Reminisces- Rajeev Priyanka Fc

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We are just at the brink of

49th FC
Rajeev and Priyanka

Welcome you all

Now is the time to look back

Down the Memory Lane

And review the last 25 FCs

Our Silver Jubilee FC

 Eternal Journey

Was a review of the previous 24 FCs.
Opened by Sunaina on  Nov 06, 2007

 In our previous 24 Fcs  we have woven dreams of imagination

Which may  one day turn into reality

  Our Silver Jubilee FC

 is dedicated to those

 24 precious stepping stones of Imagination.



Next FC

Was opened by Aarthi on 16-11-2007
The theme was Diwali and we discussed about

We never knew that a grip could be so hot !!

We never knew that a touch could be so thrilling !!

Link: PN=1

Dream Land
Opened by Rabi on  23.11.07
was all our dreans


We have a dream that one day Rajeev will reach the topmost place in stardom.


We have a dream that one day Priyanka will receive the accolades long due to her

We have a dream that one day all will say unitedly that Raj-Pri - the best jodi ever in Bolly and Telly

Link: PN=148#13470791

 28th FC opened by Sumaina

Was all about

LOLLaughter & FunLOL

People say we make them laugh.
We say , Yes,  we do

Laughter is not only the best medicine

for all sorts of mental and physical illness

It is also the way to love


 Flowers n Rose

Was  opened by Mehrun on 08 Dec 2007

Link: PN=1

Heaven & Earth
opened by Ashi on  16th December, 2007

we talked about the earthliness of our heavenly jodi

Few Heavnely scenes of our earthly jodi




On the Christmas Eve (24 December)
Ashi opened the

Merry Christmas
The last one to be opened in 2007


Once again A New year steps into our life.
Bringing new hopes,
new aspirations

A New Beginning

That is the name of the 32 nd FC
Opened by none other than Daisy
on the

1st day of the 1st month of the year 2008

Celebrating the net wedding of Rajveer and Naina

What DJs could not do
We did it

Amidnst lot of  happiness and Fanfare( literally) 

Sneak-peek for u all....WinkWinkWink

A very happy naina



waiting for the day after which she will be with the love of her life forever....




1st Jan                                   Engagement
2nd Jan                                         Mehendi
3rd Jan                           Sangeet(evening)
3rd Jan      Stag & Hen Parties(late night)
4th Jan         &am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;nb sp;       Sagan(morning to noon)
4th Jan                       Cocktail Party(night)
5th Jan                                 Haldi(morning)
5th Jan                             Wedding(evening)
6th Jan         &am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;nb sp;                                  Reception
7th Jan         &am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;am p;nb sp;           Leaving for honeymoon

Link: PN=1

Delights of Winter
opened by Daisy on 07.01.2008

Fire in the fireplace giving warmth in cold winter nights

Fire in the hearts of our jodi



Home Coming 
Opened by Rabi  on 15.01.08

Link: PN=1

Sunaina opened the The 35th FC

Dedicated Soldiers

on 27th Janury 2008

Commemorating  the just passed Republic day of India this FC was
Devoted to two patriotic soldiers and their

Story of love and dedication for the motherland.


They  were always ready to protect the honour of their country at any cost.


And often returned back to bask in glory

Link: PN=1

  Jhoom Barabar Jhoom FC

was opened by Nida on 6th February 2008

The party is still on,
 The champagne is still flowing
  The music is still going
   Let your hair down
  and dance away the night
  Who cares when your love is by your side


The Much awaited Valentine DAy FC
Bahon ki Darmiyan...V'day spl

Opened by Daisy

on the eveof the day of lovers
12 Feb 2008

a tribute to the couple who made history on Indian Television
on this occassion of valentines' day,
a day solely dedicated to love.
Yes, true. Love is eternal. But days like Valentine's Day are special 'coz they once again remind us the power of true love.
And for RPians true love is Rajveer & Naina

Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain
Baahon ke darmiyaan do pyaar mil rahe hain

Jaane kya bole mann dole sunke badan  
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Link: PN=1

Sacred love
opened by Subha  on 20-02-08

Such is the love of raj and naina which is eternal,sacred and special.

