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here  are other   works i made.

FF raya..journey of love  

links  of the  parts  in this   ff

part  1 

part 2 

part 3

part  4

part 5

part 6

part  7

part 8 

part  9

part  10

part  1

I start  this with ram  and  priya fighting'

 Ram in the  office  thinks he is tiered of fighting with priya' he  go to house late .. by then  priya  is  sleeping in the couch  sitting    with book in the hand'

 RAM enter the room , priya is awake .. as usual she greets him

Priya :  arey  agaye aap.. bahut dheer ho gaye'

Ram  remain silent  , lokking at her,  priya came back to her senses and  remembers how rude  he was with her    in the morning'. Stand up and  go near intercome and as   the cooks to come to  ram's  room ' 

BAnsi kaka :  aap  ko kuch   chahiye madam

Priya  : nahi     mein  kahana kha chukka hu '  mr. kapoor abhi ayi   aap unse puch lijiye..

BAnsi kaka  ..    sir  aap  kya  khayege aaj '.    Befor  ram could answer   bansi kaka  says  we have strict orders to  look after u  sir .. and   spells his menu  out and the  rest all  cooks and servents are there in the room

 Ram  looks  at priya  '.. who is reading her nbook  and lost in her own  way but enjoys   all that is happening..  as ram   habit of ordering his food is  gone after priya  came in his life.. he finds to order his own  food very difficult

Soon food came inn  .. they  took the food inside his room  .. while   bansi kaka and troop are about to leave.. priya  calls out kaka

P:  arey aap kaha jar aha hai..   yehi ruk na   mr. kho kaun  serve karega ' aur upper se yeah   baadha mein  chillathe hai ki  iss ghar mein  serve karne kha koi  aur nahi '.

KAKA:  gi madam ''. And  remains at the place'..   ram  is stirred up  with anger with priyas words..frowns at priya  through eyes'

Ram finish  his supper  and was on bed  priya  went near to take pillow'  and  move towards  couch..

R:  kaha  ja rahe ho''

P:  sone .. aur kaha  ja sakthe ho ..  

R:  itna din  tumnne bed par  sogaye na ..  shouting at her ab zayada natak math kar..  ah  yeaha so javo

P:   ohhh  ab  aap yeah  decide karega ki mujhe kha  sona hai.. waha kuch option nahi hai  chen  se sone ka'  ab mujhe  chen  se sona hai..  and moves towards    couch

R:  kya kha tumne .. very angry  ram  'chen matlab  tum mera  karatom ki baaath kar raha ho na'

P : aur nahi tho kya..  kisi  engine  ki   souch  se kam nahi hai.. jitna bhi ruhe dalo  phir bhi  avaz tho ayega'''.

R: haan   dalo  .. kaun mana kiya tha aap ko '.   Mera karma  hai  mera bed hai ..  mera marzi.. jo chao karlunga '..  gana jana gan hai tho  gaunga  , agar  nach na  hai tho nachunga ..

 Mara  marzi hai..

 Priya   turns on  cd player    haan tik hai  nachna  mujhe kaya  pharak padtha hai aap ka  karma and  aap ki marzi'

 Ram sees  at her angriy  who is standing  near to him and   repeating his words.  Seriously pulls priya to his arms  holds her tight  by her waist..

R:   haan  nach na chati hu '..  nacho mera sath '.. 

P: feeling  nervour  her pitch   became less'..  trying to get out of his arms'   mein kyu aap ki saath nachna hai ..  sab kuch  aap ka hai yeah  par   mein  nahi  hai na'. aap ki  sath  mera ristha samjotha hai  na  ..    ab mein  kyu aap se nachu'  aap ka zinda gi mein  mera koi hak nahi banta hai  '  kis adi kar  se mujhe pakda ''  angry  ram   jholds her  still  close 

R:  mein  kaun hu  '  tum bhul gaye mein kaun  hu  tummari.. for ur  kind information   mein tumara pati hu..   tum par mujhe hak hotha hai..

P: oh rally  aap mera pati hai  tho aap ki patni nahi'. Mera koi  haak nahi bantha hai na  aap ke uppar'''..

Ram  immediately  leaves her .. seing    tears in her eyes' priya  switch off the  cd player and  go near couch and sleep .. ram got  shocked and   was thinking of all the questions he   was put  by  priya''..

Ram was sleep less as well priya  both think of the  days they spent together'  ram remembers  priyas hand on his'priya  remembers she ask  ram s permission to hold his hand and sleep' 

Both  drift to  sleep  thinking of  both of them''..

  Tune  plays  .. Bade ache lagthe hai  '''''''''.


 plz   give ur valuble comments if u like it...

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Its too good yaar continue if u can so that v wil njoy for three days with this update...
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Posted: 2011-12-23T01:36:59Z
Originally posted by chak

Its too good yaar continue if u can so that v wil njoy for three days with this update...
thanku so much for   comments da

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Posted: 2011-12-23T02:13:36Z
Clap gr8 ff why so short update soon
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Posted: 2011-12-23T03:40:08Z
amazing post...
cont soon...
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Posted: 2011-12-23T05:45:22Z
superb update dear loved it
pls continue soon
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Posted: 2011-12-23T05:48:55Z
Originally posted by neha445

Clap gr8 ff why so short update soon
thanks  i did  not start it like ff it is  my   randome thoughts   r u sure its good to continue...

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Posted: 2011-12-23T05:53:03Z
Originally posted by hbuy

amazing post...
cont soon...
 r u  sure u want me to continue
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