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 1st Runner Up of the RPFC Fic Contest
The sun shone brightly on the grounds of Kanchanjunga Military Academy (KMA). The huge structure of the military academy on the high hills of Ambala could be seen from miles away. Inside the strong walls of the academy held a totally different world, A world where a common man turned into an solider who would lay down his life for their country. A world for the brave and courageous men and women, who would lay down their lives for their country


"Yeh hai KMA, Jahaan ek bhi din boring nahi tha in cadets ke liye' Yahan kuch na kuch hota hi raheta ta' Yahan sirf acche Soliders hi nahi milte hai'. baliki acche dosts aur pyar bhi milte hai' Dosti aur Pyar, Woh doh cheeze the jo KMA ke har ek students ko ek nah ek bar yahan train karte waqt hua hoga."

The sound of gunshots resonated from one corner of training ground followed by the shout of a strong masculine voice. Young men and women in dark green training uniforms jogged across the grounds with long rifle guns resting on their shoulders. "10 minutes left Cadets!!" Shouted Major Nair, standing on the other side of the training ground. He glared at them angrily screaming at them to hurry up. 

"Dosti' Mere choti behne ne iss KMA ke andar ayi thi sirf ek hi maksakt leke, Ki yeh prove karke dikha degi ki main, uska bhaiya ek desh drohi nahi hai.. Aur mujhe pe lagi hui har ilzaam ka badla lekar rahe gi' Par yehi raaste main jaate jaate usse bahut acche dosts bana liye jinke liye yeh jaan de sakti hai aur jo iss ke liye jaan de bhi sakte hai'. Par'. Meri pyari choti behne ko'. Pata hi nahi chala ki kab ussne apna dil ko bet diya'.. "

A certain young cadet stalked across the pavement towards the open doors of Academy. Her shoes clacking lightly against the floor as she stepped inside the building, She swiftly passed by the Amarjyot and turned towards the left entering the empty corridor. She passed by the large windows and took another right turn but instantly halted in front of a light brown wooden door. Dark hazel eyes glimpsed up through her long black lashes at the wooden name plate hanging on the side of the door, 'CAPT. RAJVEER SINGH SHEKHAWAT' was written in huge capital, bold letters on the wooden name plate.

Naina Singh Alluwalia never hesitated in doing anything once she set her mind towards it. Not that this was something that needed her full concentration. But as she raised her hand up towards the door, The unfamiliar feeling of hesitation grew in the corner of her heart before she could touch her fingers on the smooth surface of the door. Her lips pursed into a thin line, Why was she feeling nervous? She only had to tell him that, Brigader needed to talk to him. 

Pushing the door open with her hands, she barged inside the room without a second thought letting the door slam shut behind her loudly. "Sir, Brigadier Chandok aap se milna cha-'." The words died on her pink lips when her eyes looked up at the sight in front of her. "R-R-Rajveer S-Sir'"She managed to stutter out as her wide hazel eyes stared at the man standing beside the table in nothing but a towel around his waist.

For the first time since she had met him. 

She regretted barging into his room.


The papers scattered across the glass table, easily slipping from file when it was thrown on the table. The pen holder rolled off the side of the table, falling against the white marble floor making a loud clattering noise while the pens fell out of the holder. An irritated sigh left the handsome young captain sitting on the comfortable red chair; uncrossing his long legs he placed his elbows on his knees, dropping his head into his hands. 


Rajveer Singh Shekhawat was man who could control his emotions very well. He knew that anger never helped one to think properly but right now he was getting very irritated. He read the file 10 times but still couldn't find a single clue! There was nothing in it that he hadn't already known, How was he going to get the Red Box if he kept going into dead ends?! His long fingers found themselves clutching his jet-black hair tightly.

How was he going to prove his best friend's innocence?

How was he going to get back the honor of her brother?

His eyes snapped open realizing where his thoughts were going to head towards now. Bolting up the chair, He shook himself out of the thoughts of a certain young cadet. He reached for the mess of papers on his table, quickly rearranging the file and placed it back on the glass table forgetting about the pen holder lying on the ground, He stepped back staring at the file for a while. 

