OS- Talli Love "Balam Pichkari Jo Tune Mujhe Mari..."

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OS - Mere aang raja jo tera rang laga...
Toh sidhi saddi chori sharabi ho gayi...

This time I thought to try something romantic so choosing the part from show which CV's left untold... Which is very close to our heart but I have tried my best don't know wither ever RaYa behaved the way I had wrote here still I wrote as I felt story demanded so if no one like it or if I hurt anyone then really very sorry. Now moving on towards our story its of the our very own talli Priya's part... Just after the C-night of RaYa & their lovely after marriage first tali holi...

Also this is purely 18+ update so pls read at or own risk & let me know if u didn't like anything in it or if any complain us there regarding update.

So the part will start from there were Priya asking Ram how will she get bath as she is having 4 hands & getting irritate Ram take her with him into washroom... So my story will start from here that how Ram made Priya bath in her talli state... Just assumes that Ram has closed the door before pulling Priya towards washroom...

Priya: waise Mr. Kapoor yeh toh batayiye k aap mujhe kaha le ja rahe hain kyunki aap toh mujhe nahane ko bhej rahe the. (
Priya asked innocently to Ram while moving towards bathroom & Ram stares her like he will eat her up right now but somehow he controlled his anger & try reply Priya clammily.)
Ram: wahi toh le ja raha hun Priya bhul gayi yehi toh hamara bathroom hai. (
Ram pointing finger at bathroom told to Priya with claim voice & slight smiles.)

Priya is abt to open her mouth for further questioning but before she could do Ram hold her hand & pull her inside the washroom Priya felt pain when Ram hold her hand tightly she shouted while entering in washroom. Ram got panic hearing her shout.

Ram: kya hua chila kyun rahi ho? (
Ram asked her in light yet angry voice but seeing Priya crying like innocent baby his all anger went off.)
Priya: aapne phir se mera haat dabaya woh bhi zoro se u hurt me again Mr. Kapoor... (
She started crying like small baby seeing this Ram loved his lady love's cuteness & can't stop himself from to blush seeing her cute childness which he loved a lot.)
Ram: aacha pehli baar kab dabaya tha Priya... (
He asked naughtily rolling his tongue in side his mouth with naughty grin carved on his lips.)
Priya: woh kal raat ko maine aapse kitna kaha par aap toh mera hath itni kas k pakda tha k aur aap toh bas... (
While saying this she blushed remembering abt last night which she spent with Ram & feeling all the pleasure all again from her man... Her love... from her prince charming she blush & try to move away but before she can go Ram again hold her.)
Ram: aise kaha ja rahi ho pehle baat toh puri karo yaar main toh bas kya... (
He again hold her hand but this time softly & pull her back she again stands front of him.)
Priya: kuch nahi bas chodiye mujhe jana hai... (
Priya is still shy as last night moments r still alive front of her eyes seeing her all blush Ram also blushed.)
Ram: nahi aise toh main tumhe jane nahi dene wala hun pehle nahane ke kaam pura kaare phir kal ka adhura kaam bhi toh pura karna hai. (
Ram said with naughty grin moving towards Priya & she is moving back but still in drunk state.)
Priya: kal ka kuansa kaam hai Mr. Kapoor jo aapka adhura reh gaya hai. (
Priya asks innocently as she is unaware of Ram's naughty plan.)
Ram: woh kaam kya hai na Priya me bol kar nahi practically hi bata sakta hun toh jab karunga na toh tum bhi apne aap samajh aa jayega. (
Ram is still moving towards her & still she moving back while talking her back touch to the wall.)

