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hello all,Smile

Am grateful  to all my readers  to be able to open this second thread. a little late but this thread only because of u people exclusively. thanku so much  for not forgetting me. Big smile 
this is my first ff. there are so many who started  liking it commented it. though many readers stopped to suggest their comments  i am happy  few  readers remained with me  from the beginning. and few new readers too,  i heart fully thanku  guys for your  feed backs[comments and likes]  which makes  me alive and learn more.



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 My Random Thoughts. -RAYA "after fight post  honeymoon." 


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 The tycoon  and his Love 



Part 48 

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Congrats molly !!
woohoo new thread
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congrats on new thread
waiting for new update
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Part 44



Days passed, ram gathered all the proofs of the scams sid and niharika has done. Nuts helped ayesha  making her busy in modelling she became popular model soon. Sid proposed Ayesha to be on the safe side, so the queen of foolishness agreed. Ayesha trust nuts and even help her a lot in her work. With that friendship she spilled about siddanth.Nuts felt Ayesha wont trust if she say sid. She has to witness. Priya and nuts talked to gynecologist . So nuts can  have babies after a surgery but observed under critical medical care. Nuts agreed to take risk of her life for the family. Because of her mistake karthik's family is suffering. Priya cannot support her decision.


Ram informed his family to gather in hall the next day morning  by 10:30 am. He rushed to his room where priya stands near the window. She was missing him from many days because of his busy schedule. He leaves early n comes late in night by time she will fall asleep.  For the past one week she dint see him at all. He went to Australia straight from the office.  He reached her.. glided his hands on her waist. his fingers touched the skin on her stomach. The touch is familiar to her. His touch always created butterflies in her stomach. His head rested on her shoulder, taking her close to his body placed wet kisses on her neck n shoulder. His unshaven byssus poked her skin creating goosebumps. "ouch'" " baby I missed u so much" saying this he squeezed tender flesh on her waist which made her mewl "mmm'raaam plzzz" he kissed her cheek. she blushed.


"did u miss me priya. I  finished my work fast for u ..see u made  me crazy to loveu more "he said. She blushed. [he pulled her more close to him, feeling her skin against his kissing her softly on her neck. "one track minded.. so u came early to make love to me!... but Mr. kapoor ur not getting what u want" she removed his grip around her waist. went in front of mirror checking if there is any reddening of her skin on her waist or neck. "priya this is not fair' u don't know how badly I need u" he stood like a complaining child behind her watch her through mirror. "hmm' who can understand it better than  me.. a week ago I  was waiting for u, u called me before ur flight take off. Ok ! u have to go did u call me after u reach? it was ur staff informed me U totally forgot me." " priya ' what r u saying ..  baby am sorry".  Priya crossed her arms,gave a stern look to him. he  hung his head like a kid who admit his mistake and was scared.. priya thought  [Oh, how cute is he. Feels like kissing him savoring her desire. Fill this voids, show him how badly I  need him]  ram read her thoughts in her eyes.


"ram ..  am going to delhi for two days, am not like u  am telling u prior ok.. apeksha is going alone  so am going with her" she is taunting. " no'" he shouted.  "why cant I?  I asked dadi ,ma I mean krishu ji.. asked me to assist her if I don't  they wil feel bad .like ur business, family to me" she walked past ram  he held her hand and pulled her back hugged her from back kissing her ear  and neck "darling am sory" his breath  tingled her  his kisses r melting her she said " hmmm"  she gained herself  " SORRY!" she turned towards him pulled him by his collar "sorry ! for! for the times I missed u right! I wanted u badly, I was in a need to be with u in our bed, u went off, dint even care to call  me back." She started crying. He cupped her face  kissed her tears..kissed her nose tip, forehead.. she hugged him tight " y were u doing all this!  go away.. go to your study and check some  more files." She broke the hug wiping her eyes dry went inside the changing room  came with  a purple floral duvet. "what is this now" annoyed ram asked her. " cant u see' u need to know how will it feels like especially when u need to be loved. No, actually I have to go to  guest room it will be better. I don't want some one celebrate my loneliness" " priya  don't  behave like a kid. U cant sleep on couch come here baby on bed. I said am sorry" ram  suppressed his anger and spoke softly. She dint reply but  started muttering  to herself " hmm !priya .. kya kismath  hai teri.. shaadi tho hogayi  par kisse, The ram kapooe se, shaadi ke baad bhi akhelapan ." she  adjusted herself on couch covered herself with duvet.


Ram stood there helpless, bansi kaka came to ask if he can serve food or not. Bansi said priya dint have anything after breakfast. Ram has to  pacify hurted wife.he got an idea to pacify her.  He went along with bansi kaka. Priya thinks that he did not even care for him. he do not love her anymore she cried her heart under the duvet. He came along with a trolley to his room n decorated the room for dinner. With a table flowers and candles. The aroma of burnt candles made priya  anxious to see what is going on. She felt ram sat on the couch .she took off the duvet saw ram angrily, he saw her red shot swollen eyes. He felt bad  for hurting her.  He gave her tissue to wipe which made her more angry on him.  she turned to see her room, it was beautiful, had a special touch of romantic ram. she saw the table for them. She is impressed, her heart  danced but suppressed her happiness  under her lips trying hard hiding her smile.


