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Posted: 12 years ago

Nadaswaram Archives mansion


'Metti oli' Fame Thirumurugan returns with a bang on Sun TV with his latest direction and production, Nadhaswaram.   Based in Kaaraikudi, the story revolves around the families of two nadhaswara artists, Shokkalingam and his brother Mayilvaahanan.  Althougth the families live under separate roofs, theirs is a closely knit extended family despite the enduring rifts between the housewives.  While Shokkalingam remains calm and collected under most circumstances, Mayilvaahanan's abrupt behavior and strong partiality towards their sons stirs problems.  How do the most responsible members in the family resolve the issues? 
With as many as 33 artists joining the cast list, Nadhaswaram promises to be a family entertainer portraying real-life elements.  Commensing on April 19th, 2010, Sun TV networks will air the show regularly from  at 19.30 Monday to Friday.  Watch this space for lively updates on a daily basis.
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Nadheswaram Development Team

MIgan,Srima shreenithi , atina ,

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Cast And Character Names

Poovilangu Mohan
Theni Sathyabhama
Maariyappan Raja
Jeyanthi Naaraayanan (arimugam)
Sudhaprakash (arimugam)
Pensi (arimugam)
Puvaneshwari (arimugam)
Shruthi Shanmugapriya  (arimugam)
Jeyashri Paapaa (arimugam)
Geethaanjali (arimugam)
Sinthu (arimugam)
Sangavi (arimugam)
KamalHaasan (arimugam)
Muneesh Raja (arimugam)
Roopitha (arimugam)
Nanthini (arimugam)
Kalaivaani (arimugam)
Mageswari (arimugam)
Veerapathiran (arimugam)
Sathyamoorthi (arimugam)
Poopathi Raaja (arimugam)
Naveenthar (arimugam)
Sountharavalli (arimugam)
Kaaleeshwari (arimugam)
Firose (arimugam)
Kaarthik (arimugam) 
Story, Direction & Produced by
M. Thirumurgan B.Sc., D.F.Tech.
Character Sketch
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Mother of Four Children
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        3. Raasappa          
Sokkalingam Family
click to zoom
  click to zoom 
 wife Meenaatchi
click to zoom 
Son Gopi 
Another son: Ran away at a young age!!!LOLLOL
  click to zoom click to zoom
Daughters Maheswari,Geetha and Ragini
Compound Neighbours:
click to zoom
click to zoom 
Manoranjitham(Thavil artist marimuthu's wife),
Shokkalingam (II's) Wife 
Mayilvaahanan Family
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(Left)  Mayilvaahanan and Son Paandiyan (Right)
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(Left) Second Daughter, Daughter Kaameshwari,
Wife Deivayaanai (Right)
Pushpa's Family
click to zoom 
Pushpa and Husband Piraisudan
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         Son Sambhantham       
 click to zoom
 Daughters Sumathi and Maha
EB Officer Malar
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Character Description
By Smlaksh
Sokkalingam/Chokkalingam --> Eldest brother (Mouli) , loves daughters more than sons (including Mayil's children) .. Always tries to keep all 5 daughters happy

Meenakshi --> Chok's wife

Son --> Gobi/Gopi (Thirumurugan) , owns a tailor shop .. has an assistant for kaja .. Best fits for the proverb , nunalum than vaayal kedum .. over aah pesi invites trouble for himself & others ..
Another son --> Who is a brother to MegalaEmbarrassed , Ran away from home when he was young .. Still not returned .. Haven't mentioned so far , if he is elder or younger to Gobi

Three Daughters --> Not sure with their names .. Maheswari , Ragini & another one theriyala .. Will post pics soon

 Mayilvahanan --> Younger brother to chok's

Deivanai  --> Mayil's wife

Son --> Pandi , vetti officer .. Thimiru kind of guy .. Knows his dad supports him , so takes advantage over his sisters ..

 Two daughters ; One's pet name is kundani , as she is lil stout

Another one is a bit talkative

 Rasappa --> Youngest brother of Choks/Mayil .. He is unmarried .. Konjam loosu esp on amavasai & pournami .. Gobi takes him to a darga on those days , to control him .. Very innocent .. Works in a rice mill .. Always has kadalai urandai in his packet & offers to whoever visits him ..

