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Fan  Club



We are standing on the threshold of the 36th FC

And still hypnotized with the Intoxicating magic of the relationship between Rajveer and Naina

So we say

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

And sway to the silent music of their

 "Ankahee Ishq"

Music that you listen with you heart and not with you ears

 The party is still on,
 The champagne is still flowing
  The music is still going
   Let your hair down
  and dance away the night
  Who cares when your love is by your side

The magic lingers on,

Accompanied by candle light or starry nights

Warmth of bonfire or the serenity of moonlight

Sharing small details of life

that would have bored others but the loves ones


The bond of mentor protegee lingers and strengthens into a lifelong commitment

The magic continues,

through phases of surprises and appreceation

the satisfaction of discovering everyday

something new in your love


And to forever get lost in the world of dreams

Come on the loved ones

Say again


The imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe imageThe image

RP Fan Club Members:

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5)Angelic eyes           6)Apppi   7) Arabia786     8)~~ashi~~
9) Basanti_diya           10)BhaktiKaushal      
11)Cindrella         12)Cool-Subha      13) Cute Rabi         14)cutyko20(sari)
15)Daisy_luvs_ff       16)Dhrajain         17)Divya       18)Digemon-pokemon
19)Fanatic            20) faiza_786        21) farahrabbi
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26)liquidfantasy     27)lrllover    28)lulugr_81989
29)Master-Blaster       30) Megha             31)mnzshahid
32) Naina          33) Nazrin                   34) Neetu      35)nishttha
36)Pinka_Anshu         37)power_play  38)Praks    39)Prernawaghray
40)RajPriya2gether        41)rani_v12     42)Ranjitha   43)rapunzel_  priti7 
44)reet4raj        45)Ritika   46)Rogerfan
47)sakeena.nqv   48) Salluranifan   49)SaiVarsha       50)Shaina_b
51)Sunaina      52)Souma.N53)Soumya           54)sweetcutiepie(snehal) 
55) Sweta2005
56)tere bin (Kanak)      57) Trina
61)saanch_69   62)  silent beauty
63)rajnaina lover  64)  zuman   
66-friend forever  68-varun_sujjal 
 67- lrl_01   68-crystalspark
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97>chocolate p(sam)  98>Bani87   99>Simar456  Tongue
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Thanks to RPFC mangement team.....for letting me open this FC.....im really glad tht i got the chance to open this FC.....hope i was able to live up to ur expectations....Embarrassed

Thankoo soo much sunaina n rabi  for ur support


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Posted: 2008-02-06T03:20:14Z
Wonderful first page nida.It's superb. Clap Clap Clap
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Posted: 2008-02-06T03:48:24Z
1st pg is excellent nida Clap .
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Posted: 2008-02-06T03:58:51Z
home page is superb nida and the namer is too cool
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Posted: 2008-02-06T04:13:34Z
Originally posted by digimon_pokemon

home page is superb nida and the namer is too cool
hi sarah........
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Posted: 2008-02-06T04:21:33Z
awesome frontpage
wonderful write ups and lovely work

gr8 work nida!!
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Posted: 2008-02-06T04:41:36Z

Originally posted by daisy_luvs_ ff

awesome frontpage
wonderful write ups and lovely work

gr8 work nida!!

Ur last post in the last fc was too good daisy.ClapClapClap

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