Ram patiently sat on his knees  in front of her  took her hands in his hold them tight in her lap, "baby I am sorry, please forgive me, I will never repeat this" she looked at him in tear eyes,he kissed her fore head.kissed her cheeks she pushed him when he tried to take her lips. "get read for the punishment to night!"she said. Now what is this gonna be he smiled at his  crazy  lady. She stood up sliding off the night gowns coat  from her shoulders,looking straight to  ram's eyes. He is back to senses with snap sound. He thinks - [oh  no am going to be tortured now, I know priya is going to show me what I missed..  she is tempting me and wil not allow me to touch..] she said in a seductive tone  " what are you  looking at raam,'.! Well am gona have a shower" "but ..but   dinner" he said.. "baadh mein... y don't u too' I mean u too freshen up and will have it" rams jaws dropped hearing priya he dint get her hint to join her he thinks ' [is this a invitation or a tease] " can I ?" he said.. she smiled naughtly "if u wish so .. if u r free with no office work' u can freshen up  n will have dinner. U finally came and arranged all this, later u can go do ur work. I am used to this" she walked off to wash room. He went inside the wash room and came back.


She called him from the wash room he knocked the door and found its open. He wish to rush inside  and be there right with his beautiful wife. She asked him towel. He has to  go inside. He went inside she was in the tub  with lots of flower petals,some  sticked on her wet skin on her shoulders, knees which were out of water. She looked like a angel playing in the bath tub arranged  by  him.she said thanks to him for this bath  she wished him to  be with her. He hanged the towel n went out.  He cant control, his heart wanted to see his wife want to join her but she is angry. He gathered courage and entered inside. "  came to freshen up.." he said .. " ok"..   when he was abt to give her she splashed water on him. He took of his shirt washed his face seeing her from the mirror. "ram .can u apply soap on my back!" he is surprised he sat on the rim of the tub  feeling so happy. " its ok  mr kapoor leave it ."  he was abt to move away  from the wash room he turned back to see her she is applying it on her body murmuring " someone don't even know to help.. cant even understand  gestures HMM.." ram soon shed his clothes off and entered the tub he pulled priya on his lap.


She felt him the way she wanted.she wanted to tease him. she looked angry sideways to him leaning back on him adjusting her in his lap. " am here to help u! u mind it baby.." " no.. its  just help don't try to be smart remember ur punishment ur not going to get it" .this lady is impossible. He applied soap on her body  pampered her  she  felt relaxed and felt his fingers playing on her body and  felt him  against her.   he nuzzle her neck  he knows by now what she need. She moved gently in his lap to tease him. she washed the soap on her body  while he watch her, wrapped a towel around her walked off the wash room changed herself into a lacy white chiffon night gown, applied gloss to her lips brushed her hair  n left them freely on her  shoulder. Ram changed  and was waiting for her  in the room. He felt very bad that she is  reject to give up . he was tempted felt there in the wash room. Now  she is  tempting him in the  dress, he bought it for her,she dint wear the robe to cover herself. His  eyes tucked at her curves uttered "beautiful"


She came and sat infront of him ram served them . he fed her first bite with  his hands  saying sorry.  She smiled gently.they finished dinner soon. Time for desert. Ram took out one kulfi.  Priya grabe it.  And was  enjoying it. She asked him abt his kulfi.he replied  that it was supposed to be shared like they do it every time. She denied o share it this time. She finished it and  turned towards him. he longed for her after all this he could not resist to taste her lips those pink lips invited him .he forced his lips on hers,he kissed her roughly, she gave in with equal passion and haste. The pace of kiss slowed down he looked at her, she closed her eyes consuming the kiss which still lingered on her lips,smiled creeped on her lips thinking of her success in torturing him. she opened her eyes stared at him, touched his lips "ur whiskers are rough and are hurting, u were feral " she said. "hmm. ! my hellcat has made me so"he smiled naughtly.


She pushed him on bed and came over him, was angry at word hellcat. She kissed him on his cheek and kissed him on his neck nuzzling his earlobe "hellcat ! right"she whispered in his ear. He giggled and shouted "ouch priya" as she bite his ear lobe. both started laughing loud, her eyes filled with tears. He wiped off and she fell on his broad chest I missed u a  lot. They remained silent for a while . priya started opening his kurtha buttons one bye one kissed on his bare exposed  chest and on his neck, she went to his lips and kissed them with the longing she has. he twirled her down and continued to kiss her.  in no time their garnaments were on  floor, gasp and moans filled the room.  He collapsed on her as they reach the climax.


He  caressed her hairs " don't u have to assist apeksha in the morning to delhi" ram smiled saying, " haan .. I have to  but y were u laughing". " next time, come up with better lie priya" he laughed.  she shored up on one arm  pulling  the duvet close to her  " what do u mean" . he came over her and pinned her on  bed kissed her lips and said " from tomorrow maa apeksha, we all are going to stay here! Everything is clear".  " u dint tell me  verybad" she pouted her lips. "I came to tell u abt this  but see where my darling took me after what u have done to me, ur so beautiful  I cant get enough of u" he kissed her . she laughed " I am not stopping u as I don't want to punish myself and btw  I loved everything u have done for me,  thanks ram" . " I love my teasing wife, ur irresistible, I felt to finish it there in the wash room". she smiled naughty at him  he caught the hint and bent down on her bosom starting their feral love math melting their desires gratifying each other all the night. 

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congratulations molly... keep rocking ... this is one of my fav. ffs...
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Atlast 1st one to comment on ur this Part..Tongue

its awesome fantastic superb... Clap
Raya Rocks..Star..

Hey plz send me pm if u can.. Smile 

Continue soon..plz...
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