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Hey pkyekians! I'm here with a new FF. Do read and comment!If you want PMs then send me a buddy request! Index:
Part 1.
Part 2.

Part 3.
Part 4.
Part 5.
Part 6.
Part 7.
Part 8.
Part 9.
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I'll send the PMs to everyone.
Meera isn't sending PMs but incase if I miss out then you will find the links in her ff suckers corner.
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Pia impatiently looked around the Chemistry lab.It's been a fortnight since the most gorgeous looking guy has joined Mount College. Every girl stood awestruck at his face and yet he had such a rude attitude.He had only come thrice and his first victim of attitude was she herself. She meaning the sweet bubbly Pia Jaiswal whom everyone adored.People said she had an unusual charm which attracted people.But for last two weeks,she wasn't in her best mood.She just couldn't figure out as to why Abhay had behaved so badly with her when she had just offered friendship.She still remembered his pale cold face.Even after getting so many reasons for disliking him,she still felt a sort of attachment to him.Abhay had been missing every class since their bitter quarrel.She was still dying to see him,to hear his husky voice which always made her desires arise.As if an instant fulfilment of her wish,she heard that same silk voice.She turned back to see him in a smooth black shirt and a pair of blue denims.He had an innocent look on his face as he walked amidst the lab assistants.A soft violin tune started playing in her mind.She smiled and tilted her head toward the floor fan admiring his features.Abhay's violet eyes fell on her pale spotless face.Straight ends of her hair was stroking her face lovingly."Why are you doing this Pia? I'm trying so hard to stay away from your angelic beauty and you're drawing me closer",Abhay thought.He came towards her and clicked his fingers.Pia came back to reality."Could you move please? I've to work with Ruhi",he said.Pia looked down and moved away."Hey Abhay! It's good that you came today 'cause after fourth period,we're going for the botanical gardens for Botany practicals",Ruhi chirped."That's great!",Abhay remarked falsely. Soon the bell rang for the fifth period.Ms.Sandra lead all the botany students to a Scorpio.Ruhi happily sat with Angad and Misha.A studious girl sat with Ms.Sandra at the front seat.When Pia reached the car,she found only two seats empty.One was beside Rakesh, a friend of the driver.Opposite to him,sat Abhay.Pia was still wondering if Abhay would shout on her again.So she sat with Rakesh.As the driver started driving,regular bumpers caused Pia to fall on Rakesh several times.Rakesh put a hand around her bare shoulders and lowered them.Pia was wearing a strapless knee length pink dress.She got alarmed by his act and soon felt a strong grip on her wrist.It was Abhay.He pulled her to sit with him."What's wrong with you?",Abhay asked to Rakesh."She's damn hot Abhay!",he said.Abhay twisted his hand and he wriggled in pain."Don't you ever touch Pia!Get out now!",he said.He stopped the car immediately and made him walk out.As the Scorpio sped through the meadows,faint light reached the dark insides of the car.It was sunset.Abhay took off his jacket and wrapped it around Pia securely.It was very cold outside when they reached the botanical gardens.They had their practicals finished in an hour.Throughout the practicals,Pia remembered the concern glimmering in his eyes when he put his jacket around her.It was eight p.m. when they reached their college back.Abhay sat in his car watching Pia in secret.She seemed very sleepy.He took out his Android and called her.'Pia?Can I take you home?',he asked."No I'll drive on my own",she said."But you're sleepy,you'll get hurt",he pleaded."No i won't",she said.Abhay still followed Pia.She was dead tired.She drove very carefully but at one turn,she got sleepy and bumped into a huge snow chunk.Her car was stuck but somehow she came out and fell in the snow.Abhay saw her and got down.He rushed to her and took her in his car.She was unconcious.A small cut on her forehead was bleeding.Abhay locked her car and drove her to her house.Her parents weren't at home.He took her in through the window to her room on the third floor and laid her down on her bed.He raised the heater to dry her wet snow filled dress.He also put a band aid on her forehead and she became partly concious.Abhay felt she was still sleeping.So he caressed her face and kissed her very close to her lower lips.He put a blanket on her and switched off the night light.As he went away through the backdoor,Pia thought smilingly,"You love me Abhay!".
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Yayyy...m d 1st 2 comment.Hey dr beautful start.Pehle epi mein hi abhiya kahani shuru!! Really lkd it...plz updte sun nd plz pm me.m already in ur buddy list.Edited by Neytiri - 2011-10-03T18:15:24Z
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Posted: 2011-10-03T20:19:42Z
wow nice story plz update soon
my name is Alicia thelwell I really like ur story
add me
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Posted: 2011-10-03T21:08:02Z
Awesome start! Abhay's concern for Piya is so cute! Tongue Let's see how long he can put up an act of fighting with Piya! Even Piya has got the clue that he likes her! Looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2011-10-03T21:29:04Z
wow awesome   part and i loved   abhiya 's cute chemstry abhay 's concern for pia 's amazing  looking for ward to what happend next 
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Posted: 2011-10-03T21:42:59Z
Nice update!Smile

Abhay is concerned about her, but doesn't want her close to him.Finally Pia got to know that he cares about her.Continue soon and please Pm me next update.

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