Ram is front of her & very close to her both r looking into each other's eyes also completely lost in each other. Ram moves little more to her & his hand touches the shower tab mistakenly & due to his touch shower get start & both started to get wet under the water. Priya first closed her eyes then started smiling like small child here Ram is just staring his cute lady love her innocence & simplicity is just attracting him more towards her.
Ram couldn't controlled himself from holding her... from kissing her... He just hold her wet yet glowing face in between his palms just with his warm touch under the cold water Priya shivers & looked at down closing her eyes. Ram's lips carved in naughty smile he just pull her face up while caressing her pink silky cheeks. Ram stares at her so lovingly also he can't even take his eyes off from her innocent face. Here water r falling on them & they r getting wet in each other's deeply & pure love. Ram just pull her face closer to him.
Priya's eyes still closed she is looking so divine beauty that Ram just can't stop himself. RaYa's face r inches apart to meet their breath r touching each other's lips giving seductive sensation into each other's nerves. Priya's breath got faster with his every coming closer presence of her love. Ram comes closer & bands on her he slowly took her luscious lips into his & starts sucking it softly Priya also responded back by sucking him more.
This give more access to Ram to go more inside her mouth he filled her mouth fully with his tongue while taking the pleasure of her under the cold water. Here Priya also enjoying herself fully with him & loving his sweet torture on her soft lips. He suck & bite endlessly on her soft sweet lips countless times. They were just lost in their love Priya's hand rested on Ram's back she hold him that much tightly that her nails nags on his back.
Here Ram's hands moves down from her cheek to her milky shoulder then from there it moves on her soft hands by feeling his tempted touch Priya shivers under him. He then place his hands on her silky bare waist his cold touch sanded so many shivers in her. Priya's hand also moves from his back to his shoulder here Ram's hand holds Priya's soft waist tightly sanding countless shivers in her. Priya's hands now moves towards his neck very gently she moves her palms from his hands towards his neck. Her fingers got locked in between his hairs here Ram's hold on her waist become more tighter pulling her more to him both r completely lost in each other forgetting the world.
Ram is pouring his whole love in him for her on her lips giving her all the pleasure he have here Priya also enjoying him fully yes it was not first time for them they kisses countless times last night but the whole passion in them for each other is making their each & every kiss as their first kiss... like they were thirsty for each other from so many births.
Ram left her lips after his long kiss Priya is still in the magic touch of Ram's love. Ram sees Priya she is still under shower. He moves little back from her coming out of shower. Priya's eyes still closed. She is lost in her own resting her back on wall under shower. Ram looks at her she is looking divine but suddenly her state he reminds he got remembers that she is drunk & not in her senses. Ram feels it will be wrong if he will do anything with her as she is not in her senses yes its true after last night they become soul mate but this does not give Ram the right to touch her when she is not in her senses as she have her self respect she have her will no one have right to touch her without her will not even Ram & specially not when she is not in her senses. Ram looks at her & smiles as she looking him more desirable in her wet look to Ram but he ask himself to control on himself. He closed his eyes & move to go away for sometime to change his thoughts but before he could move Priya held his hand & moves towards him as pulling him to her is like impossible thing to do for her.
Ram sees at her she had her eyes open but she is still drunk she first smiles looking at Ram there Ram also smiles looking at her both move little more closer to each other.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor aap kaha ja rahe hain? (
Priya asked in her talli tone & looking very cute in it she is still not in her senses but behaving very cutely in child like tone.)

Ram kept quite just staring at her getting deeply mad for her this cute talli avatar it is not first time Ram seeing her like this but after last night lots of things have changed between them. Ram now can't live without her for moment he just want her to be near him each & every moment he spend in his life. Here Priya is smiling & then continues her talk again.

Priya: has kyun rahe hain aise agar aap chale gaye toh mujhe kuan nehlayega haan kyunki main apne in char char haton se kaise nahaungi? (
Priya shows him her two hands making like kids kind of antics & making cute sad face looking at Ram he smiles at her with lots of love in his eyes Priya feels strange so she again ask.) Mr. Kapoor aap yun aise has kya rahe hain batayiyena main kaise nahaungi? (Priya asked very sweetly she is looking such innocent baby in her this avatar which Ram is enjoying a lot.)
Ram: ek kam karte hain main hi tumhe nehla deta hun toh phir hi yaha se jaunga OK. (
Ram asked very sweetly to Priya with naughty smile & Priya agreed first making innocent sweet face biting her lower lip here Ram rise his hand towards her pallu to open it but something strike to Priya's mind & she holds Ram's hand.)
Priya: but I m girl aur aap boy ho so how can u make me bath yeh toh galat baat hai na. (
Priya asked innocently to Ram she was behaving just like kid but its sure she knows everything but just kidding with her man in fun & enjoyment.)
Ram: yes its true main ladka hun aur tum ladki but saath saath hum dono husband aur wife bhi hain aur unlogon k beech yeh sab chalta hai also after last night mujhe nahi lagta k hum dono k beech chupane jaisa kuch bacha bhi hai right. (
Ram naughtily smiled at Priya both remembers some part of their blissful last night in their flashback which made them blush & due to this their cheeks turn into tomato red. Here Priya is keep smiling looking at down this give permission to move on in his work from Priya. )