 Piraisudan --> SIL of Trio brothers (money collection guy from dhandapani family in Megala) .. Postmaster in peravurani .. Dislikes his Machan's .. Acts weirdly in issues the trio brothers are concerned ..

 Pushpa --> Wife of Pirai , Sister to the trio .. Struggles btwn porantha veedu & Puguntha veedu

 Son --> Sammandham , another vetti officer .. Sight adichufies even a stick wearing a saree .. visits tea stall to sight adichufy , both mom & daughter Angry.. That kind of guy Dead.. Always flirts .. when someone asks  what he'll do if some guy behaves the same way to his sisters .. He replies it's normal .. Poovai thedi vandu varum .. In Vadivelu's style , Maanam kettavan .. But it's real fun to watch his segments ..

 Maha --> Studies in college .. Eldest daughter of Pirai-Pushpa .. Looks like she has an liking for Gobi aththaan

 Sumathi --> Youngest daughter of Pirai-Pushpa .. In school ..

 Paati --> Mother of trio brother's & Pushpa .. Lives alone nearbyto Pushpa's home .. Cooks for herself & expects none of her sons help .. She is so adamant to stay alone , irrespective of Chok's /Mayil's plea to stay with one of them .. Loves her husband , who is no more .. Always supports her SIL , pirai .. Behaves like a MIL to Pushpa .. very true to Pirai .. Marumagan mela mariyathai .. Doesn't even offer food to her sons who has visited her .. Says I have cooked only for me .. I can't starve offering this food for u guys nu .. Strange mother '

 Two men with his wives .. One is thavil vidvan & the other plays some instrument along with others .. All four men perform katcheri together ..

 A Josiyar , whose name is also Sokkalingam lives in the same compound , with his wife ..

 Engineer in Electricity Board .. A lady , her name is not revealed yet ..

 Synopsis by Smlaksh

Chokkalingam & Mayilvahanan , are nadhaswara vi by dvans .. They are like ram , lakshman .. But his wives have yezham porutham .. They keep fighting for each & every silly reason .. Deivanai thinks only Chok's & his family gets importance , everywhere , as he is eldest .. Meenakshi gives her back & doesn't likes to get involved with her co sisters family .. But the daughters are so close .. More like friends .. they are very affectionate to both Deiva & Meena .. These two also loves all the five in the same way .. Mayil has a strong opinion that only sons will be with them till their end of life .. And every single penny spent on daughters is a waste .. Chok's differs fron his opinion .. He always supports daughters & tries to keep them happy .. Sends them for a movie , without anyone's knowledge .. Mayil chides them .. But Chok's rescues the five member team from Mayil .. Paasamulla appa ..


Kundani gets down from a bus & talks with a guy .. She has actually offered to keep tht guy's books , as the bus was crowded .. Pandi , her brother , sees both .. Without any interrogation , he slaps his sister .. Police comes by tht side & they shout at his bad behaviour in public .. Sends Kundani(till I get her name) to bring her dad .. Mayil jumps up & down .. Says he must have saved her bro at any cost & shouldn't have come home without him ..  hits her .. Deiva stops him .. Gobi has taken his uncle Rasappa to darga .. On his way back home , he finds Mayil running .. Gets to know tht Pandi is in police custody .. Takes Mayil with him in cycle .. Talks abt law to police inspector .. latter gets angry & takes Pandi with him to station .. Gobi leaves to get a lawyer .. Mayil runs behind the police vehicle .. Insp feels bad for him & leaves Pandi .. Warns to advice Gobi to parthu pesufy ..


 Sumathi attains puberty in school .. Pushpa brings her home .. offers ulundhang kali to her .. Pirai is not interested in conducting a sadnagu for Sumathi .. He doesn't want to face his machan's .. Pushpa & her mom pesters him .. He then agrees .. Sends a telegram to his Machan's .. Doesn't like to invite them in person , so he sends his son Sammandham to invite thaai maamans .. Sammandham makes use of the opportunity to flirt with all 5 girls .. But none pay deeds .. Deiva & Meena have got seer varisai (anda , kunda) separately for Sumathi .. Chok's & Mayil decide to do the seer jointly .. Rasappa says he'll do alone , as he has no family .. Both agree .. Mayil informs Deiva abt their decision to do seer together .. She jumps up & down .. Makes a scene .. Later agrees , as Chok's says he is even ready to fall on her feet .. They all take a van & go to Pushpa's place .. Some nice fun time btwn girls .. Plays Anthakshari .. Pirai venda veruppa welcomes them .. Sumathi is brought to the stage .. Rasappa proudly shows her what all he has brought for her .. comments he will only tie thaali on her .. Pirai gets worked up & slaps him .. Asks un vayasu enna , ava vayasu enna .. blah blah .. Chok's & Mayil defend their brother .. both side get into argument .. Chok's feels bad & leaves with his family , without having meal .. Pirai takes this as an insult .. Rasappa says he'll eat & has food ..

