Sacred Bound 2

Sacred Bound 2 Ongoing

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Story of a girl who’s fate was scaled from the time she was born then she was bound in sacred relationship and no one asked her if she is ready for this relationship or not also not having any choice she accept that relationship fully. She want to be independent but in the hand of her fate she become puppet of her others. He was born as ruler, he is where that is achieved by himself, he accept this sacred bound relationship but he know how to make that relationship work as he had set the rules for her and he know his partner had to accept it as she didn’t have any choice. He know how to rule his and others life. Two individuals who are bound together in sacred bound relationship One is ruler and other is quite One know how to fight for his right And other just know how to quietly accept whatever she is given Let see how their sacred bound relationship will be Will their will be love or just will be compromise in their relationship.
Author's Note:
Hello friends enjoy this story Give feedback to this story also Friends this story in future updates will be dark And remember about Maan character he is dark I just want to say that few parts of this story will be unprotected But the mature parts will be password protected And password will be given to those who will comment it Thank you..
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Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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