OS - True men's eyes never lies (after precap)

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Hi, people after seeing Precap can't stop my self from writing this OS so here it is I hope u would like it. I know guys after reading this u wanna slept me but guys har burai k peeche kuch aachai chuppi hoti hai so here goes with the Precap… as story starts with last part. Where Ram reached to room & sees his wife is waiting for him looking at window & her back is facing him he smiles as he thinks it's his Priya…


OS - True person's eyes never lies…


Ram moves towards the woman whose back facing him, he with smile in thought of Priya lady's face still un shown. Ram reached to her very closer to her still feeling uncomfortable he feels something is fishy yet he while hesitating he try to tap on her shoulder but he didn't feels it right so he back off & pull his hand back but the lady feels his presence near her she hold backing off hand & pulls it towards her waist. The way that lady touches Ram's hand he was shocked & he very well know now she is not Priya but before he could react anything she placed his hand on her waist Ram's anger raised seeing her this act.

Ram: who the hell r u & how dare u to touch me even? (He pulls his hand back in anger)

The lady comes out from darkness & shown her face to Ram he got completely shocked until now.

Ram: Aayesha you???? What u doing here & why u called me here? (He asks curiously getting restless & then understands that lady passes him massage were talking abt Aayesha not Priya he only misunderstood it here look here & there in anger thinking what was Aayesha were trying to do)

Aayesha: yes Ram what happen why u getting angry (she with her cunning smile asked to Ram) it's me ur wife your r not touching anyone else. (Her taunts made for more red in anger he gives his scary looks to her, which scared Aayesha, & she came back in her limits seeing ragging bull)

Ram: Aayesha how dare you to touch me like this (he said in load voice almost as he shouting on her) you know very well there is nothing between you & me you cleared with me that night isn't it? (He back off tow steps from her as she tries to hold him again Aayesha gaze at door someone was standing there so she said with putting so much love & butter in her tone)

Aayesha: yes Ram I did but now I m feeling it was my mistake Ram (she aid with pleased tone which made Ram completely shocked) & now I m regretting on it… (She comes closer to completely shocked Ram, his eyes fixed on Aayesha trying to understand what she is up too) I so sorry Ram I know that night u want to move on with me in ur life & u came also close to me with all ur heart but I was the one who stopped u. (Ram completely blanked seeing new avatar of fake innocent Aayesha looked other side leaving sign of restless ness with tensed look). However see now I m all ready to be urs. (With her wining smile still taking quick glance at door & looking at restless Ram lost in his thoughts)

Ram: what??? (He placed his left palm on his mouth with blankness, as his fired rocket on Aayesha backfires on him with full force & now how will he tackle the situation now)

Aayesha: yes & that's why I called u here Ram come we will start our new life with each other Ram. (She comes closer to Ram & puts her both palms on Ram's chest coming more closer to him on his chest) Ram let's forgot abt the past… forgot abt Sid & forgot abt Priya… (she hugs Ram & Ram feeling very awkward having her next to him with disgusting look while she continues) we will starts new life with u, me, Kush & our new coming babies. I am so happy Ram today I am so happy. (He immediately pulls her back with force trying to make her away from him he gives her his angry stares & was abt flaw his all anger on her with words but before he could say anything his eyes falls on shadow who were standing on door)

Ram: Priya…. (He completely shocked seeing Priya standing over there on door)

Yes, it was Priya, who were standing near the door & heard Ram & Aayesha's convey. Ram completely got sacred seeing Priya's plain emotionless face. He just hoping Priya didn't hared anything what Aayesha just said either how will he make her understand that all crap was just his plan to bring out truth from Aayesha. Here Aayesha smiling looking at Priya with winning grin as she thinking today she broke all the remaining connection between Ram & Priya. Ram moves to Priya to tell her truth that nothing she heard was true.

Ram: Priya listen to me…. (He comes near her but she turns her face trying to move out from room) See Priya whatever u heard its not true (Priya looks in Ram's eyes deeply with so much pain & fear to loss her again) Priya I mean it was but… (Priya turn her face looks away)

Priya: leave it Mr. Kapoor I don't want to hear any explanation. (She moves out from Room with moist eyes without looking back at Ram but he not going to let her go so easily here Aayesha smiling cruelly)

Ram: no Priya listen to me…. (He holds her hand to stop her Priya looks at his hand & then looks at Ram) sorry (he leaves Priya hand thought she might didn't like it) but Priya plz once hear me then if u want u can go… Priya... (She convinces with his pleading voice & stopped to hear him as she can't see him in pain anymore she wants to say something but before she could say Aayesha rushes to them seeing her plan being ruined. She comes near to RaYa & said in taunting tone standing next to Priya)

Aayesha: leave it Ram… let her go na why u want to explain anything to ur ex-wife (she said looking at Priya while cunningly) did u forgot that she is ur past now & I m ur future. (Ram is in full of anger wanna slap Aayesha for her deeds he is burning in rage of anger. She come front of RaYa as now RaYa standing together & she stands facing them)