 Gobi & Pandi come in bike .. Pirai indirectly teases them .. Both get to know what happened from their aunt .. They then leave ..

 Pushpa & Maha decide to visit Chok's & co .. They seek permission from Pirai to visit employment office .. He agrees happily .. As soon as both ladies is out of his sight .. He hires a van .. Dumps all the seer varisai .. Orders driver to return it to Chok's & co ..

 EB lady officer visits an aachi's home for testing .. Gobi has taken a room in tht aachi's home & runs his tailoring shop .. She chides aachi for using a meter which doesn't work properly .. Says she cheats on EB .. Gobi , jollu vittufies this lady .. Intervenes & argues with lady officer .. She comes to know that Gobi uses domestic power for commercial use & orders to remove the fuse carrier .. Gobi is now running behind her to get back power to his shop '

Pushpa & Maha are received by Pandi , who is sent by Gobi .. Maha enquires more abt Gobi .. On reaching home , Meena updates Pushpa abt return of seer .. And her brother's visit to her home .. Pushpa does a solo RKO ..

 Chok's & Mayil visit pirai .. Have lemon rice kept for him .. Meet their mom .. Updte her the reason for their arrival .. Loosu Paati , goes to Pirai & asks "Appo Pushpa unga kitta sollama anga poyitala" .. Pirai gets angry '

