OS ... after the kiss.. after Thursday.part 2

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here  are other   works i made.

FF raya..journey of love  

Hello friends   here i  come  with  a   small OS .. i hope u  will  love it ..   this is  for   one  my loving   friend whom  i met  in a forum..  we both   love  balh ..  became  friends ... i am  doing  this   for  her...  this is a OS of  two persons   thoughts framed by one .  hope u  all  will  love our   small trail...

we all are  eagerly  waiting  for  the   Monday's  episode.   I know ki   many  are  waiting  to  knw  how will priya  react  on   first kiss.. Here i  go  ...                             

          PART  1                                  

    Ram pulled her   and   kissed her.. This is shocking for priya. she dint  even  expect  such a thing  from Ram . I  was she  who  confessed him  and  she  regret  for   pouring  her heart  in front of him.. she thinks He  doesn't  love  her or  even if he  is  loving  her   he   won't let the  feelings   pour  from  her man's  side.. she longed for him  she  desired him , she  loved him. She   loves him as he  was.. she  loves her  husband   totally''..it was her  heart   who  waited  for  him to  confess.. after so much  of hurting  and pain  she  feels  he won't  deserve her love'''pulling  her  towards  him is  very harsh, then  locked her  lips  with his..  no  chance is there  for  priya to  blabbering , no   idea of blaming  him .. All she could   feel is her  man's   lips and the   wet kiss...    she  closed her eyes' then she  opened  her eyes  in  realisation  of his lips on her is  true or not.. to  witness their  first kiss ..  her pain  and agony   escaped in  the  form of  tear drop  from her  eyes..

"Kiss" .it gave  priya   a  message that    he  belongs to her, he  accepted  her as  his  wife  . the tear drop  rolled  down her  cheek and   fall on  him..  the    wetness of the tear  and the  warmth    tear   brought   Ram back to  his   senses'. The tear disturbed him to savour the moment along  with his  beloved  wife'. He  felt happy that  he  did it to her.. till the date  he was  scared of  rejection..  he  came  to his senses  but  don't want to   break the   kiss  .. his   daring  step ever in his life.. his first kiss'  priya  got  back to  senses   although she  want to  sustain the moment  .. she  could not  do that    just because  she   have not  heard  what   she  want to   from his mouth.. with  so much of  confusion  she  broke the  kiss'  by  pushing  him   away..

Priya   stood there in tears .. this  tears  are not  the  same  filled with  pain   but they  are one  which   cured  her  fro the  pain  she felt  from the past   day''

P;  what  are u  doing  Mr. kapoor   {with a shattering  tone.} aap   aise  meri saath  kaise kar sakthe  hai..

 Ram  loved her  so much..  he   read  the   confusion  in her  eyes..  kept his  hand  s on  her shoulder'.. he  hold    her ..  he made  her feel  comfortable'

R:  I love  u  priya..  more than me..  I love u  so  much'  this is  what u wish  na.. I should have  confessed  first..  am a stupied  am in   search  of  a  arrangement to confess

 His   words moved   priya .this is  what  she wanted to hear for him.. ' she looking at him with a shock confusion, love , with tear filled eyes, she  prayed  for the  moment  to  last   still forever.. she  sobbed  when she is  abt  to  say  something.. ram embraced her in his  arms ,walked  towards  bed saying

 " priya!! Leave  what  ever that  happened in the  family   its me  and   my  beloved  wife  now.. this  is the moment  for  u  and  me.. and   for  our  love   abt  our  life" priya   was abt to talk  then  ram  stopped her'

R:  let me  speak  priya '.. I  knw  I   behaved very  rude with  u. every harsh  word from my   larynx is  an  expression of my love to u..priya  if  I  still feel   ours is   a   compromise marriage  ..y  am I angry  on u  when u  flirted with than man.,y  will I feel  alone wen u went to ur  home.,y  will  I  felt  possessive of u.. y am I  missing u , y   did I  want to  spend evry moment with u..  just   with u and am  scared priya ..[Priya looked at him]  yes   !!  am  scared .. am scared of   losing u.. ur   affection  ur  taunting , ur  presence around me, ur  fragrance , ur   touch, ur   voice, ur  smile, ur  every thing ' I  intentionally  missed my flight  because  I  want to  meet u   that  day  ..  my  eyes  waited to see u   at the    airport ..that  time  nothing is important   for me except u.. not  my  work , not my   time, anything priya'.   Wen I  was  in the  flight   I  only had ur  thoughts.. I  called for   vedio chat  to   see u .. I  was that  badly  missing u..  I  heard ur   voice  wen  some on   called me   "mr.kapoor" .i saw  u   every  where,every  sec, every  frame of my sight , it s u    could hardly  see..  I  lost  my control .. I was eager  to  see u .. .then  I  asked my self  .. " do  I  love  my  wife" as  vikram said  I   tested  my  self    I closed my  eyes   ..to  see  what  comes    first to me..  what  is that  most important  to me   in my  life.. u  knw  what I  saw .. who  came  infront of my  eyes'.???..{priya is  confused} whome  are u   guessing  priya that  would be ..??

