short OS The tycoon and his love..

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my other  works ...

FF raya..journey of love  


this came to my mind  in the morning .   so  simply frame to  words  hope u will love this scene .  plz do read.


One  morning  in  kapoor mansion..  a  huge  hara bara  room.. and  a king  sized  bed, lying  priya   covering  herself  with  quilt. Priya is  alone.  She Could hear the  birds  chirping and  a   cool  morning  breeze  , and warm  rays of  sun. she  stirred in the  bed . stretched her arms , her  beautiful eyes  were swollen. She gently rubbed them and woke up.  As she opened her eyes , it was her most fav sight in front of her. Her husband. She thought she was dreaming.  She smiled at him.

"good morning ram"

 Adjusted her body  again  on the bed in supine position with her hand  covering her eyes. Thinking  deeply about  ram talks to  herself as if she is alone in the room.

Hmmm!  Priya .. kya kya  sochthe rehathe ho din  bar.  Ram  achanak tumari samne ! nahi.. woh  tumari  pati  se zaayada us maa ka beta  hu.  usiki maa  teri sasu maa humesha tumari peeche padi hai.  Mushkil se   woh golu paayar karna sekhliya,   usa bej diya.  Aur upar  uski insults. Never  let a word go  without insulting u. aur   mera pati dev  business ke alawa kuch yaad hi nahi rehata.  3 din  hogayi  na koi call , ata pata..  aur jab mein call karti ho  secretry  will take up the call'

" mam sir is busy in a meeting"  jab unko phursat mile baath karne ki.. tab  yek  ki baath   sunna padtha hai.

" haan priya.. am busy  ill call u later. "

Agar mein night cal kiya hota tho " priya .. am so  I call u in the morning   bohoth  thak gaye   hu  mein.."   kaise pati mila  hai  mujhe   biwi  ki  kadar nahi karthe  hai.

Just I love him  am sparing  his mother ,  mamaji  and that sid.  Yek  baath  tho sach hai priya  tera asli saas  krishu ji , dadi , rishab  bohoth  sweet hai..

 So  he felt two  soft, wet lips on her lips .. ra gave a peck on her lips

" good morning priya"

Shocked.. sat on bed,  still  to the  reality . unable to  see if it is ram?? She stared at him ,gaped her lips in  surprised  , a  gentle  smile cross her lips.

He  moved close to her  kissed her  again.

 " good morning darling" am   live here, in front of  u   this is no dream.

She got back to  her senses, got down the bed and rushed to  washroom. Closed the door thinking of what all she has  spoken  and her good morning kiss. She remember ram ignoring her  when he went to usa.  Remembered her  loneliness here and  went sullen on  ram. She  took shower came to room  ram ordered  breakfast for  two. She  saw that  and  went to  mirror skiping to  see him . she  is upset he  saw it  no her face.

She  was  wearing a yellow net saree.. he  went   close to her. Crossed his  arms  around her  waist. pulled her close.  Kissed her cheeks. Placed  numerous lavish   kisses on her  cheeks  jaw line , neck and her  shoulder'  saying  sorry and explaining  her ..

" I knw ur  angry on me am sorry. I was busy   because of u. I finished all my work  soon to reach u. am sorry baby .. I  heard what all u spoke  in the morning.  I will pay   for it..  compensating the  3 days we r   going to   usa  for a month. It will take another month   for me to sort out.  I am not  able to stay away  from u  so I came  back to take u  with me.  No one  will insult my  wife  I will return the their  favour too soon.  Tum packing kar lo  kal shayam ko humari flight hai."

" kya .. what will to everyone think  ram. Aur dadi ko kya kahengi app"

"  will tell ki we r in  haste  to  make  parpothe .."


" I missed u so much  .. I love u .. [kissed her shoulder,  placing  weet kisses on the  crook of her neck]"

' missed u too   ram"

" ab jaldi se nastha karlo .. we r  going to ur house , inform evry one, I already spoke to dadi,  vikram and    with the  principal of ur  classes"

" kya"

" aaj  ka  schedule. Sharma's ke saath  dinner, shopping, evening with sharma's  and  shergills at our   farm house , dinner at  shergill's  place with  kids ' and     a private  night  with  my  wife.. I missed my  wife  so much   any  ways  am  not  going to  leave u the  coming  month"

Priya hugged him  tight' " all I  want  is  u .. I missed u badly  ram.. "

 They  made   breakfast  together .. called niharika , mamaji and  sid to   study    asked them to sign the  papers..

Nikarika asked him what papers r they.??

Ram  replied "  maa I  do  whatever u  say. Y  cant u do it without  questioning.. I  signed every where u asked me  sign   y  can tu   do that

" ram  am ur mother ,I will do anything for ur  good."

" maa am ur  son y will I harm u   don't u trust me"

Nik has nothing to  do   for the first time  she  signed  without reading the documents  followed by mama and sid.  Soon lawyer came  there ..  Exchanged the  papers.. ram called priya .. to  sign on  some more papers.. she  did without asking a question..

He  called everyone ..

"am  happy to say u all  that   priya  my better half  is the  50 % share holder of  kapoor industries, and  my  share is 20 % , ma , sid ka  share  hai  20 % and  rishab ka share 10 % . and on all other properties  priya's share is  50% ..

I did all this to tell u that  my wife is  no more  middle class,  she is rich than any other in this  family , she is  rich  than  me.  I  wish   she  may not be insulted any more in  her house "

 He  left the  house  with  priya to   sharma's ''''''

Hope u  will like this .  please let me know  ur   views  after reading ...  press LIKE  and also comment   ..

will be encouraging 


Big smileBig smile


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Molly di.. Kaash.. Kaash yeh hota.. Beautifully writtn.. Loved it..Edited by Lavi_961 - 2012-06-18T07:40:14Z
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molly lovely os ClapClap
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Posted: 2012-06-18T07:38:51Z
aww ram is shooo cute... lovely os :D
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2good yaar i lke this
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Posted: 2012-06-18T07:52:53Z
Very nice Molly.. Well written OS..
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Posted: 2012-06-18T08:09:30Z
Awww...Embarrassed that was too cute an awesome...Tongue Just loved it...Smile
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Posted: 2012-06-18T08:12:04Z
wow its awesome keep updating
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