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(Popularly known as the Red Saree Scene)

There are some things in life that touch u so very deeply, in ways u least expect it to.
One such thing was this most romantic, one of its kind scene ever to be canned in the history of Indian Television (may be cinema, too).

A small yet intense journey of discovery as one comes in touch with one's hidden feelings.
The subtle passion, that blossoms from a subtle romance.

The kind of passion that does not need a touch, but just a soft caress of a man's eye.
A passion that can with a single gesture reduce a strong man to a stuttering fool

(Not having watched LRL, this scene, somehow caught my imagination like nothing else.)

She was thinking of him as she made up her eyes, brushed her hair and wore her saree.


She runs through the corridors of the academy, wanting to see him, wanting to see him see her.




She turns the bend and stops on seeing him pass by with hurried steps, rolling up his shirt sleeve.  She wills him to turn and look at her.



Something makes him turn to his left, and what he sees stops him in his tracks. He is stunned and awestruck.  


She might be a tomboy, living in a male dominated environment, but the attire she has adorned herself with, and the look in his eyes transforms her into this shy woman unsure of herself.


She lifts up her hand to smooth her well brushed hair and lowers her eyes.  A seemingly innocent, utterly feminine gesture.  A gesture enacted by millions of women down the ages.  A gesture that can convey  thousand different messages.




Does she mean to say, "This is for you, do you like it?"  Did he receive the message?



He seems to have.


With slow unhurried steps he walks towards her. He seems to be in a trance, bewitched by her beauty.

Unable to stop herself, she walks towards him, covering the distance between them.


He drinks in her beauty with his eyes.



All the feelings he had desperately tried to bury deep within him, surfaces. He hears this deafening roar, his heart is being buffeted by even stronger emotions. He is unable to control himself, and all the pent up emotions come out in the form of this, oh, so sweet sound,




Her heart is in turmoil, filled with so many emotions, she hears herself say something. He gives some appropriate reply. Even as he speaks he regains some control over his senses, and becomes somewhat conscious of his surroundings. 


He might be a tough man brought up in military surroundings, prepared to face life's tough challenges, but no training could have prepared him for this.

He stutters  and stammers, becomes breathless, unable to convey a simple message.


She might be the student, but seems more in control over the situation, and asks him if what he had been trying to say was a compliment.

He wants to tell her that he had just bared his soul to her.

But the only words he could  utter

"It is just a compliment " 


There is so much to convey.

In this eternal conflict between mind and heart, the mind wins and he knows he has to leave.


He wishes her goodnight, knowing fully well that for him it is going to be another long guilt-ridden, painful and sleepless night.


 Wanting to say something more he leaves the sentence unfinished. She looks at him with great longing…, trying to capture him with her kohl lined eyes and trapping him within her heart, waiting for him to continue.


This is his undoing. The truth he did not dare to acknowledge hits him with full force. She is no longer this little sister of his friend, there is no longer this teacher student relationship.  He at last reconciles with the fact that she is a fully grown up beautiful woman.


There is this new kind of torment, a longing, a thirst that only she could quench.

He knows he has to leave.


He flicks his collar, casts sidelong glances and leaves in a hurry.


Did she understand this very masculine gesture?  She must have, because she does not stop him.


His legs feel weak, he leans against the wall. He tries to bring his racing heart and this sudden rush of blood under control.


He admonishes himself, saying he must be court marshaled for what had just happened.


She leans on the other side of the same wall, chiding herself for behaving like a school girl, and says aloud what she had known deep down in her heart.

"But I think he liked me"


Two foolishly innocent souls, separated by a wall, reliving every magical moment they had just created amidst the dull, colourless and lifeless corridors of the academy, little knowing that an abstract, much stronger and  insurmountable barrier is waiting to separate them ……. forever.


(He looking raw and manly, she looking feminine and beautiful, such a contrtast. Even the dress.)


Both Rajeev and Priyanka had done this scene so well but it was his display of an array of emotions within such a short  span, that was magical.



A huge thanks to dear Sunaina, for the layout, for all the right stills placed strategically, and most importantly for bringing the words to life.

A warm hug to all the RPFC friends for introducing me to this scene.

I saw it, I tasted it, I loved it.

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Content of the FC


Video of First Season LRL Recap ........Pg 2

Discussion Topic on "Star affairs"............pg 3

Articles on Rajeev  & Aamir .....................pg 9

Raj Naina Video-mix by Pinka..................pg 11

Link to Rajeev Aaj Tak Video - 06/05..........pg 83

Rajeev's Message to Fans ..........................pg 97

Video :Robing and de-robing of Captain Rajveer......pg 101

Article: The man who created Aamir.........pg 121




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Congratulation Guys for the new RPFC.

The 45th FC .

Yazh - a wonderful job. Clap Clap Clap
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xcellent, brilliant work Yazh Clap Clap Clap

congrats everyone for no 45 Clap Clap

lets speed up the pace now

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Posted: 2008-04-28T15:35:36Z
ahem , u did not thank me Yazh Cry

how i had to get after you to open this fc LOL

so i, quite unabashedly take credit for everything Wink

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Originally posted by ~~ashi~~

xcellent, brilliant work Yazh Clap Clap Clap

congrats everyone for no 45 Clap Clap

lets speed up the pace now

Yes we must speed up a little

Our birthday is also approaching .

Would not it be great to have 50 FCs completed before we celebrate ourbirth anniversary .


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Originally posted by ~~ashi~~

ahem , u did not thank me Yazh Cry

how i had to get after you to open this fc LOL

so i, quite unabashedly take credit for everything Wink

Ashi you constant presence and pressure will always be a very good support for  the RP FC. ClapClapClap


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