2nd week written summary
By MP_Radha
April 26 - 30, 2010
Shockku and Mayil empty the entire platter full of saadham, much to Pirai's dismay.  In the meantime, Pushpa continues her oppari about having a 'losu' husband to her SILs (LOLLOL.. she has got to be the woman who, without any fear, could call her husband names such as a losu and 'korangu' Shocked.. she said that koraungu word 5 or 6 times Shocked). 
Shokku and Mayil then visit their mom, Thailam, who lives alone in her house (she seems very independent, gutsy, and a bit cunning).  Thailam sees her two sons standing at the entrance, as she is about to eat.  She just passes a comment and continues to eat.  The two brothers go and sit by their mom and serve her food.  They inform her that they had come down to apologize to their BIL and leave behind the seeru they had originally brought for Sumathi.  Thailam scolds them for behaving rudely towards her only son in law,  Pirai, but Shokku and Mayil explain to her that it was Pirai who had slapped their own sibling and her son, Raasappa.  Thailam brushes it off by saying Raasappa is a useless fellow, but the brothers defend Raasappa and add that it was him who had fulfilled the role of a brother by staying behind with Puspha despite being insulted. 
Just then Shokku receives a call from Pushpa.  Pushpa sulks about the fact that just when she had come over to see her brothers, the two of them had gone to her own place nnu.  Shokku calms her down by telling her that the problem is solved and everything will be back to normal nnu, and that they can def meet up soon nnu.  She informs them that she'll soon leave since she hadn't informed her husby about their secret visit nnu.  This is all watched by Thailam, who goes and informs her Son in law, Pirai (haiyoo... Maha sonnathu correct aa irukku... intha Thailam amma petha thaaya irukkaama, MIL aatom nadakuraanga... Confused)Pirai gets angry about the fact that his wife and daughter Maha never informed him about their secret visit to Shokku's house.  He expresses his dislike for those families and vowes to not marry his eldest daughter into that nadhaswara artist family.  He decides to oru kaipathufies as soon as they return (just like Metti oli, his character here is also a troublesome one LOLLOL).
In the meantime, Pandi takes Pushpa and Maha to Gopi's tailoring shop.  There Pandi learns of the fuse pudinging story by EB lady officer, Malar, and Gopi's tailor shop suffering from a power outtage.  Maha in the meantime gets really excited seeing Gopi and wants him to go drop them off (hmm... Ponnukku Gopi melah aasa thaan Wink; Pirai sir kothichu yenthirikka innum neraiya chances irukku pinne Confused).  But Pandhi convinces Maha and goes to drop the mother and daughter at the bus station.  After the bus takes off, Pandy calls and checks on Maha, if she is doing alright... (inge oru love triangle oduthappa Wink... Pandi has eye on Maha who has an eye on Gopi).  Soon after, Pushpa's second daguther Sumathi informs Pusha via her mobile about how angry Pirai is and warns them to samaalichufy.  Pushpa assures that it is best Pirai shouts... as it'll come to their advantage nnu. 
Pandy returuns back to Gopi's tailoring shop and goes to the house (where the fuse was originally taken away from, and since Gopi has rented the place from the house owner his current also puttukichu, much thanks to his over pechu), and fixes a wire... bang current vanthidichu.  The house owner (an old lady) is happy... so is Gopi. 
In the meantime, Pushpa and Maha reach their house .... and get yelled at by Pirai.  Sammantham is also irritated at his mother and daughter for another reason (for not taking him along with them to sight adichufy the girls Angry... this fellow is a pakka flirt... and his voice reminds me of a well known actor LOLLOL).  At the end, Pirai and Sammantham leave the ladies out of the house and lock the door.  Pusha and the girls have no problem Wink (aahaa... vidivu kaalam poranthidichu for them naa LOL).
The EB officer Malar's secretary convinces her that Gopi is a good guy and would never cheat anyone intentioanlly.  So Malar decides to go and solve the problem.  But to her surprise, the lights are on at the house and at Gopi's tailoring shop.  She gets really angry and Gopi doesn't help it.  Gopi goes onto tease her and thannoda perumaiya kaatiaar... even thought it was Pandi who did it LOLLOL.  She gets them to turn off the main current switch at the plant.  Gopi is shocked and sad and tries to tell her it was Pandi who did it, but Malar says Gopi will be fined 20 000 Rs (adeengappa Shocked... Gopi... ongaiya vayai konchom adakki vaasenga rasa LOL).  
At their house, Gopi goes and tell his father about the problem.  He doesn't know how to pay the fine and wants to find a way to samaathaanapaduthufy the EB officer.  Just then Pushpa and the kids arrive.  Shokku is worried but Pushpa explains that she wants to teach  her husband Piria a lesson, so she wishes to stay with her brothers' till her husband regrets his actions (aahaa ithellava revenge LOL.. rombha dairiyama lady thaan Pushpa.... villa thanamaana husbandai thittu rathilaiyum, revenge edukkarathilaiyum).  The girls are really happy that they get to stay together.  Shokku is really happy to see the girls kala kalappa.  Soon Pushpa informs Mayil, who ends up sending his children over to Shokku's house.  There is aatom paatom kondaatom.  All the kids (Pushpa's, Shokku's and Mayil's) go to sleep in the mottai maadhi.  Paandhi begins to route vittufies Maha (Pushpa's eldest), while Maha route vittufies Gopi, who is all worried about the EB issue Cry.  And Pandy is irked by Maha's activity (jealousy begins now Tongue).