He had to calm down, think correctly about what his next step would be. Right now, What he needed was to take a hot shower to clear up his jumbled up mind. Clenching his jaw shut tightly, He turned around and wandered straight in the direction of his bedroom, His fingers grasped the handle of the door rigidly, Trying to erase the image of the young beautiful cadet in his mind. 

Maybe a cold shower would be much better.

Rajveer stood beside the table in his living room yet again staring at the file on his table. Droplets of water fell from his messy wet hair onto his bare chest as he tried to dry his wet hair. The cold shower did help him calm down but it didn't help him get her out of his head. It seemed that every thought of his connected to her so he planned on not thinking about anything that reminded him of her. 

Running a hand through his coal black hair in a tired manner, That was a very hard thing to do since everything he thought connected to her. "This is useless'" He muttered as he busied himself in drying his hair faster. Abruptly snapping his head up he realized, This wasn't the time to think about such things! He needed to think of how to connect all the clues he had and get the answer he needed. He had to call the headquarters and get Navin's case files again then look through the clues he had at hand. He also should tell them to hurry up with the status report on Col. Chandra case.

But his mind jarred to halt when the doors of his living room was pushed open. A familiar blank voice of certain female cadet reached his ears sending him into a world of panic as he whirled around to face her. There she stood, Oblivious to the fact that she just came into the room of a man who wore nothing but a towel. 


His hands automatically moved over his chest as if to cover himself, HHis hands automatically moved over his chest as if to cover himself, His flight mechanism started to kick in. His eyes fell on the clothes hanging on the back of a chair. "R-R-Rajveer S-Sir'" He immediately looked up from the chair towards the shell-shocked cadet standing half way through his living room. "N-Naina t-tum yahan' W-Wh..K-Kyun'" His dark eyes filled with panic and embarrassment jumped from her to the bedroom door then to his bare chest then back again towards her, He wasn't sure what he should do? Run or Stay? 

Staying was definitely not an option but why was she here? Maybe it was something important. But at the moment, What would happen if someone found out? His eyes widened, He couldn't let anyone find out! People in the academy already doubted the relationship between him and Naina "R-Ruko'D-Darwaza bhand k-karo' Why are yo-" What in the world was he saying?! "N-N-Nahi' E-Ek mi-minute'." Hastily turning towards the way to his bedroom but then whirling around in Naina's direction, His eyes fell on his dark red shirt and blue jeans on the chair.

Rapidly striding to the chair, His right hand reaching out to grab his clothes. In the moment of panic, He didn't notice the pen holder and pens right in front of him on the ground. When he finally noticed, It was too late. His right foot had already stepped on the pen holder and slipped. The balance of his whole body turned horizontal as his right leg kicked up in the air and he felt himself fall.

But that wasn't what shocked him the most.

It was who he fell on top of that shocked him out of his senses.

Panicked hazel eyes stared up when the world around her turned upside down. Her heart thumped loudly in her chest waiting for the impact of her skull hitting the marble floor but there was no impact whatsoever.

Naina's eyes widened when she felt the strong arm around her waist tighten while the warm hand resting on the back of her head pulled her closer. Her body was pushed against something warm; the slightly strong scent of familiar cologne filled her senses. Her long legs were tangled with his, She felt her hand pressed against something hard 'THUMP' 'THUMP'. When a drop of water fell on her cheek did she at last realize where and in whose arms she was in. 

Naina shifted left trying to get even a glance of his face "Sir-" Her voice was muffled as her face pressed deeper into his neck. Her lips parted letting out a shaky breath, Why and how did she end up like this? She only needed to tell him that the BC wanted to speak to him but when did the situation turn into her in his arms, her whole body pressed against his. But all thoughts flew out of the window when sudden warmth spread through her body. Her palm flattens against his bare chest feeling his fast heartbeat against her soft hand. Relaxing in his embrace, She closed her eyes for a moment memorizing the touch, the feel, the warmth, the sound of his heart beat under her hand and just everything about this moment. 


