Arrange marriage Fan Fictions

Enchanted By tellyme eye 76544 star 93 book 30

Arrange Marriage of a commoner with a Royal King dealing with conspiracy ...

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Sacred Bound 2
Sacred Bound 2 By T.Peru eye 52021 star 125 book 51

Story of a girl who’s fate was scaled from the time she was born then she ...

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My Perfect Wife
My Perfect Wife By Neer Kataria eye 20967 star 647 book 36

Marriage comes with its own share of responsibilities, duties, sacrifices, ...

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Bandhan Saath Janamon Ka
Bandhan Saath Janamon Ka By T.Peru eye 27728 star 296 book 37

This is story of a girl who is pampered by her parents, she get what she ...

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Hamara Rishta
Hamara Rishta By T.Peru eye 25108 star 337 book 43

Story of a girl who is 16 years old and she want to so that she can help ...

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Kya Khena
Kya Khena By T.Peru eye 11497 star 253 book 22

Kya khena mean what to say and whom to say. This is the story of a girl ...

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Sacred Bound
Sacred Bound By T.Peru eye 20595 star 319 book 24

This is a story of a girl who accept every command what she is told to do ...

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The Perfect Arrangement
The Perfect Arrangement By Shilpa eye 127 star 3 book 1

"The Perfect Arrangement" is a story about Khushi Gupta, a young and ambitious ...

Fallen Guardian
Fallen Guardian By Viewpoint eye 3045 star 35 book 1

A OS from Raghav's PoV.

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