Link: PN=1

To Sir With Love
opened by Sarah on 02 March 2008

"Believe in yourself "

"coz i believe in Cadet Naina 'Ah' Singh"

link: PN=1

The 40th FC ver aptly named

Life Begins At 40

opened by Sunaina on 12 March 08


Now, at 40 we can sit and relax and enjoy life. 

At this point we do not hesitate  to discuss 

 Rajveer Naina relationship


Link: PN=1&#15048301

Holi Hai
was opened by power on 20-02-08
on the eve of the colorful festival

Link: PN=1

The Better half FC
was devoted to Priyanka
Lulu opened it on 30.03.08

Priyanka won an award for the Glamour star of the year, this despite remaining in 2 uniforms for one whole year!


This FC on a unique theme was opened by AShi on 6th April 2008

Red rules in the life and career of Raj and Pri

Link: PN=1

Here started a Wonderful theme for our Fcs
Telling Stories

Daisy invented the idea and posted the First Story 44th based FC (16 April)

Waiting for love

Love is strong, love is true.I'm waiting for it, Love is stronglonging for you.The moon smiles, I see your name in the starsBut, I can't read it, it's still too far. Destiny holds me in the palm of her hand,I need relief from this hot burning sand.I want to hold you, feel your touch,I've waited so long, this is all too much. Sweetness abides in the clouds up above,Carry me there on the wings of your love.The warmth that comes from the one you love so,In the dead of winter can make flowers grow. I have a treacherous road to travel,Before the mysteries of life I unravel.But, you'll be with me forever, your love in my heart,Till the day we meet and from there never part.

Other two Story based Fcs are 

46th - Realization opened by Nishant (11-05)

47th - Serendipity  opened by RAbi  (19.05) PN=1

"Realisation" PN=1 

Serendipity PN=1

mmm... this IS it
45 th Fc was opened by yazh
and was devoted to the famous red saree scene of LRL

48th FC

Soar Like an Eagle

devoted to Rajeev and his debut film   Aamir
is a must read for all Rajeev lovers.

 He says 'love me watch me,' we say 'love u will watch u.



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!! Important !!

Attention MembersStern Smile

You are requested to strictly adhere to the following rules.


1) No consecutive posting unless  the posts are distinct from each other and rich in content and relevant or related to Rajeev , Priyanka or RP

2) One single game must not be continued for more than 6 pages, except caption games  or discussions

3)Do not go on a thanking spree for eg. thanks for liking my siggy . Include the names of all the members and thank them in one single post !

4) No spamming

5) Please do not make irrelevant posts and add 'rp rocks' in the end to make ur post valid, this is known as flooding and highly discouraged in IF

6)No +1 posts, like thanks for sharing, wow, thank you, etc.

7) Strictly avoid direct or indirect attack on any other star.  

7) Avoid chatting and discussing personal information/news

RPFC Management Team


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A little bit of editing which will be done tomorrow.

Thank you Su for letting me open the fc. You have done a brilliant job as always Clap Clap

Congrats everyone for no 49.

One away from the big onw Party Party Party
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Posted: 2008-06-02T15:14:19Z
Congrats everyone for the New Wonderful Fc

COngrats Ashi for having the patience to post this brooding FC Clap Clap Clap

Let us remember the past one year and post here our thoughts

Ok Bye everyone
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Posted: 2008-06-02T15:16:36Z
A very reminiscing 49th FC ashi Clap

Everything since 24th in a nutshell. Smile Big smile

Su as u keep saying marching towards 50th.   Clap Clap
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Posted: 2008-06-02T15:16:57Z
ok everyone i will leave now as im jbfnrlrefkml;r,lg;l;fl'v


(im not abusing anyone, just sleepy) LOL
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Posted: 2008-06-02T15:23:33Z

oh wow read this ppl isse bada jhooth kya hoga hilarious

Priyanka Bassi: Known for her role in Left-Right-Left, Priyanka plays a police officer. Nonetheless, she proved that even she can be the pretty girl next door.


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