P: may  be   DAADI   .. or  koi   FILE

R:   smiled his  heart loud .. haan  I  saw  my most   precious   FILE .. the  FILE  I searched  for in the   vedio chat.. [ cupped her   face in his  hands ] my    precious  FILE  is  U .. I saw u ,  ur  smile ,  the  warm love in ur  eyes,,'.  Then  I  realised my  love   for  u .. ..  I could  not    wait  a sec there  in US  .. I  started  back   just  for u..  .. I rushed  up  to  see u , to see the smile, to see the  blush on ur  cheeks..

                I called u  to  my office..  I  want to  surprise u.. I  want to  see  that   happiness of my  arrival  on ur  face.. am  not   back  for choti's  fashion show  I  came  for u ..   wen u  say  the   coin  under the  cup is  heads..  I  want to  confess  that  moment  itself.. I  saw the  longing  In ur  eyes to  listen me.. I  wanted to share my heart  but  maa  came  and  disturbed our   privacy.. I   confirmed  very  late that the  feeling   I have for u  is  love '. I  lied  to mom that   I  came  for nuts  show.. I  saw the  disappointment on ur   face.. ..i   felt  like  someone  squeezed my heart..wen u  walked  away   with  disappointment.. I  knw u  dnt  want to   go to    shopping  with  mom'.  I   came  back  to   confess to u ..i came  back  to  ask u  " will u be  mine  till  my  last breath.."..

priya kept her hand   on his lips ,,.. " mr. kapoor  aise  kuch  math  kehana.."

R:  let me  share now  priya    .. u need to  knw ' I  have to tell u'. if  not   now  .. I  could  not  say it ever..  I  arranged  surprise  for u in the  party.. I want to  confess to u ..   love happened to me   for the   first time .. I  was tensed.. I  knw  its u   but still I   was  worried to  confess u .. I  felt tensed to  propose u'. but my   day  was  spoiled I  listned to  vikram ..  I ignored u  at  party  .." do u  knw  how  bad  I   felt  ignoring u  at the  party.. I decked  up  with   shouting at u '

  My  words  hurted u r   heart..   it  ended  up   with ur  confession'  u  confessed ur  love.. to me.. and  am  speechless.. I  was  in bliss  u  loved me' am  sorry   my  word's  made u  to confess ..u  wanted to   hear my  confession  first   "am  sorry" for   hurting  my love' .

If u  want  me to  confess my   love on u '''''''''''..

to be  continued...

please    press like if u  like  this  attempt..  i  feel  great if u   comment  ..  chappal , tomato's  and  eggs are    accepted.. but   do  comment ur   veiw.. 


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That was a nice one ! Quite matched the flow !
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Posted: 2012-03-11T00:24:38Z
" tomato's  and  eggs are accepted  "ROFL

No dear you deserve red roses for nice thought!! really it was fantasticClap
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Posted: 2012-03-11T00:33:24Z
Why r u expectin chappals n tamatars, u deserve only shower of flowers, it ws sooo nice, i wish same thing wl happen in d show, thank u so much, u make my sunday.
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Posted: 2012-03-11T01:46:55Z
Beautiful Luvbalh. Very beautiful .but if you want ande tamatar for making egg and tomato soup, bata dena kitne kilo chahiye.fresh from the farm bhejdenge.. 
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Posted: 2012-03-11T03:04:30Z
Originally posted by SriB

Beautiful Luvbalh. Very beautiful .but if you want ande tamatar for making egg and tomato soup, bata dena kitne kilo chahiye.fresh from the farm bhejdenge.. 

Agree with SRiB here... LOL very nice comment...Tongue
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Posted: 2012-03-11T03:37:25Z
ohhh haiii ...dont say u r my friends friend ,i alredy conected with u via posts ...
omg is that  u ..i cant believe ...im reading u r other ff tooo  splendid ...
and both of your work is very nicely potrayed here ...ClapClapClap
u people made my sunday yaar ,when i got her msg that u posted ,i ran to open my lappy dear ..
awesome work neatly followed the flow of the serial ...
why you expected eggs and tomatos want to make anything haha Big smile,kk im boring you ...
plzplzplzplz update the next part alsooo ...
thank u very muchh StarStarStarStarStarStar

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Posted: 2012-03-11T04:05:17Z
awesome..plz continue soon
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