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hello  guys, 

I made this  OS long back  but for some  competition, I hope this will  win ur  hearts . I thought of  continuing this  to  few parts as am presently hating pihu and like ram's attitute towards her .  I hope u all will like it.  thanku 

please post  ur  likes hates  to me  so that i may know if ur likinng me to continue or not. 

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A lonely morning, birds chirpy sounds, she opened her eyes to witness another day. It takes her some time to consume herself in the day light to her environment. Every day she had a fear before going to bed - If I close my eyes? What if I open my eyes another 7 yrs later?  But y is she thinking so ,who is there for her to live, the very thought made her smile her white knight, her man-yes he is her's alone the next minute her mind consoled her heart. Sometimes  heart and mind fight like warriors but when one needs other they will yoke up  as if there is nothing which can be a  better councelor. She rubbed her eyes,tied her hair to a bun, look to the other side of the bed and smiled, and  straight to wards the wall which has many memories of her kids, hers wih her love, her smile wan'd with a deep  pityful breath looking to the other side of her bed.-

How I wish to wake up beside u , to hear u snoring to the zeinth pitch, where ever u r "ram .. good morning, I love u"


"Ummm... my morning is beautiful as u wish me darling".. he stirried in  bed  moved his hand on the bed to find her, he could feel the cool soft duvet but the warmness he carve is missing. He reaize it yes, she is not with me but I heard her infact I can hear it clear, "my love please allow me to be with u ,he thought, prayed god to do something in his barren  life.  He could feel her all around him, he dint move out of this damn room where he feels her aroma, he feel  she lives there where he hears her heart talk to him . he continued his routine feel her presence all around him. He is dressed in his business suit after about a month. This day is cruitial to him the biggest decision of his life. He walked down the stares grabbing everyone's attention. His kids  were there too,preplexed what made him come out of his wife's world today? They could not bring him out not even juhi now what?. Kush who is there rushed to ram in the way  hugged him tight and was in short of words. He avoided to see everyone patted kush,  sid came to kush.


bhai.. can't thank enough what  u  n bhabi gave me despite of my  cruel deeds to u n her!"

"sid take care of him, he has gone through so much in life. He is only one who can understand what is love. Am proud of u both. Am sure priya would have been reciprocated same feelings if sheis here.  Sid u r my brother,am done its u  who have to take care of this family and business, get into my shoes  my brother."

"papa [kush mean sid] please get my angel back. Dad please u promised me u will get anything I asked for u promised u will not leave me ever." sid hugged him to console his own son.



 Hot cofee, cool breaze has been her mates in the morning. Cofee, it sooths her as it is his favourite.  She aimlessly stare at the leaves wafted from the swing preoccupied by his thoughts,  his eyes  speak a lot but what she has seen is different. He is true and it is a axiom that he the only one who wants her back,it is suffogating to her there, all are her own but ! Did they deceive her! Don't know, he has lot of faith in him so she say yes to what ever he said. It was him who even said juhi is his employe  n took care of kids. Her vision blurred as tears flooded in her eyes. Pihu ! her princess grew old as a cheat it wretched her heart. She walked off her own house the place where she has the first right because of her kids her parents and friends. She closed her eyes leaning back remembering the same incident.




Ram came home back she is  reading a writ, her divorce which is signed by her father and a finger print. Is keeping it back in to the parcel she got. She dint feel like he could do it. May be because of her coma  he did.  He  hold her by shoulder rested his chin on her shoulder.


"had a tiring day , can u get me some cofee.. hmmm no chai  priya spl adrak wala" she smiled seeing him through the corner of her eyes.


Dad, what is wrong with u. y  cant myra pyri cant go to prom night. I asked maa she said yes and u  were saying she said no.


Pihu! U are supposed to knock the door n come not like this  yes I said no because ur sisters, they dint  even cared to inform their mom. I clarified it with priya. ok now no more discussion, I condemn ur aggressive nature too.  Ram broke out

What! Didn't u ask juhi maa ? she is the one who gave us permission. Like everytime we asked juhi maa for permission.  Hearing this from pihu ! the word juhi maa boke priya's heart into pieces.

Clarification pihu, ur maa, is priya, I wil ask whereabouts of my children with ur mom! and myra pari y

dint u discuss his with ur mom!


Papa, I told pari to ask mom but she is reluctant and we met pihu didi, she made our way clear asked juhi maa like always.myra spoke gathering courage. Pari interwined-  moreover mom wont accept this she don't like us to be happy n free.   


Yes dad, why shall we ask mom! by nature she will not accept. I know mom she always doubted me, spy ed me a lot. What shall I expect from her. Even now  I lost my freedom, dad am an adult, all these days I am independent. She is treating me like a kid.i am here advocating my sister am trying to protect my sisters.  U do what ever  this women, if she is still in coma we should not have all these problems u should have married juhi maa, at least our life would be in peace.  She felt a heavy hand  hit her cheek leaving both the sisters in shock.