Ram: just shut up Aayesha…. just shut up…. & stay out of it. (He controlled his anger thinking she is girl)

Aayesha: why u shouting on me Ram even why should I stay out of it I m ur wife Mrs. Ram Kapoor. (Seeing at Priya holding her MS showing to Priya who is looking at her in anger) I can't see any other characterless lady comes closer to my husband (Ram's anger on full of swing he was just abt to slap her rising his hand when Priya hold his left hand with her left hand Aayesha didn't knew this) & try to snatch him from me who hides her affairs in name of friendsh…… (In over excitement she said a lot without realizing what will be its outcome as before she completes further she had tight slap on her cheek with soft hands of Priya Aayesha completely shakes up with Priya's slap)

Aayesha: Priya how dare… (She had another one slap in gap of seconds on the same cheek, which become completely red now from Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor. Aayesha completely shocked & blanked)

Priya: not just Priya… u r forgetting that I m Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor always remember that. (Ram looking at her when she proudly said her name with his with tiny smile across his lips & Aayesha seeing this with anger) Today I don't feel ashamed on u Aayesha today I feel ashamed on my self b'coz I brought up u & seeing u like this it shows me that what I was said to Mr. Kapoor was so wrong. Today u proved Aayesha that it was not Mr. Kapoor but it's I who failed as sister…. who failed as mother…. I am a frailer Aayesha... I m frailer (she had tears in her eyes Ram sees this & hold her hand to consol her). Now there is no use to make u understand this b'coz u come so far in ur mistakes, that now u can't redeem or no one can bring u back but I just pray to god Aayesha whenever u will get punishment for ur deed god gives u straight to bare it. (Priya feels so helpless for her baby sister whom she brought up like daughter but seeing her today, what she turned out tears roll down from her cheeks, she wipes them harshly with her fingers)

Priya: (then turns to look at Ram) u don't need to give any explanation Mr. Kapoor true men's words don't but his eyes says the truth & ur truth I seen in ur eyes. I know many times I misunderstood u but now I don't need any expiations from u (fresh drop of tears again falls from her eyes Ram can't see this). I trust u Mr. Kapoor I even know what is truth so don't worry I won't take wrong anything of u even I want to say Mr. Kapoor I m sorry…. I m sorry for all the mistakes I did for not trusting u neither 5 year ago nor now I m really very sorry. I know what ever the mass is happened today it was just b'czo of my 1 stupid decision  I made on ur behalf but now I truly regrets on it I really very sorry& now we wont be able to correct anything. (Priya had tears in her eyes while logging looking in to Ram's eyes that were also starts falling tears now both looking longingly in each other's eyes. Ram can see so much trust & love for him in Priya's eyes where Priya can see love for her in Ram's eyes both were just lost in each other's eyes & after some time Priya just leaves from here with tears in her eyes.)

Ram thinks to himself, "We will make everything correct Priya… you & me we both make correct the things together b'coz I can't do this alone &now I won't ever let u go away from me. We will create our new world of love Priya… we will I will bring u back in my life & this time for life time Priya… for lifetime…"

Aayesha: Ram…. (With slow fearful tone, she called Ram where in return she just got rag of anger back)

Ram: (he showed his left hand to her to stop) just cut the crap Aayesha…. just a night u has I don't want to see ur face in Kapoor mansion on tomorrow morning.… do what ever u want…. Go wherever u wants I just don't want to see ur face after tonight in my whole life. Even don't think to take Kush with u he is legally my son & will stay with me. We never had any relationship but whatever was between us u just scraped it with ur cruelty so just packs ur bag & get out of my life & my house. (With the rage of anger he disclose the final decision to Aayesha)

Aayesha left with sad looks staring at disappearing shadow of Ram with anger.

Ok guys after seeing dancing promo of RaYa I thought this should to be happen in Monday episode as I & u all also know that this not going to be happen so just enjoys with kyaali phulaw & if it happen then I really have no mind if RaYa unites. I just hope u all had enjoyed this I know there is no love shove of RaYa but what to do I was so pissed of with Aayesha so can't stop my self from writing this….. So bye bye… will meet u soon…

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Its great Clap
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Posted: 2013-01-28T09:28:20Z
that ws an awesome 1... i really wish tha priya slap ayesha... too gud...ClapClapClap
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Posted: 2013-01-28T09:29:55Z
awesome leena.. Keep it upBig smile
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Posted: 2013-01-28T09:32:23Z
Very nice OS. Thanks for the PM.
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Posted: 2013-01-28T10:54:37Z
u have done a fantastic job leena di...
the slap on ayesha's face added the spice to the story
thanks a lot...
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Posted: 2013-01-28T11:02:19Z
awesome os leenaTongue
lovely title
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Posted: 2013-01-28T11:06:27Z
vrey nice os  i  love it plz update ur ff APH make this update 4 raya face offBig smilei m really waiting 4 this
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