She knew, Since the VP contest, That her feelings for him a little more than just a feeling of respect and trust. In a corner of her heart she knew, But she never saw too deep into the matter. It could be only be a crush. Opening her eyes she felt him shifting a little, His left hand slowly held let go of her head. Moving up, he placed his left hand on the ground beside her head and pushed himself off her a bit. As she glanced up at him, hazel eyes found dark brown eyes. Her eyes widened while her heart thudded quite loudly against her rib cage at the intense look he gave her. A small part of her suddenly felt the need to shy away from him but she kept gazing into his eyes deeply losing herself in his eyes trying to figure out the strange emotion in the depths of his dark orbs.

She wondered.

Would just a crush make her feel this way? 

Rajveer didn't understand where his self-control went at that moment, maybe it's because of the fact that she was trapped in his arms, Being embraced by him, Being held by him like this. Before he could even list off the reasons, He found himself loosening his iron grip around her and pushing himself off her slightly. His dark eyes found her slightly dazed yet confused beautiful hazel eyes; they both kept gazing at each other for a long time. 



Words were never needed between them. Their eyes spoke volumes; Just a glance was enough for him to understand what she felt, what she thought and what she wanted to say. Yet he never understood the single emotion that was always there deep inside those dark hazel orbs.

His left hand cupped her cheek softly, stroking her cheek with his thumb. She leaned into his hand and stared back into his eyes, her hazel eyes glazed. Gazing lovingly at her, he slowly tilted his head downwards and neared her face.


"ir...Sir'Si..Sir! Sir!" 

Rajveer jolted up blinking a few times trying focus his vision and when it did he found concerned hazel eyes staring up at him. Pushing himself off her instantly, He turned away shocked at his actions. 


"Sir? Are you alright Sir? Aap tik toh hai na'." Worry laced her voice even though she felt so very confused. She didn't understand what had happened? He was alright at first but after a few minutes, Naina had gotten worried due to the lack of response. Rajveer snapped his eyes open and turned around immediately, But before he could even apologize for what he had done, She had spoken "I'm sorry Sir, Main aapke room knock kare ke hi enter karna chaiye tha" He glanced towards her puzzled, She was worried about that? 


He had just fallen on top of his female cadet and held his female cadet tightly in his arms, That too inside the academy! Did she even understand how wrong that was?! He should get court marshaled for that probably!! He stared at her without an emotion in his eyes even though on the inside, He was raging with emotions. 

He inhaled deeply and stopped himself from shouting at this stupid girl, Did she even realize the fact that she was his cadet? His female cadet! Female cadet's don't get embraced like that by their male teachers! His eyes drilled holes into her head, Wait head? He then realized that she wasn't looking towards him instead it seemed she found the floor very interesting at the moment. 

He raised an eyebrow in confusion and slight amusement at the abrupt change in her behavior since she would look straight into his eyes when they spoke. However his thoughts were cut short when he finally registered what she had said that if she in fact hadn't came in without knocking than all of this wouldn't have really happened. He wouldn't have been standing here with a towel around his waist'. He glanced down at himself, His eyes widening. Damn, What is wrong with his brain? Why was he being so slow? He quickly grasped his clothes from the chair and rushed out of the living room and into his bedroom to change. 

Naina peered up through her lashes when she heard the loud slam of the bedroom doors. Her lips curled downwards into a small frown, She now understood why she hesitated before entering. The atmosphere between them now was normal as ever but still a little tense even though they were back to the way they usually were but still it wasn't the same as before, before she had learnt of her brother's death. Her eyes hardened as flashes of her cruel actions towards him ran through her mind, Sadness and pain rushed through her body pulling her deeper down to the depths of despair. 

However before she could think more about it, The light brown doors of the bedroom opened and her eyes snapped up to find her mentor looking dashing as ever in a maroon shirt and light blue jeans. "Your right cadet'' He tried to make his voice sound angry and strong but it ended up very weak and clearly showed how embarrassed he was felt at the moment. He struggled on buttoning the cuffs of his shirt, He glanced up at her out of the corners of his eyes to find her staring at him unreadable face but he knew her too well to understand that she was trying to hide something from him.