Hearing this juhi and naina came to see. Juhi tried to question ram he commanded her to stop. Pihu came and hugged juhi. Seeing all this priya  had a torment in mind,a unclear familiar situation is in front of her eyes those heated discussion, the same voice , the slap, same pain from her daughter. She could not able to get the image what was it which is haunting her! She  felt suffocating, she clasped his blazer, losing her grip on his shoulder she was about to fall when he caught  her fainted in his arms. His life halted once again, what if she never come back this time? He shouted to the peak pitch ,PRIYA. His voice echo everyone's ears. His 3 girls rushed to her. He stopped them


Dare to come near her, I feel ashamed, yes I failed as a father, am dead as a father let me live as a husband as her man alone. Kush came in with suhani. Suhani is checking her assured ram that her pulse is normal.  Kush is crying bitterly, common priya angel, come back I have a good news for u . I obeyed u and see I signed  my  first film. Please get up priya angel. Who do I have to share my happiness except u. ram consoled him. Ram sat alone with priya, kush saw sid walking  to priya's room. He followed him. Kush is stunned to see his own cruel dad's words. Bhai, plz tell bhabi to come back, I want to ask her pardon, a boor like me is happy  y is this to bhabi bahi- sid weeped keeping his head on the bed near to her feet. Kush is moved is it true his papa is good now?


Priya opened her eyes, ram happiness has no limits. He kissed her on her forehead. Suhani checked her. She is good. What is making her impatient?  She cried.. ram consoled her, she spoke ram VARUN! He is fine na. tell me that that boy is good, we  cannot forgive our self if he is in jail  ram come lets go we have to take our case back! Its our fault ram,  no its my fault I should not have trusted pihu blindly . I should have heard neha .. pihu where's pihu am going to station to give her verdict y am I home now. She is worried, suhani made her calm, gave her  sedation. Sir good news  I think ur wife is back, based on what u said to me abt accident those circumstances,I feel she is in guilty all these years.


She gathered herself, recollecting all that happened before and after, she packed her bag came down, where every one gathered. She took blessings of dadi, KK, and came near ram . he stood still in shock. Suhani said she is fine back with her memory. Pihu is scared now!  Neha came running to KM, priya turned around in guilt, she spoke .- neha am sorry, u r right I should have listen u. my blind love on my kid made me insane please forgive me.  Neha hugged her,it was strange priya feel guilty of what happened.she came to ram!


Mr. kapooor, I want a favor will u do!


He said yes. I promise u


Then let me free!





Let me go away, please.




cannot live in a place where nothing belongs to me! plz don't stop.


Everything is urs priya please, don't leave me.. I will also come here.


Mr. kapooor no , ur kids need u, not me. I cannot live here any more. Because of me my close friend lost her son, I am not worthy to live,please let me go. I no more feel this is mine


Priya please, listen to me.. 

Mr. kapoor what am I to u? ur EX wife!  Or ur kids mother. When my kids reject me to be their mother y shall I be here? [she looked at her papa] I have no one here its my curse. Let me face it alone


Sudhir spoke,asked her to stay,no she rejected saying she is not his wife not his daughter,coz he almost considered her dead it was her fault again to come back so she has to leave.  Sid blocked her way. He apologized her kush pleaded her not to go. Priya took kush hand In sid's hand this is ur son kush ur papa is changed give him a chance for my sake. Rishab stopped her. She said if u want to see me happy let me go. Sid too her luggage and assisted her to the place, that is the favor  she asked him. She reached the apartment she n ra alone knows.their apartment.the only alone property she has as his wife. 



Sid returned with heavy heart, handed over ram a parcel priya left for him.he opened it and found a old set of divorce papers and juhi's verdict as a tape.  Other file is her recently signed divorce. He was devastated seeing those he heard the tape. He is literally shocked, he asked juhi to explain. He some how traced who has sent it found it nonother  than Juhi.  Juhi try to manipulate,it was rajeev. No he firmly spoke. He questioned her - y the hell u did this,the truth cam out. Just because I love u I took care of ur kids, I envy priya so I made pihu a spoilt brat. What u know abt  her ram.  He turned to pihu,will u tell me what happened in the prom, or shall I trace it. If u admit u will be safe or else u r behind bars, a criminal has no right to live free. Well sammy still  is human and admitted the truth to me. Yes, pihu spoke  blaming her mom to have a boy friend, his hand thunderously hit her cheek once again as she said who know what mom has done when she was ashwin uncles girl'. Hearing all this both myra and pari lost the respect n  iconic image they had for their juhi ma n pihu. The cold blooded fact is  they are a part of their parents broken heart n shattered lifes.