He moves closer to Priya with full of desire in him as seeing her like this is making him restless to have her as soon as possible he can also he can feel he is growing in his inside. Ram moves closer to her he open her hair more which is in tale & made them free. Priya sees at him & then while blushing she looks down. Ram then approaches his hand towards her sari pallu both were still standing under the shower getting wet in their love. Priya's carved body is very visible to Ram with her wet cloths & it was attracting him more towards her somehow Ram didn't wanted to cross his limits at all he is trying to control himself as much as possible he can so he took deep breath & continue his work.
Here Priya still looking down shivering under the water being near Ram. Here Ram now moves his hands towards her shoulder & unpin her pallu but as it become wet it didn't fall down so Ram hold it in his hand & removes it from Priya's body. Priya got shy & she covered her upper body with her both hands looking away from Ram closing her eyes taking deep breaths. Ram smiled seeing her he moves more closer to her & then he place his hand on Priya's both hand then pull her hands down. Priya still looking aside taking deep breaths while shivering. He moves closer to her & whispers in her ears.

Ram: u know Priya tum issi tarha bahut gorgeous lag rahi ho aur pata hai main tumhe aise hi zindagi bhar apni bahaon main rakhana chahta hun aur main chahta hun issi tarha tumhara pyar mujh par yun hi barasta rahe meri aakhri saans tak. (
saying such he just place soft kiss on Priya's cheek but Priya's eyes moist with new form of tears.)
Priya: aur uss aakhri saans k saath yeh saansain bhi ruk jaye kyunki aap k bina toh inka koi mol bhi nahi. (
Ram holds Priya by her both shoulders their eyes is moist both r lost in each other's eyes slowly the talk of last breath made them emotional.)

Ram is moving towards her more closer Priya is still lost in his eyes. His wish to take her rosy lips in his lips r growing inside him more & more but he somehow controlling himself but now its not in his hand so he tried to move away but this time Priya stopped him from moving & then she herself moves towards him then she holds his face in between her palms & pulls herself towards him her lips reach near to his lips closer very closer to him.
RaYa is still lost in each other's eyes Priya slowly keeps her lips on his lips & starts kissing him with passion of love now it is unable for Ram to control he let himself to get wet in Priya's pure love both r kissing... sucking... biting... each other passionately completely lost in their love under the shower closing their eyes. Ram holds her in bear hug his hands r moving on her bare back & waist flawlessly there Priya's hand r on his back holding him tightly. RaYa is kissing like there is no other moment will be there then this in their life.
After sometime when both got satisfied with their kiss both parts away from each other but still remain like hugging each other. RaYa r gazing in each other's eyes Priya's some hair were covering Ram's view from gazing at his lovely wife he slowly put her hair behind her ear with his fingers but in this process his palm touches her cheek with sanded 1000 votes shivers threw her nerves. Ram's touch create butterflies in her stomach.
Priya closed her eyes here Ram moves towards her & gives countless pleasure of his lips on her milky shoulder & neck. Priya took deep breath feeling his love on her also she smiled biting her lower lip in her trade mark style. Ram while kissing her on neck he removed her sari let it fall on floor motionlessly. He then move his hand on her blouse dori on her back. He turn his lips from her one shoulder to another while giving the pleasure of his lips on her skin then he open her blouse dori her blouse got loosen from her shoulder.
Ram now looks up & faces Priya her eyes still closed & feeling his love. He the slowly open the hook of her blouse & peels it away from her skin throwing on floor. Then moves his hand on her waist & open the dori of her paticote with smack it falls down of floor.
Priyas eyes still closed here Ram almost worshiping of her body with his all love care. He then removed her remaining cloths of body too it is not first time Ram is seeing Priya naked last night he did same but today's talk is different after last night they become soul mates & now Ram is having all right on her to love her... to bliss her with his love & now she is front of him being his... just his now there is nothing is hidden in between them.
Ram removed his cloths also from his body & trows it on ground. Priya's eyes r still closed Ram smirked seeing her like this front of him. He then pick up shower gel then he drop some amount of gel in his hand & rub it with his other hand. Then he applied it on Priya's body & slowly slowly starts massaging her whole body with his hand. Ram's fingers & hands roamed on her each & every curve of her body at some place he also gives some massage too. Priya is enjoying her loves extra care & attentions which is making her mad for him & wanting him more. Ram here being gentleman just giving massage & bath to Priya nothing more then that this thing of Ram simply touched Priya's heart that love is so innocent & child like. He is pure from his heart her cute polar bear is her prince charming in true senses. Ram made her bath & complete his bath too then he wrapped her in her bathrobe & wear his bathrobe too. He then bring her out in rest room to make her wear her night gown. He made her sit on table front of dressing table & dry her hair with towel then comb her hair very sweetly taking care that it doesn't pain her. Ram now is abt to move to take out her night gown from her cupboard but Priya stop him from doing it by holding his hand. Ram sees at her questioningly asking what happen with eyes.

