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This is story of a girl who is pampered by her parents, she get what she want , she is sweet, shy and lovely by nature and also she is loved by every person of the family or we can say she is jaan and princess of her family, her smile make the day of her family . On other side there is a boy who is rude arrogant who doesn't know how to smile. He made hard shell around himself and doesn't want someone to break. He think love is beautiful but sometimes due to situations he think that love only give us pain and worries and he think if there is no love then people can live their life easily. He think people share their good relationship with him because he is powerful and successful. From him everyone fear and she fear from small things. She help other but also show her lovely emotion to others and he also help other but doesn't show his emotion to others. But what happen when these two people who are different pole from each other had to share their life yah phir kahiyan saath janamon ka bandhan mein bandh jian. Will she tell him that love not only give pain but also give beautiful feeling that make our life beautiful. Will he help her in her problem and become her proper saathi. They both are made for each other and also they will become each other strength also they will face every problem together. Their love will have power and their love will always be win. This is the story about love after arrange marriage
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Do not cope paste my story.
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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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