He collapsed in the sofa yes she was in guilt of varuns death so she was in coma, my rockstar is this? She is cruel to her own mom! he is shattered. He walked to his room  closed himself in though his kids came to apologize him he never open, he allowed nuts kush, sid vikram to enter in. sammy witnessed this who badly it effected ram. He talked to ram ,ram asked sammy to tell the truth of pihu. In deed he failed to be a papa. Sammy collected the details of varun's brother on ram's request.  He is appointed in a good job, in his overseas branch , with handsome salary, he asked suhani to take care of sruthi who became mentally ill after varun's death.


She came back to senses heard some one call her, it was suhani.. to check priya!  Suhani brought he food t eat,on the other end he is on BF table. naina is exited she served him chocolate ecclare, he denied to eat. Maa can u cook for me!kichidi please. Kk nodded yes. Juhi tried to explain him, he dint pay any heed.  Observing this neha burst. Cant u understand what is he without priya, he is a fossil without her. Let him live happy, ram its high time u have to reach priya,leave this selfish  crowd the only person  for u is priya. He had his breakfast,  turned to juhi, -after one billion attempts u can never be my priya,am giving u one months notice. Dad naina called- see naina, I always love u like my daughters  but my wife is priya. I cannot spare this conspiracy  against her because I promised to be with her in worst,thick and thin.  He went near to pihu gave the documents, I have no right on u from now am no more ur dad. Ur dad is dead am ur mom's man. Enjoy ur liberty. I don't want u to hurt her anymore. Myra pari, ur sister is ur inspiration,I failed to be a father don't come to hurt my wife ever. Kush, he called out he hugged kush, I promise u ur priya angel is safe. Take care of ur dad and the family I give u this responsibility will u.kush nodded. Go ram what are u still waiting for, I want to see my  son happy,his happiness is priya go ram put an end living for  selfish people. KK shared her words. He walked out with like a free lancer,..




She opened her door,  it was he , her soul her life is back in flesh in front of her. She wrapped her hands around him, weeping bitterly. He consoled her, I cant live there so am here for u alone he said.  He hugged her back, he went near to his ear and said, viraj ya phir ram cannot handle tears" she smiled on the name viraj.


V: I left every thing and came bare to u.

Mallika: hmmm  my husband is golu unlike my lover .

V; he felt jealous of the word lover,   ha I left everything and came for u now

M; really!,

V; yes marry me 

M; am married ram is my husband.

V; u are a divorcee  any ways,big deal.

M; hmm... careful if my husband hear this he will sit on u ..she laughed saying this.

V: priya am serious no one know where we r, I came fro u ..

M; I love u so much . no wedding ok.i am happy with this affair... btw  u became lean. Am sure u skipped

ur meals, let me cook ur fav.

V; yes aloo paranta, am not changed at all

M; we will hire bansi kaka, what say.

V; y ?

M; I will be tired feeding u infinite alooparanta's. bettr u call bansi kaka here..  she laughed.

V: no way , they were so faithful to their madam what if they leak abt my affair.

M ...y  are u scared? Viraj is dashing as far as I knw.

V: its u me alone here for the rest of the life. I love u priya

I love u too..

P: ram  can u...who... kuch nahi, I stopped in KM  as kids are around, it is ok

R; don't feel shy am urs, trust me am  carving for this since long time. There is lot to come darling. He glued his thirsty lips to her quivering lips. He sucked her lower lip both engulfed in getting more n more the heat n passion increased till they  felt breathless. The taste of their love rejuvenated their senses.

P; ouch ,  aap bhi na,  winced in pain after his bite on the soft lips]

V; ha ur golu husband may be gentle u know how rough ur viraj is! She blushed to his naughty words.


She hugged him.

R; marry me , this time I promise u all the happiness till my last breath.

Priya nodded yes  in his arms.



Part 4 

Part 5

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Superb Update

bets part of this update is Ram slapped Pihu
Myra- Pari supported Pihu but later after knowing truth they felt bad..
good Ram ko Pihu ki saari sachaayi saamne aa gayi
Priya still feeling guilty...and blame herself for Varun's death.
Viraj- Mallika are superb...loved it
thanks for PM
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Awww di it was really a pleasure to read it n thank u for pm
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That ws just awesome... Too good..
Plz update next part sooon

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Happy to read it's really a nice ssClap.thanks for the PM.
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Superb UpdateSmileWink
loveed itHeart
and thanks 4 pm!!!
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thnks fr pm.nice update
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nice SS Kaash serial mein bhi ye sab kuch hua hotha anyways thanks for PM
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