Priya: bas aapka kaam pura ho gaya kya? (
Priya gets up taking Ram's support as she could barely stand by herself due to drunkenness she ask in her drunk tone opening & closing her eyes in sleep state Ram is holding her by her both hands.)
Ram: yes I was abt to give u shower aur tumhare baal bana diye now need to make u wear cloths & all work done. (
Ram replied innocently without getting what is Priya's intentions & what she is trying to tell him.)
Priya: (
she bits her lower lip before starting her talk in shy naughtiness & then move closer to Ram hanging her hands around his neck pulling him closer.) Mr. Kapoor main iss work ki baat nahi kar rahi hun I mean itne hot shower k baad r u sure u just want to sleep. (Priya run her finger on his face from side temple to his cheek still Ram is confused what Priya is talking abt & why just like always cute polar bear.)
Ram: Priya u r not well so I guess aisi halat me tumhare liye aaram karna hi bater hain Priya see u can barely stand on ur feet now u need rest. (
Ram said very causally thinking abt Priya & her health as its not gud.)
Priya: Mr.Kapoor aap pedaysi Golu hain ya sach much buddhe ho gaye hain? (
Priya got frustrated seeing too much innocence of Ram as sometimes it really makes her angry on him but still she try to control her anger & talk clammily.)
Ram: matlab? tum kya kehna chahti ho yaar smajh me nahi aa raha saf saf kaho na what u want to say. (
Ram's Goluness still continued which made Priya mad over him more but here Ram is all confused over the things & with Priya's talk.)
Priya: kuch nahi aap ko samjhana mere bas ki baat bhi nahi hai aise kijiye aap jo kaam kar rahe the na wahi kijiye jayiye mere kapde le aaiyiye nahi ek kaam karte hain main hi le aati hun aap kyun takleef karte hain. (
Priya got super angry on him hearing him after that Priya is still in drunken state yet she try to manage to go to cupboard to bring her cloths out by her own leaving Ram all in thoughts behind.)

Ram is in thought & talk to himself why Priya is all talking like that then he rewind all the things happen just after they came out from bath in his mind closing his eyes.

Priya: ajeeb Golu pati mile hai mujhe kuch samajhte hi nahi hain year kuch nahi ho sakta Priya completely hopeless case hai. (
Priya is talking to herself when Ram open his eyes looking at Priya with wicked smile as he understood what his lady love was trying to convey him with his talk & tactics Ram rolled his tongue in his mouth.)
Ram: waise Priya tum aaj kunsa night gown pehnane wali ho. (
Ram comes closer to her while hiding his teasing smile talking very normally to her.)
Priya: aapse matlab main kuch bhi pehnu its all my choice aap jayiye jakar aaram kijiye. (
Priya said in her anger taking out maroon night gown in hand here Ram wrapped his arms around her waist from back before she could turn to him to move he also rested his chin on her shoulder here Priya surprised with his this act looked at him by her side.)
Ram: waise ek baat kehni thi (
he came all near her & whispers in her ear very close to her neck.) agar tum inke bina bhi puri raat rehna chaho toh mujhe aur bhi aaram milega Mrs.Kapoor (he kissed her behind her ear softly yet with lots of passion which made Priya to close her eyes due to his warm touch.) aur bas aaj ki hi raat kyun aaj k baad aane wali har raat aisi hi ho toh bada maza aayega nahi. (Priya bit her lower lip little bit in shy while turning rosy red on cheek still closing her eyes )

