet girl after a steamy affair in his youth with her. Sudhir is a bit opposite of his wife doesn't have big dreams for Priya he wants just perfect match for her who also understands her the way he do. He is very close to his only daughter Priya and is like a friend to her. He jokes with her but at the same time understands her like nobody else.


Shipra Sharma :-

She is mother of Priya a sweet lady loves her family a lot... her life rooms around her only child Priya she wants her to get married soon as she is now settle down in her as per the carrier life... but her all efforts go vain as Priya is not ready to get marry soon... but she still finding bride groom Prince charming the richest man of world who gives all happiness to her Princess... she loves outing & chatting with ladies in kitty parties...

Other characters will gonna be introduced with story...

So guys I m done with the Intro... (I think it becomes a bit longLOL) anyways plz guys let me know with ur responses would u like to read it more & should I continue with this story or not..

Waiting for ur criticize, suggestions & comment...!!!

  Happy commenting...  

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 Part 15- Thanks wala Love...

new thread ~ Aur pyar ho gaya 2

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Please start writing...can't wait to read it...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 7 years ago
oh my god...i love the intro...and god di you brought both my jaans together in your FF...RaYa and RoSiya/SanRaj...plz remane it to SanRaj plz plz plz i miss them like hell...thanx for this story...waiting for the update
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all the best 4 ur fff.start soon

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thanks Leena for this wonderful thread ...and bringing SanRaj / RoSiya & RaYa together Thumbs Up Edited by ramonag - 7 years ago
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Posted: 7 years ago
awesome intro...cant wait for ur updatesBig smile
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Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Please start writing...can't wait to read it...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

will update it soon bhai just wait n watch... n thanks for liking the story Tongue
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Originally posted by SanRaj.RaYa

oh my god...i love the intro...and god di you brought both my jaans together in your FF...RaYa and RoSiya/SanRaj...plz remane it to SanRaj plz plz plz i miss them like hell...thanx for this story...waiting for the update

yaar i would loved to do even maine wahi naam dene ka socha tha but panjabi story hai yaar gujrati naam kaise lagenge??? 
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