Rajeev - Priyanka (Raj-Naina) FC 4

Posted: 2007-07-24T15:10:49Z

He has already created the magic, keeping the whole nation under his spell. We thought romance can never be more intense, love can never be more passionate.

She is new. She has no kajal to her aid., neither flowing hair nor flowing sari to enhance her beauty.
She came in army pants, tied up
hair and ran through hills and jungles. Sweat , blood and dirt were her makeup. Instead of flower she had guns in her hand.
But still her beauty shone through that dirt. Her smile captivated every soul and her eyes reached deep into ones heart.

Together they recreated history.
Together they rewrote the picturization of love scenes on screen
Together they made us understand that meaning of love is not only physical desire. Love is trust, love is frienship, love is a willingness to sacrifice , and all this make the ultimate desire more
beautiful, more satisfying, more desirable.
Yes Naina and Rajveer - a million thanks to you for giving a new meaning to love
Yes Rajeev and Priyanks thanks for protraying these characters so wonderfully.
We are under your spell

You deserve a standing ovation.

LRL is  not an advertised love story.  

At the beginning we never even knew who the lovers in this story were.  Most likely even the makers of the serial did not know.

But you have done it.

Against all odds – you two have come out as lovers and taken us for a trip to the paradise of love.

You may not prevail on the billboards.

You may not even get the accolades you genuinely deserve in different award functions.

Be assured, you two prevail in our heart. Our minds will play around with your scenes which are etched there for ever and will bring sweet smile on our face at odd moments. People around us will look at us and exclaim,  "Look at this silly…….  She is smiling to herself;

Little will they know the reason behind that smile!


Earthly reasons will soon bring us back from the paradise but

We will cherish the love story of Rajveer and Naina for long[

Anamika                  Neetu                     DivyaTongue

                Nazrin                                   Trina  Wink                         

NailaQureshi       Gigemon-pokemonSmile

SaiVarsha                Minnie                     NainaWink

Dhrajain                   Soumya                   PraksEmbarrassed

Cindrella                  Rogerfan                 4everyoursBig smile

Sunaina                   Kali27                     AarsowTongue

Cool-Subha           BhaktiKaushal        AshikapoorSmile

Ranjitha                   MasterBlaster        Cute RabiWink

Pinka_Anshu         Daisy   Big smile


New MembersHug

Jivora      galacticangel        Prernawaghray  

Ritika      Apppi



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http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=645979&T PN=1

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http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=674368&T PN=1

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Posted: 2007-07-24T15:18:48Z
hey congrats everyne n sunaina for the 4 raj Heart naina fc Clap [:D/] Party [:D/] Party [:D/] Party
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Posted: 2007-07-24T15:22:40Z
please add me in fc 4 also ok and yes i visit lrl forum everyday and someone as eddy36 visits the forum sometime , he evn replied to me several times but rajeevs exit is final so far but i think they r trying to delay his exit as much as possible but now i think he will b there for another 2 to 3 weeks . this is so far known to me.thanx i just saw i am already a member.
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Posted: 2007-07-24T15:23:56Z
congrats to everyone for FC4
Clap Clap Clap
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Posted: 2007-07-24T15:24:11Z
change the FC name it should be rajeev not rajveer Angry ,n the rest of part is excellent sun Clap Clap Clap
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Posted: 2007-07-24T15:27:30Z
this is great sunaina and indeed raj naina love story is soo different from others and i think its the best one. together they have created a new meaning of love.they have proved that love is all about giving everything u have and never expect anything in return.RN rox amd no matter who likes them or not, no matter if some people think it is unethical to have a teacher student relationship but for us they r special and heavenly and will always remain so.
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Posted: 2007-07-24T15:28:58Z
wow sunaina Clap
congrats people Big smile ......
sniff! its so beautifuland so emotional... i thot v were idding a farewell to raj-naina...sob!
sunaina priyanka ke spelling me mistake hai....
and the first para has been written twice...pl correct that...
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Posted: 2007-07-24T15:34:11Z
i agree trina.... theyr the best....they may never becum as popular as other couples but theyl always b very special to us... fer sure! Embarrassed
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