Priya looks down in shy while smiling Ram fluent his dimples then he picks up Priya in his arms (the way he picked up Priya during C-Night). He carried her very gently towards their greenroom which Priya decorated by her wish keeping her prince charming in his mind. It is become almost mid noon when RaYa entered in their love land but as due to all curtains r closed it is little dark in room just some amount of sun light which passing from thick cloths of curtain is lighting up the room. RaYa r just lost in each other's eyes Ram slowly slowly moving towards their bad carrying Priya in his arms. When he reached to bad he very gently kept Priya on bad facing to him. Ram's smirked still not leaving his lips for moments this is making Priya more blush under him.
Ram moves his hands towards her bathrobe's belt he runs his fingers on it & open the knots of her belt. Priya's cheek turns into red & she flips on bad she rest her chest on bad while blushing. Priya didn't know this made Ram's work more easier he just hold her bathrobe & removes it away from her skin & throws it on floor. He now could see her bare back & legs completely which is looking so attractive to him that he can't took away his eyes from her. Priya closed her eyes felling her bare body fully naked breathing heavily. Ram removed his bathrobe then throw it on floor. He goes in bad then covers her & his half body with duvet. He sleeps next to her on bad & looks at her inviting bare skin Ram gulp his throat lost in his lady love. He just raise his hand towards her back & place his palm on her back waist Priya shivers with his touch on her bare skin.
She closed her eyes tightly here Ram slowly starts to move his hand from down to up which made Priya more restless she moves while shivering as it was creating 1000 volts current in her nerves. Ram purposely moving his palm on her back slowly creating deadly sensation in her this is making Priya needy for him more & more. Priya shivering under his touch he hold her by her one shoulder & make her turn to him.
Ram is still gazing at her while Priya's eyes r still closed. Priya now sleeping on her back & Ram sleeps next to her on bad facing her sweetly & smiling naughtily. He then moves his hand on her waist & circled her thin & soft waist in his strong arms. Ram then bands on her near her neck licking her skin of cheek with his lips smoothly. Priya enjoying it purely she moves her hands towards his hair & gets her fingers lock in it. Ram now band more on her & covers her under him. He starts kissing & licking on her skin over on her face, neck & shoulder. Now Priya moves her palms from his hair to on his back. She pushes her nails in his back skin so strong that it made mark over there in his skin deeply.
Ram moves down kissing her collarbones to on her breast while biting & licking also this is making Priya more wet for him. His lips reached to her nipples he delightfully tested them & his one hand fingers is circling on her other nipple. Priya biting her lower lip under her teeth feeling her love's touch on her body... on her skin. Ram is claiming on her body's each & every body part as his own with his warm touch which is making Priya more restless.
Ram continues to licking & biting on her breast there her hands r now in his hair. She is pulling his hair tightly with his each assault on her skin but still she is enjoying his each touch on her. Ram now moves his face down without leaving her skin by his lips. He goes to near her waist kissing & rubbing his lips on her waist countless times.
Ram moves his hand down from her waist & push his finger inside in between her legs. He felt she is fully wet & all ready to have him in her. Ram smiles seeing this he moves his finger more inside her while making moment of in & out with his all passion this made Priya to raise her body little in air with the friction of his act inside her body. Ram enjoyed seeing her like this but to need to have her in him is also growing inside him so without wasting much time he sits in between her legs & push himself in her first slowly. After that Ram raise his moment of in & out faster inside her which started giving pain as well as feeling of satisfaction to both. Priya hold the sheet tighter in between her palms.
Here whole room is fully filled with just moan & grown of RaYa there after some time both came out together in each other after that they get executed on bad next to each other fully sweat in full AC room taking deep breath closing their eyes. Priya turns to look at Ram after sometime she sees he is taking long breath while closing his eyes. Priya smiles looking at him she comes closer to him & rest her head on him closing her eyes. Ram keeps his palm on her head rubbing over it in just sometime she sleep off on sugary sleep hearing her favorite humming of his heart beat. When Ram felt she is off to sleep he covers them self under the duvet & he also sleep off hugging her tightly.
Its 10 pm of night when some noise broke Ram's sleep. He open his blinking eyes to see at side table where Priya's cell is ringing continually again & again till then Ram picked it up its already cut off but again rung in moment & this time Ram raise his hand & picked up the cell in hand. He opened his half sleepy eyes to see who is calling Priya right now. After seeing caller name Ram's eyes fully opened in tension as caller is non other then Neha.

