Merry Christmas-Rajeev Priyanka Fc

Posted: 2007-12-23T23:06:06Z

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Posted: 2007-12-23T23:11:32Z
ok people, basically, aarthi, as only shes here LOL theres a lot of editing to be dun... there is no siggy for the fc currently so u can use the one made by rabi till she cumes n makes us another one Smile
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Posted: 2007-12-23T23:13:53Z
hey congratz 4 the new Fc,
no probs dear v shal wait,
excelent front page Clap Clap
hatz off,

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Posted: 2007-12-23T23:19:03Z
congrats to u too Smile if i knew i was going to opne this one, i wudv dun it last nite only. v were stuck at pg 149 from 11 at nite till 2 in the morning cuz v had no siggies Ouch so v waited n waited for someone to cum but no one turned up Angry Cry and now sarah pmed me tht she cant cum till evening Ouch
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Posted: 2007-12-23T23:20:32Z

lrllover wrote:

First Task for MOTW

Suppose you were given the oppurtunity to watch Aamir alone with Rajeev!!

now we want to know how will you get ready before going to watch the movie ??

what will your reaction be when you see him??

and.....what will you do during the magical 3 hrs which yu'll spend alone with him??

Note:Second and third task on pg 143   

hi frndz gud morning,

herz the answer 4 u'r taskz Nishant,

1)i'l get ready wearin simple costumes n descent ones n not much of anytin else n my reaction seein Rajeev'l be stuned but react normally like I do with others not treat him as a celebraty but juz like a frnd n tel him in tat itz nice 2 meet u first take hiz autograph as a celebraty n tel him tat itz nice 2 meet u as a frnd,

2)both of us wil be watchn the movie notn elsewe'l be watchn as wel as sharin our thouts abt the movie n as a frnd also abt each other n tat'l be my best rememberance til my death those magical hrs


Nishant u'r first task cmpletd,

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Posted: 2007-12-23T23:23:34Z
Hello frnds, its seems i m here at correct time, congrats everyone for the new FC, hope v shall celebrate our golden jublie soon Smile
@Ashi awesum frnot page Clap Clap
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Posted: 2007-12-23T23:24:45Z

Second and third task for MOTW
second task:caption the following picture :

Arrey cadetz thum log yahan kya kar rahe hain omg guyz turn tat side immediately

third task:write a short scene in which you accidently enter Rajeev's room and find him in this condition i.e.the condition in which he is shown in the pic WEARING a towel(accha wala likhna   )

Nishant itz actualy difficult 2 answer them,

ok first actualy main Raj se kuch urgent bath karna chahthi thi so mein seedha uske kamre thak chalne laghi aur us urgency mein bina knock karke seedha undhur chale ghayi tho maine Raj ko us halath main dekha n I immedietly closed down my eyes n Raj ko bhola sorryn turnd 2 the other side n told him ki main aapko baad mein milti hunn he blushn tatz k kuch kaam hain tho ek min main dress change karke aathi hun,n I told no no probs main baad mein milti hun aapko aur hasthey bahar chali aayi n me 2waz blushn   n went out,


Nishant i've compltd u'r second n third also,Smile LOL


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Posted: 2007-12-23T23:27:04Z
Aarthi, il answer these in a while Smile a lil busy rite now
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