With a small sigh, He knew that it was none of his business to ask her about it. "I hope ke aap agaye aise nahi karne gi? Warna-aah' I mean'Tum aisa karogi to' Ah-" He coughed loudly trying to stop himself from saying anything more and making an fool out of himself, fiddling with collar of his shirt, a crimson flush spread up from under his collar. 

As he finally buttoned the cuffs of his shirt, He regained his composure and shifted to the right, standing in front of her."um'Anyway Cadet Singh, Aap yahan kyun ayi? Aap Brigadier ke bhare main kuch bol rahi thi'" He trailed off tilting his head up to look at her for an answer, she replied with a nod.


"Haan Sir, Brigadier Chandok ne aapko urgently milna chathe hai" 

Rajveer nodded "Thank you Cadet, Aap jaa sakte hai'" Staring at her uniform "I'm pretty sure, Aap ki classes suru ho chuke hai"

With a nod, She swiftly turned around on the sole of her heels and marched towards the door not noticing his serious stare on her retreating back. Pulling the door open she stepped outside the room and closed the door behind her softly, Naina stood with her back to the door for a second then shot off into the corridor. She placed her forehead against the cold brick wall finally letting the crimson flush spread across her face, She couldn't believe she had just seen him with like that! Things going to be very awkward between them now!


She bit her lower lip lightly but let go as the ends of her lips started to twitch upwards, She moved her forehead from the wall and rested against her back against the wall. Covering the grin on her lips with her right hand, She couldn't help but laugh at the weird yet embarrassing situation before. The flash of a flustered Rajveer flashed in her mind making her chuckle. She smiled gently letting her hand fall off from her face and beside her body, She had to admit that Rajveer sir did have a very well-muscled body. She blushed moving her eyes to the ground in a shy manner. 



"Naina!" She whirled around to find a cute petite young woman running towards her. 

"Tu kaha apna mobile out of reach karke baithi thi'..maine academy mein har jagah tera signal dhundha?" The cute girl complained waving her phone around in circles indicating how many times she had ran around the academy.


Naina raised an elegant eyebrow at her perky friend, Pooja. "Kyun?" She asked ignoring Pooja's question. "Saare cadets milke huda ka signal katne waale hai'.. chal chalke dekhte hai" Pooja answered with a mischievous grin. Rolling her eyes with a small smirk on her lips, she let Pooja lead the way. When she passed by Capt. Rajveer's room, She couldn't help but smile. Shaking her head as flashes of her reaction before ran around her mind in circles. 


She had tried to keep her eyes on his face but they strained to move away. Her eyes swiftly looked down at the ground when he had turned to look at her. She could feel his eyes boring holes on her head as she stared at the floor.
Her lips quirked upwards when he again reminded me of the fact that she had seen him half naked. She slowly looked up to find him fixing the collar of his shirt and trying to change the subject.


She unconsciously crossed her arms over her chest as she remembered how he embraced her. 

"Naina!" Pooja called again, she snapped out of her thoughts and listened to her friend complained about why she was in such a daze. Naina just ignored her and strode straight towards the Cafe leaving Pooja behind her.

Why was she acting so silly all of the sudden?


Rajveer sighed for the umpteenth time when he opened the doors of his room and walked out to hear a familiar perky voice, he glanced at the other end of the corridor to find Pooja and Naina walking towards the cafeteria. His eyes lingered on Naina for a while before he swiftly locked his door and turned towards the other direction and walked off.

'Please, Mujhe kya hua woh yaad nahi aani chaiye jab mai uske saath akela hu' He thought quietly, sighing deeply yet again.

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and the legacy continues........

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Congratulations for the new Fc!!!!

 Let us lose ourselves in the waves of RN emotions
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on the opening of 89 th RPFC

Wonderful Job Rin.........Nice front page............

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Ok then.. Finally opened up the new FC!
Congo on the 89th FC!
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