Ram: omg Neha uthavu ya nahi... nahi uthaya toh bar bar bajta rahega aur utha liya toh hazaroon sawalon k jawab dene padenge kya karun yaar ek toh yeh Priya bhi so rahi hai kya karun ab... Idea msg bhej k switch off kar deta hun shubha uth k Priya baat kar legi warna yeh continue call karti hi rahegi. (
Ram talked to himself while smiling & happy on his made plan then he msg Neha & switch off the cell.)

Here Neha pacing up & down continually dialing Priya's number & getting restless as Priya is not picking up her calls. Just in moments Neha got msg which Ram sanded from Priya cell that "sorry can't pick up ur call very sleepy right now so going to sleep will talk to u tomorrow gud night & sorry once again." Neha felt bad seeing it at the moment Vik comes there. He sees Neha upset & angry looking at her phone.

Vik: kya hua yaar itni gusse me kyun lag rahi ho? (
he comes there & stands near Neha seeing her getting red in anger & frustration.)
Neha: gussa nahi karun toh aur kya karun Vikram kabse Priya ka cell try kar rahi hun pehle uthaya nahi aur ab kehti hal ki so rahi hai kal shubah baat karegi yeh bhi koi baat hui bhala. (
she showed Vik Priya's msg & Vik read it with big grin.)
Vik: waise sahi bhi toh hai ab yun kabhi bhi kisi bhi waqt unhe disturb karna sahi baat nahi hai yaar samjha karo. (
he winked his eyes while saying with naughty smile.)
Neha: what do u mean tumhe lagta hai main unhe disturb kar rahi hun how mean main toh bas Priya ki tabiyat k bare main janana chahti thi. (
Neha got more angry hearing Vikram she felt Vik feels that it is her fault she called RaYa at this time.)
Vik: kyun Ram hain na waha use ab shambhalne k liye so tum kyun chinta kar rahi ho aur ek baat bata dun yeh msg Priya ne nahi Ram ne Priya k cell se kiya main uski typing acche se janta hun yeh usi ne likha hai aur jab woh nahi chahte k hum unhe iss waqt disturb kare I think we should drop the idea to disturb them hai na. (
Vik holds Neha from back with naughtiness & after knowing Vik 's explanation she turn into red in shy.
Neha: Matlab ki woh dono... (
she got more red thinking abt this while Vik tighten his grip on her which made Neha more shy being next to him.)
Vik: exactly an chalo in dono ko apni tarike she night ko special karne do we will do by our way. (
He picked up Neha in his arms & both moved towards their bedroom while smiling... Talking... Laughing... Getting lost in their own world only)

Here Ram turn to her side & sees Priya hugging him tightly he smiled seeing her slipping so peacefully next to him. He got up little bit & kissed her forehead with love then he removed her hand & gets out from bad. He goes & wear his cloths then brings Priya's cloths also he made them wear to her & put her back on bad for sleep. Priya still sleeping due to drunkenness & tiredness. Ram back on his side of bad & sleep while gazing at Priya after covering them both in bad sheet. He even didn't knew when he fall in sleep while gazing at his love of life who just brought only happiness after coming into his life.


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Awesome di, i'll run out of adjectives trying to describe how brilliantly written your OS was...

RaYa are so passionate about each other, that's what makes them different from others.
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OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
jst loved ittt
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thnk u sooo much fr pm
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OMG...so hot
Super os.
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wow.just awesm os.pls updt ur ff part also na.n thanks for the pm
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Thanks for pm
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