siddhant Fan Fictions

HER STUPID BOSS By Smily_Quinn eye 2506 star 5 book 1

What roli will do if her boss tries to sleep with her?

Completed + 3 more
LOVE IS HEAVEN SCENT By Smily_Quinn eye 1267 star 10 book 3

Can he forget everything and accept her again? Can she win his heart again? ...

Ongoing + 2 more
THE GODFATHER By Smily_Quinn eye 5584 star 25 book 7

SIDDHANT BHARDWAJ, An adolescent enjoying his life to the fullest and ...

Ongoing + 2 more
Entangled By Smily_Quinn eye 35941 star 40 book 50

can love blossom between a mature young guy and an Immature young girl in ...

Completed + 1 more
That last ride towards MY DEATH
That last ride towards MY DEATH By Shivi eye 2989 star 15 book 8

Sometimes things are not in our control and our mind starts giving us a ...

Completed + 5 more
I Love my Enemy
I Love my Enemy By Shivi eye 3637 star 17 book 8

A new story on Rosid . Both Roli and Siddhant are relatives , Siddhant ...

Ongoing + 7 more
Silence - An Unspoken Love
Silence - An Unspoken Love By Manasa.G eye 1760 star 14 book 3

It's about an unspoken love of a girl, who suppresses her feelings in the ...

Completed + 2 more
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦
¦¦Hey! I Love You¦¦ By ShiriFictionPen eye 1402 star 17 book 2

Arnav has loved Khushi since forever, but she cannot accept him in her ...

Ongoing + 8 more
A Strong Alpha For A Broken Luna
A Strong Alpha For A Broken Luna By PriyaPiuRoSid eye 1704 star 11 book 3

It's about a Story of Roli a girl who is abused by her father as her mom ...

Ongoing + 8 more
Love Never Dies
Love Never Dies By PriyaPiuRoSid eye 8492 star 11 book 7

A story of an a North Indian boy and A South girl who meet at in college ...

Ongoing + 1 more
Revenge of an ARMY MAN
Revenge of an ARMY MAN By Shivi eye 5831 star 17 book 15

It's a revenge story of Siddhant bharadwaj who was an IPS officer was ...

Ongoing + 2 more
T20 World Cup!
T20 World Cup! By Smily_Quinn eye 11924 star 17 book 19

A story of a married woman..who kicked her dreams off for her love and a ...

Completed + 3 more
!! Hamsaffar!!
!! Hamsaffar!! By Aishwarya eye 11296 star 2 book 17

A journey of two different lives -- Roli and Siddhant.

Completed + 3 more
A Date
A Date By Manasa.G eye 945 star 3 book 1

RoSid One Shot based on a track in Sasural Simar Ka.

Completed + 2 more
My Door Of Happiness
My Door Of Happiness By Smily_Quinn eye 32425 star 23 book 26

This story is about a cute love between a reserved type angry young man and ...

Ongoing + 1 more
Ishq : ek junoon
Ishq : ek junoon By Ayesha eye 3062 star 19 book 2

Siddhant bhardwaj a man who want to rule the world a man who swore to never ...

Ongoing + 5 more
Bepannah By Manasa.G eye 52940 star 30 book 59

A boy, who never cares for anyone, lives the life as his wish, can be ...

Ongoing + 2 more
Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan
Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan By Smily_Quinn eye 6292 star 18 book 12

A fun love story of a same gender....Will their family accept their ...

Ongoing + 1 more

Latest Stories

Fascination, Called Love
Fascination, Called Love By Aditi eye 240 star 2 book 1

Zoya's husband Yash is missing, in which Aditya is an investigating officer. ...

One Shot Corner by Aditi and Shirisha
One Shot Corner by Aditi and Shirisha By Aditi eye 199 star 5 book 0

The One Shot Corner is about different One Shot over different pairs

OS -- Precious
OS -- Precious By ShiriFictionPen eye 397 star 4 book 1

Arnav bears Khushi's tantrums during her pregnancy.

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