In the middle of the night, Sammantham wakes up and goes outside to look for his mother.  He is shocked to see them not there.  He wakes his father up... who brushes it off and sleeps.  Sammantham tries to go back to sleep but is freaked out.. so in the process of waking his father, he scares the latter LOLLOL (comic timing super aa irukku LOLLOL.. hope it continues like this LOL).  The father and son decide to go check at Thailam's house.  Thailam is shocked to hear this and kandiching him for his actions.  Pirai says he didn't expect this to happen.  The father - son duo go to search, but Pirai is scared because Thailam had scared him of the presence of snakes LOLLOLLOL.  Even worse, Sam (Sammantham) scares his father that they might have to go check out each well nnu (haiyoo haiyoo).  Pirai is really scared.  Sam scolds his father and bulty adiching that from the day onwards he'll support his mother and decides to take off to his uncle's place. 
Next day, Maha wakes up Gopi.... he thanks her and says "innaiku onnoda mogathilah muzhicha padiya lets see if all my problems will be solved nnu."  Maha vukku santhosam, while Pandhy kku yeritchal.  Gopi suddenly sees Malar go for an early morning walking, so he decides to convince her right then.  He rushes down and tries to talk with her, but yammadhi, ivanga oru strictu officer.  She says that for her it is neethi, nermai, nyaayam nnu, but Gopi is angry and starts vittufying points about why they are not turning off the street lights when there is so much natural light (ithai yengaiyo ketaa mathiri irukke.. in ratchagan movie Tongue).  Malar starts malupufying it is the muncipality's job and all, but Gopi says still it is part of their department since current is getting wasted nnu.  Malar samalikka mudiyama tells him to come meet her in the office and leaves.  This is all watched by Maha from the mottai maadhi.. she gets a lil jealous.  Pandhi on the other hand sees her and decides to check out what Maha was looking at and is stunned to see his bhaiya (cousin brother) Gopi standing there along (haiyooo.... sibling rivalry thodakutha inge).
Downstairs, Maha learns that the lady whom Gopi was talking with a while back was none other than the EB officer who was giving Gopi some trouble and feels happier that Gopi hates the officer (LOLLOL.. chellom, ippadhi patta sandaileh thaan love sssstart aagum, so even if Gopi hates the EB officer now, Malar Gopi kannukku therincha time the song "Samsaaram, athu minssaaram" pattu odichu.. so veena hopes vaikaathe maa Maha CryTongueWink).  She even wonders if Gopi likes girls who wear sweat pants and tees. 
Soon Sam comes over and ice vaichufies to his mother, who is remains strong and gives him left and right for taking his father's side.  At Mayil's house, his wife Deivayaanai oru virunthe yetpaadu seyiraanga.  She buys naatu kozhi, big fish to prepare a meal for his naathanar Pushpa and kids.  Mayil is happy seeing this. 
Back at Sokku's house, they are all serving breakfast.  Gopi leaves to meet the EB officer Malar to sort out his issues.  Maha sends him off.  In the meantime, thanthi mele thanthi for Shokku from his sandai kappal post master BIL, Pirai.  Pushpa gets Kaameshwari (Kaamu) to read it out... it read "send sister over!!  If not, the consequences will be harsh" nnu.  Pushpa is least bothered.. and even dares to cut the call that she receives from her husband. 
Gopi goes over to meet Malar, EB officer, who at the moment was on the phone talking to members of the municipality scolding them for leaving the street lights on (the point Gopi had told her).  She is a little embarrassed to see Gopi there at the moment and hangs up.  Gopi teases her but she continues her natak, and tells him that she can't help it and the case will go further nnu.  Soon Malar takes him inside to her manager who happens to be a customer of Gopi.  The manager treats Gopi well and tells him that everything will be soreted out.  Gopi is so releived.. and looku vidufy at an embarrassed Malar.  The manager then gets Malar to go and drop Gopi off at his house, since his bicycle tire had been punctured while coming to the office. 
In the meantime, everyone had gathered at Mayil's house.  The siblings and the kids are having a gala time.  Sam tries to hit on Kaamu but ends up getting semma dose.  While taking a ride in Malar EB officer's car, Gopi talks non-stop.  Just then Mageshwari (Magesh) calls her brother and enquires him about the issue.  Gopi proudly speaks about it to irk Malar. 
Finally Pirai has made his way into Shokku's town.  But he is so ashamed that he hides himself behind an umbrella to prevent being spotted by Shokku's wife Meenatchi.  But in that process he ends up getting ash all over himself, as a man dumps it all from the mottai maadhi (LOLLOLLOL.. now ore kari Pirai odambhu poora, including face).  Meenatchi doesn't recognize him, and tells this THAMBHI to go wash up in the pipe adhi. 
Soon after Malar drops Gopi  off at Mayil's house and takes off (happa... paavom Malar... Gopi  aru arunnu aruthitaaru ponnai CryLOLLOL).  Gopi rushes in and thanks Maha.  He adds that Maha is a lucky face for him, and that she should bush pudichu come to their house every day so things will be smooth nnu.  Maha maha kusileh irukka... Shokku is also happy.  But watching all this from behind is Pandy....
To Be Continued.....TongueTongue
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